Powder paint and its characteristics

Painting as well as another type of construction and repair activities is actively progressing. Now on the market there are many methods and types of painting of various materials, precisely depending on the structure of the object to be painted and choose the type of paint. Today let's talk about powder paint, which is used for painting metal products, profiles.

The method of applying powder paint has some difficulties. This requires a special device that sprays the composition using an electrostatic field under high voltage. It is precisely the fact that the process itself is quite a complex consumer is looking for where the powder coating is cheap. Before starting work, you should take care of your safety using gloves, a respirator and special clothes. It is worth knowing that when you hit the material, the paint is not erased. The average consumption of material (depending on the thickness of the layer) - 1 kilogram per 10 square meters.

But all these difficulties are characteristics of the coating, which is obtained with the help of powder paint. The paint adheres well to the surface of the material. Due to the level of physical durability, the coating is long enough. A high degree of material resistance is also observed for moisture, snow, and frost. A layer of such paint does not suffer in the range from -60 to 2000 degrees Celsius.

Therefore, powder paint is mainly used for painting facades and roofs of houses or fences. And due to the wide range of operating temperatures, the paint can be applied to batteries, radiators and similar elements. And all because this material is made from polyester resin, with the addition of various pigments that improve the appearance of powder paint.

You can consult and find out the prices for powder coating services on the site http://oooprofpokraska.ru/nerzhav-metall/. Experts will tell you the most profitable option, depending on the material to be painted and the area of ​​application.

Despite such performance characteristics, the paint has an aesthetic appearance. The range of material provides the choice of the consumer with a wide color and texture range.The appearance of the paint does not deteriorate over a long service life. Now it becomes clear that the complexity of the application fully justifies the quality of the future coating.

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