Prices for cars in 2019

Prices for cars in 2019 in Russia are of interest to many car owners. The vehicle is not a cheap pleasure, so you want to properly plan your budget to buy a car without damage to the wallet. New models or already proven, secondary market or cars that have just left the assembly line - real prices for everything are interesting for car owners.


What should Russians expect according to analysts' forecast

Judging by the latest news, many experts are unanimous in their opinion and believe that the rise in prices for road transport will continue. And if optimistic forecasts stop at a ten to fifteen percent rise in price, then pessimists do not rule out price growth of all twenty percent.

Prices for cars in 2019

In many ways, pricing determines the demand for cars, which is seasonal. Thus, the usual spring decline in prices is determined by a decrease in demand during this period. And, on the contrary, in the autumn, many motorists are beginning to prepare for winter, looking for a suitable iron horse.

An important role in price formation is played by the dependence on the beginning-end of the year. So, at the end of the year, manufacturers are trying to implement models of the old collection in order to purchase a new one. Therefore, there is some decline in prices. At the beginning of the year, on the contrary, it becomes problematic to purchase a car at reasonable prices.

The table shows the dynamics of the annual change in the price of cars, characteristic of almost any year.

Period Price behavior
January February Growth up to 10%
March-may Drop by 4-7%
June August 3-5% growth
September October Growth by 5-7%
December 2.5% drop

Relatively recently, the cost of its future disposal began to increase to the price of the car, which also affects the increase in the final selling price by ten to twenty percent.

What determines the pricing policy for cars from official dealers in Moscow

Official dealers in determining the price of cars take into account the following factors:

Of course, not everyone can afford a new SUV or a passenger car. Therefore, it is worth talking about the secondary market, which is distinguished by stability and consistency.The price here determines the life of the car: the higher it is, the lower the price, respectively. This pricing policy is typical for the domestic auto industry. If we are talking about a foreign car, then you need to take into account also the exchange rate fluctuations of monetary units.

Prices for cars in 2019. Latest news, expert forecasts

To attract funds, the state is trying in every way to support domestic producers. The demand for the transport of domestic brands is growing due to:

  • government support for the purchase of cars of the domestic auto industry;
  • some price stability due to the strengthening of their positions in the national currency;
  • slowing inflation;
  • increase in the number of car loans transactions due to lower prices for credit products provided by banks.

Even if prices in 2019 will rise, this will not significantly affect sales, which are directly related to the so-called pent-up demand. The latter has as its prerequisite a decline in sales in the crisis of 2014-2015, which, in turn, caused an urgent fleet renewal. Affordable loans and government assistance programs will also contribute to the increase in demand for the purchase of transport, despite the increase in the price of it.

How does the Ministry of Industry and Trade assess the situation?

Company analysts believe that the devaluation of the Russian currency negatively affects the cost of transport supplied from abroad. They also see an increase in the competitiveness of cars assembled in the territory of the Russian Federation. The attractiveness of these models will also increase due to a slight increase in the price of them - only by five to seven percent. And if we consider that more than 85% of cars belong to this category, then we can judge about the high level of motor vehicle sales in 2019. In addition, the ruble component of the price of cars will significantly minimize the negative impact of strengthening the dollar on the cost of cars.

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