Picturesque fence of poles

May 7, 2009
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pole fenceHow to build a truly beautiful fence of poles?
It is easy to build such a fence, if you use several techniques that ensure its uniformity.
First you need to master one good way to connect the pillars and crossbars, which are often just installed and nailed.

The fence will turn out more attractive and stronger if the two steep crossbars are connected so that they form a “cap” on the pole.

To create such a connection would require a well-sharpened core drill of the same diameter as the round pole (usually 10 cm). We put together the crossbars and fix them in order to drill a hole up to 4 cm deep.
When the crossbars are nailed or screwed to the pole, we lay the horizontal pole at the bottom, measure the right distance and lay the upper horizontal pole.

Now you can lay the rest of the horizontal poles, alternating thick ends with thin to maintain a horizontal position.Poles are matched to each other (thicker or thinner) so that you can combine them as closely as possible.

A properly made pole fence is very attractive and fits perfectly into the natural landscape and garden atmosphere.

Sometimes for better alignment, two poles should be laid in one direction, and the third in the opposite direction.

  1. A beautiful joint that protects the pole from moisture can be created by drilling a hole for the top of the pole from the bottom side of the crossbar. We make a hole at the same time in the joints of both crossbars, having previously fastened the crossbars together, for example, with a lath, on the sides we install boards on which we fit the remaining poles.
  2. Poles for strength are nailed or screwed obliquely, then in the process of laying they will press closer to each other. If the first to fix the lower and upper poles, then the rest is easy to install.

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