Peter. Rest in St. Petersburg for every taste: recreation centers, recreation savage, family, youth or active. Prices and reviews

The cultural capital of Russia is, without a doubt,Peter. Rest in St. Petersburg will be an unforgettable event. An indelible impression will be made by fascinating excursions, walks along the Neva embankments, visiting the most famous museums and theaters, restaurants and nightclubs. Preliminary compilation of the route will help not to waste precious time in vain. Those who have never been to the northern capital, it is recommended to use the services of travel agencies. Thanks to the tips of experienced guides, you will not miss out on all the fun.

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Variants of excursions

Are you interested in Peter? Rest in St. Petersburg can begin with a walk around the city. Pedestrian excursions are organized for this purpose. Especially popular with tourists is Nevsky Prospekt. As a rule, the trip includes a visit to the Hermitage. Especially popular is the excursion "Mystical St. Petersburg".

Not less impressions leave water excursionsalong the canals and rivers of the city. Do not miss the opportunity to drive around the Northern capital on a boat. From the deck will open a completely different view of Peter. Holidays in St. Petersburg rarely do without an inspection of the Fontanka, the Moika, the Griboedov Canal and the Neva.

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Traveling as a family

Rest in St. Petersburg with children involves drawing upa special excursion route. Visiting the Leningrad Zoo is sure to please small travelers. Here you can admire predatory animals and primates, rodents and ungulates, as well as many other representatives of the fauna. Often, horse shows are arranged for visitors. There is an opportunity to roll the children on a pony. The zoo is open on weekdays from ten am to six pm, and on weekends from eleven to five. It is located near the metro station called "Gorkovskaya". The cost of tickets is not high: from adults they will take 350 rubles, from schoolchildren - 100, from children from four to seven - 50, and children younger than this age have the right to free admission. The zoo has its own website, where you can find out more information about this interesting place.

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Enjoying the dolphins

Planning a holiday in St. Petersburg with children, include inroute to the Leningrad Dolphinarium. It is created on the basis of the pool "Spartacus". A fascinating performance, the main actors of which are dolphins, sea lions and seals, will be to the liking not only of kids, but also of adults. The Dolphinarium is pleased to receive visitors from twelve days to six evenings daily. The institution is closed only on Mondays. The first day of the week in the dolphinarium is a day off. In order to clarify the schedule, it is enough to go to the official site - Get to this institution is best with the help of the subway. From the station "Krestovsky Island" to the dolphinarium only three minutes walk. The ticket price depends on the sector. So, for adults, it can range from two hundred to six hundred rubles, for children - from one hundred to four hundred.

What else can Peter attract? Rest in St. Petersburg is difficult to imagine without visiting museums. But serious institutions are unlikely to be of interest to children. The best option is to get acquainted with the museum of dolls. Unique expositions are presented in two spacious halls. There you can admire both very small and large dolls created in our days and many years ago. A museum was opened at the museum. Among the broadest range of toys you can choose and purchase any you like. There is an action for family visitors: an adult and a child are given a general entrance ticket worth three hundred rubles. The museum is open every day. It can be visited from 10am to 6pm. From the "Vasileostrovskaya" station to the museum walk to go fifteen minutes. Official site -

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Saturated weekend

If you visit the Northern Capitalonly two days - Saturday and Sunday, travel should be planned even more carefully, because every hour is on the account. Do you want to make the holiday in St. Petersburg more saturated? Take a night walk (from 00.00 to 02.00) on the beautiful Dvortsovaya Embankment. From this place you can observe the breeding of bridges - the Palace and Troitsky.

As for the day's acquaintance withSt. Petersburg, you can see the central part of the city, including a visit to St. Isaac's Cathedral, the Hermitage. Tourists who do not know the city, it is better, of course, to use the services of one of the many travel agencies. Such walking tours as "Vasilievsky Island", "Main Square of St. Petersburg", "Walks on Nevsky Prospekt", will allow you to get to know the Northern Capital more closely.

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Green islets of a megacity

You can penetrate the charms of nature even insuch a big and noisy city, like St. Petersburg. One of the suitable places for this is the Moscow Victory Park. It is popular due to the picturesque territory and beautiful ponds. The park is just perfect for a leisurely family vacation. When you want to have fun you can ride on attractions. Among them, not only children, but also adults. Those wishing to refresh themselves can use the services of the restaurant "Eurasia".

Another great place - Alexandrovskygarden. It was defeated in the nineteenth century. Then, on the orders of Admiral Greig, bushes and trees were planted, and from the Tauride Garden, the statues of Flora and Hercules were transferred, which played the role of the final stroke in the general panorama. Even then, the resultant labor of many people, the green boulevard became a popular place for walks of the local aristocracy.

In addition to the two objects described above, citizens andguests of the city like to visit the Yusupov garden, the Spartak park, the Botanical garden, the Peskarevsky forest park, the Murinsky park, the City garden, the Shuvalov park and the conservatory of the Tavrichesky garden called "Flowers".

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Strengthening health

Residents of megacities that are subject to constantstress, you just need to play sports. Fatigue from the daily fuss is much more effectively removed, for example, jogging or swimming, rather than lying on the couch. At the same time, not only the citizens of St. Petersburg, but also the guests of the city prefer to spend their free time not in bars and restaurants, but on horseback. In the sports club "Prometheus" everyone can ride the trotters for fun. The program provides for horse voyages in wooded or open areas. It is becoming increasingly popular just such a holiday in St. Petersburg. The reviews of the guests of the Prometheus Club about this pastime are mostly enthusiastic. People note that communication with the animal and unity with nature purify the soul, relieve stress and give strength.

To get to this club, you needgo to the metro station "Leninsky Prospekt", then change to 639-th minibus. She will take you to the turn to Kaporskoye. The destination will need to walk fifteen minutes on foot. The club is open every day, but for full confidence that you are expected, it is recommended to contact the manager of Prometheus in advance. You can get all necessary information by the number 8-901-307-55-97.

Recreation centers in St. Petersburg

In the suburbs of the northern capital there are many places,allowing you to relax in the bosom of nature. One of the most popular recreation centers is the "Old Mill". It is located on the shore of the famous Gulf of Finland. These places attract tourists with intoxicatingly fresh air and picturesque views.

Tourists are accommodated in furnished cottages withair conditioning, TV, refrigerator and all amenities. The capacity of the restaurant "Cheremsha" is one hundred and fifty people. Customers enjoy using the sauna, swimming pool, Turkish or Russian baths. In addition, it is possible to ride horses, bicycles or quad bikes, even shoot from the most real crossbow. The institution is located on the forty-first kilometer of the Primorsky Highway.

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A budget option

Council for tourists, limited in means: The further the recreation center is located from St. Petersburg, the cheaper accommodation and other services. For example, a visit to "Youth" does not really hit the wallet. This place is located far enough from the city, however, thanks to regular transport connections it is not difficult to get to it. The prices at this recreation center are more than democratic (from 350 rubles per person per day). Three meals a day will cost 470 rubles. Dishes at the local cafe are delicious and inexpensive.

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Offers for young people

St. Petersburg is a very bright and contrasting city. That's why he likes young people so much. This category of travelers prefers to stay in hostels - inexpensive economy class hotels. Thanks to this, it is possible to organize the most inexpensive vacation in St. Petersburg. Prices for rooms in the hostels start from three hundred rubles per day per person. The most worthy options are "Neva", "Annushka", "Galakt", "Kievskaya".

One of the most visited festivals in St. Petersburg -Stars of the White Nights. It attracts travelers of all ages from all over the world. Another popular festival is "Maryinsky". It is based on classical dances, however, this action can not be called boring. There are always a lot of young people among the spectators.

Well, how about walking in the night city? Young people like to have fun in the dark, and the numerous clubs, bars, cafes and art clubs of the Northern capital will not exactly bore you.

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With rational pre-planningrest in Peter savage will bring you a lot of impressions. If there is no desire to think about something in advance, you can use the services of numerous travel agencies. Experienced guides will help you to see the maximum number of attractions. However, remember that an active holiday in St. Petersburg involves not only visiting museums, but horse riding, fishing, and just enjoying the natural beauty.

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Peter. Rest in St. Petersburg for every taste: recreation centers, recreation savage, family, youth or active. Prices and reviews Peter. Rest in St. Petersburg for every taste: recreation centers, recreation savage, family, youth or active. Prices and reviews Peter. Rest in St. Petersburg for every taste: recreation centers, recreation savage, family, youth or active. Prices and reviews Peter. Rest in St. Petersburg for every taste: recreation centers, recreation savage, family, youth or active. Prices and reviews Peter. Rest in St. Petersburg for every taste: recreation centers, recreation savage, family, youth or active. Prices and reviews Peter. Rest in St. Petersburg for every taste: recreation centers, recreation savage, family, youth or active. Prices and reviews