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A petunia flower, care of which does not take muchforces and time, has recently acquired a special popularity. Mainly thanks to compositions from various garden flowers, decorating apartments, offices, cafes. The central place in them is precisely petunia, perfectly combined with other flowers (begonia, geranium, lobelia). Often you can see and pendant compositions that are made up of some petunias, but of a variety of varieties. This is an amazing beauty! Planting, growing and caring for petunias is a very simple matter, even a beginning floriculturist can do.


This flower is planted in open ground (orcontainer, pot) seedlings usually in the second half of the month of May. Seeds of petunia (care for them and preparing them for planting is mandatory) in the second half of the month of March are sown on seedlings. Blossoms petunia, which is planted in this way, approximately to the middle of June. And the flowering lasts until October. This method is very good, if you want to decorate the balcony, as well as to compose the composition. For the suburban area, it is not necessary to grow seedlings, you can sow the seeds directly into the open ground (in the last decade of May). When the weather is fine, the seeds will be taken immediately and will grow quite rapidly. By the end of June, one can already observe a blooming petunia. You can even propagate these flowers with cuttings, then it should be done in late summer. But this procedure is a bit more complicated than the previous ones.

Petunia - soil care

Petunia - a flower very light-loving. Therefore, for her it is necessary to take an open space on the garden plot. According to the growing conditions, the usual petunia is similar to a carnation. She is as unpretentious as the soil. But if possible, it is better to plant petunia on non-acidic sandy loamy soil, well drained, not loamy. When planting it in a container or pot, the soil should be slightly different. It is better if it is moisture-intensive, air-permeable, loose, very nutritious. Good drainage is mandatory. The following soil composition is recommended for petunia: the sod land is two parts, the leaf earth is two parts, peat is one part, sand is one part. To impart greater looseness, it is possible to add perlite.

Petunia - care

When caring for petunias, it is important to remember thatLarge-flowered varieties are more capricious than small-flowered varieties. They require much more heat and light, they do not tolerate even the slightest cool dampness. The main danger that lies in the open for petunia is strong wind and rain. They can cause significant harm to the flower. And this can provoke a complete cessation of its flowering. The advantages of potting these flowers are that the pot can always be hidden from the weather.

To form beautiful top brushesPetunia at the seedling stage should be plucked at the level of the 5th interstice (roughly). In adult plants, long shoots are pruned, this also contributes to a good branching of petunia. Faded flowers should be removed, it helps to form complete new buds.

Extra nutrition and watering of petunia flower

Care of this flower is so simple - evenoverdrying and waterlogging to him are not terrible. Only the latter does not mean plentiful watering with petunias with stagnation of water and the appearance of dampness! For petunia, this is a death sentence. Do not forget about frequent spraying. Petunias like this. In hot weather, it is advisable to water them twice a day (minimum). With good moisture permeability of the soil and the same drainage, water stagnation and waterlogging are practically excluded. In order not to damage the flowers, it is better to water under the root.

Petunias do well without fertilizers, but formaintain a lush and long flowering yet it should be fed. Excellent for this suitable conventional mineral fertilizer. It is necessary to make it according to the usual scheme - 2 times a month.

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Petunia - leaving from A to Z Petunia - leaving from A to Z Petunia - leaving from A to Z Petunia - leaving from A to Z Petunia - leaving from A to Z Petunia - leaving from A to Z Petunia - leaving from A to Z Petunia - leaving from A to Z Petunia - leaving from A to Z Petunia - leaving from A to Z