Prices for cars in 2017

At present, it cannot be said that the domestic automobile industry is going through good times. First of all, the problems of the automotive industry are caused by the economic crisis and the unstable political situation in the country. It is not surprising that our compatriots are worried about the questioncar prices in 2017.

Of course, these data will be approximate, because it is impossible to clearly see what will happen in the future with the dollar, but even such figures will help people to understand whether they can buy a car in 2017 or whether it is worthwhile to delay this venture.

What will affect the price

If you believe the statistics, over the past 5 years, the automotive market has changed significantly. Sales of foreign cars account for about 70% of the total turnover, which means that the domestic manufacturer is not very interested in the modern buyer.

Recall that now continue to act sanctions imposed on Russia by many developed powers, in particular Germany and Italy, which were the leaders in the supply of quality cars in Russia.In view of this, it is possible to state an unpleasant fact - foreign cars are already soaring significantly in price. In addition, the prices of components for such goods do not stand still, but are growing steadily upwards. Already we can safely say that the cost of imported foreign brands of cars will increase by 30-40%.

price of cars in 2017

Based on these data, you can make a list of the main factors that will affect the formation of the price of cars in 2017.

  1. Financial currency situation in the market. The forecasts of leading experts show that the dollar and the euro will increase by an average of 7%, which is a small jump by today's standards. Due to these circumstances, manufacturers will not overestimate prices for their products, because then they risk losing many potential buyers. And given the fact that their number has dropped dramatically over the past two years, the maximum price for cars in 2017 will increase by 4%.
  2. Sanctions imposed by Turkey. As is well known, leading domestic car manufacturers (AvtoVAZ, KAMAZ) use spare parts produced in Turkey. It is likely that interruptions in supply will lead to a delay in the production of finished products and suppliers will have to cover these costs with an increase in prices for cars.This factor can lead to the fact that prices for cars in 2017 will increase by 7-15%.
  3. New environmental standard. Starting from 2016, all manufactured machines must be equipped with Euro-5 engines. Manufacturers compensate these costs by 5% increase in prices for their products. It should be noted that today only 38% of domestic machines fully meet the stated environmental requirements.
  4. The increase in utilization rate by 65%. This decree was received recently by the Government of the Russian Federation. It is because of the increase in this rate, the price tags for cars will increase by 30-40 thousand rubles for each unit produced.
  5. The growth of excise duty by 4-5%. This figure does not affect the cost of the car.

new cars prices

But experts do not cease to exude waves of positive. They are sure that the increase in prices for imported cars will attract more buyers to domestic brands. Even taking into account the fact that the prices of our cars will also increase slightly, after a certain period of time, Russian cars will crowd out foreign ones. As for the American and European manufacturers, they will suffer substantial losses, because the population of Russia was the main consumer of their products.

It should be noted that a similar fate awaits not all foreign suppliers.For example, China and Japan will not stop their deliveries, so motorists will be able to choose for themselves the best vehicle option at a reasonable price.

Used car market in 2017

If we look at the used car market, the situation here seems more favorable. In 2017, the prices of used cars are likely to remain at the same level. Experts even predict a slight decline in prices for such cars. First of all, this is due to the fact that the demand for such products has decreased slightly.

Recall that in 2015, a real sell-out occurred in the used car market: the prices of new cars soared and buyers switched to used goods. The increase in demand led to the fact that prices for cars soared by almost 40%. But at the end of 2015, most motorists found their ideal car, demand fell and, accordingly, prices fell (on average by 10%).

how much will the car cost in 2017

Now we can assume that prices for cars with mileage will increase by only 10%, which will be very beneficial to current customers. The only reason for which prices for used cars may increase is the rate of foreign currency.

Summarizing all the above, we can safely say that stability in the auto market cannot be expected. People accustomed to imported cars continue to sow panic in the hope that the situation will turn the other way. But their expectations are unlikely to be met. Of course, those who are able to pay fabulous sums for a German or Italian car will do it without hesitation. But the question is: should it be done?

After only 10 years, the Russian car market will be replenished with high-quality and durable products that can compete with leading Western brands. Deliveries of such machines will occur not only in Russia, but also in the near abroad. In the meantime, it is necessary to develop and improve the domestic producer, invest sufficient funds in it and introduce innovative technologies in order to proudly declare in the future: “Russian cars are the best, safe and durable!”.

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