Perfect Fit food: description and feedback of veterinarians

The choice of food for your pet is very important. The result of your mistake can be a chronic illness of the digestive system or urinary system, which will affect the duration and quality of life of your pet. Therefore, it makes sense to take the time to properly understand this issue. Today we want to tell you about what Perfect Fit food represents. We chose it from dozens of analogues for two reasons:

  • Affordable producer price policy, feed is available to most animal lovers.
  • Good reviews of veterinarians and owners.fodder perfection fit

Feed of the middle class

We strongly recommend that you listen to the opinion of veterinarians and do not buy for your pet a feed of economy class. In addition to offal, they contain a large number of dyes and flavors, which affects the health of your pet is not the best way.

The food "Perfect Fit" refers to the middle class. Let's take a closer look at what this means. In the first place - almost complete absence of flavor additives and preservatives. There is no meat in the composition, it is a fact, this ingredient is present only in super-premium feeds. However, the "Perfect Fit" feed consists of high-quality by-products, and the package contains a detailed composition, which the buyer can familiarize with. This already inspires confidence.perfection fta reviews


High enough quality is a fact confirmed by clinical studies. At the same time, the product line has a lot of varieties, which differ in taste and purpose. So, in the line is presented the food "Perfect Fit" for kittens, for cats, leading an active way of life, and also for representatives of feline old age. In the opinion of veterinarians and breeders, the composition of this feed balances the content of vitamins and trace elements, as well as antioxidants. Therefore, experts assure that regular use of this product in food will not lead to deterioration of the health of your pet.perfect fit

Some limitations

What do you need to consider the owners who want to transfer their pets to Perfect Fit? The class of feed indicates that its quality is quite acceptable, but it is suitable only for healthy cats. If your pet is prone to allergic reactions, has a sensitive digestive tract, has chronic diseases, then you need to think about choosing a special series of therapeutic feeds. Of course, it's not always possible to determine how much your pet is healthy, so consult a veterinarian.perfection for cats

For domestic cats

Especially for sofa couches, this version of "Perfect Fit" was developed. Reviews of the owners say that all cats with great relish switch to this food, they have a marked increase in playfulness and mood, begins to shine beautifully wool. This composition is designed specifically to maintain the vitality and well-being of the cat.

In its composition - the chicken protein (not less than 24%), animal fat and corn, rice and soy protein. The food is enriched with dried beets and yeast, an extract of calendula flowers, vitamins and minerals. In this line there is also a salmon feed, in which 14% consists of a poultry meat and fish meal, and also a lamb. Taste preferences of cats are individual, however, the most popular option is forage with salmon.perfect price

For castrated and sterilized cats

This is a special category of animals, for which there must be a special approach to nutrition. Particular attention is paid to the urinary system, in which (especially in castrated cats), often with improper feeding, stones are formed. This disadvantage is not possessed by Perfect Fit. Veterinary reviews convince us that this line will allow your pet to live a long and happy life without worries.

Let's look at the composition. In the first place, dried bird protein (including 24% chicken), followed by cereals, in this case wheat and dried animal protein. The remaining components can be considered additional, this is animal fat and rice, liver, beet and fish oil. Thus, Perfect Fit fully confirms the title of quality and natural food, the composition does not include synthetic flavors and flavors.perfection fit food class

For older cats

Animals that have lived with us for many years become integral members of the family. That they stayed with them as long as possible, you need to choose the optimal and sparing food for them. "Perfect" for cats older than eight years is perfectly balanced, it helps fight the signs of aging.

Food contains a combination of natural antioxidants that purify and rejuvenate cells. Special ingredients (lutein and taurine) are necessary for heart health. But the most important thing is the balance of minerals, it is optimal in order to maintain a normal PH of urine, and therefore, to maintain the health of the urinary system. This is very important for castrated cats, because they have a process of formation of kidney stones with a fairly high speed.

Cost and reviews

To compare with other brands available on the market, we need to know not only the composition, but also the cost. Depending on the weight, the price of Perfect Fit also changes. We will not list the cost of the entire line, we will focus only on the most popular options. If you have a small kitten settled, and you are only studying its taste preferences, then the best option will be a feed for kittens with chicken, weighing 190. The cost of such a package is 86 rubles.

The next option is a pack weighing 0.65 kg. This is the most popular variant of the "Perfect Fit" food. The price is 245 rubles. Ideal for an adult cat, leading an active lifestyle, but too capricious to eat, for a long time to eat food with the same taste. Packaging weighing 1.9 kg will cost you 650 rubles. Finally, the most economical packs weighing 3 kg can be purchased for 1000 rubles.

Opinion of veterinarians

As usual, the opinions of doctors are somewhat different. There are followers of natural feeding, which will try to dissuade you from the idea of ​​buying this one, and any other dry food. However, today more and more veterinarians come to the conclusion that a quality, balanced, ready-made food is much less likely to lead to health problems than a home diet. In this case, doctors have the opportunity to observe animals that have switched to ready-made feed.

It is on the basis of such observations that veterinarians note that the Perfect Fit feed is the optimal combination of price and quality. The balanced composition, the absence of harmful ingredients, a good percentage of protein - not all of the more expensive brands offer you this quality. Based on practice, it can be said with certainty that regularly feeding on this brand's food, your cat will be healthy and active for many years.

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