Range Rover Evok 2019

At the modern international car market, the famous English off-road car is a kind of a benchmark for the symbiosis of engineering and design ideas. Range Rover Ewok is a classic example of a compact premium crossover. Despite the fact that the model is well known to the wide automotive public, the manufacturer literally until recently did not disclose new details regarding the principles that formed the basis of the car, which is positioned as a radically new crossover.


A little about the prospects for new items

The main concept is a front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive car, the buyer in the new body offered three equal options for the five and three door hatchback and most importantly, the coupe version has been developed.

Range Rover Evok 2019

  • Today at the same time in this car is presented an evolutionary approach in the field of engineering and technology, successfully complemented by exclusive design and promising solutions in the field of traffic control;
  • Compared to its predecessor, the Rover of the first generation, the bundling and prices of the new items are brought to the most harmonious combination in the best world traditions;
  • The model proposed to the international auto community received a significantly increased wheelbase, judging by the photos available on the web, it became more stable, reliable and got a unique opportunity to overcome any off-road conditions;
  • The efforts of the concern's team, which resulted in the Range Rover Evoque season of 2019, were embodied in great opportunities, high levels of operational efficiency, and increased practicality of the car;
  • On the existing spy photos you can clearly see that the style of the car’s appearance will not be changed, the crossover is still fresh, attractive, and well decorated.


Of course, a potential consumer even in the most attractive car is interested in two aspects - when and how much. Preliminary presentation will be held at the Autumn Salon in Paris. Production of new items is scheduled for the end of the year, the release date is spring 2019, first of all sales will take place in the UK domestic market. Today, local fans should have patience.The manufacturer considers a large-scale start of sales in Russia in the middle of the future, in 2019 and not earlier. Price category assumes the cost of the premium order, which is formed depending on the configuration. The basic version will cost in the range of 7.8-8.0 million rubles and above.

Appearance of the new Briton

Range Rover Evok 2019

Despite the traditional striving of the machine builders of Albion to the classic restraint and inherent conservatism of the British, modernity is visible in every line of the new 2019 model year. The crossover has a lot of undeniable advantages. First of all, it is the recognition of cubic design, excellent interior design, high dynamics, increased permeability, good quality and a practical approach to literally every detail.

  1. What is the exterior of the new Range Rover Evoque? It is distinguished by the following characteristic methods of designers:
  2. The massive wheelbase, much more than the previous generation, has received excellent expert reviews;
  3. Changing the shape of the roof, which allowed to increase aerodynamics and slightly increase the speed;
  4. The new concept of the form of LED lights, narrowed form blocks front optics;
  5. The updated crossover has undergone significant improvements in the design of the frontal part, its design has changed qualitatively;

The changes also affected the design and appearance of 18 inch wheels.

New interior solutions

New Range Rover Evok 2019 model year. Specifications, release date, equipment and prices, the beginning of sales in Russia

In the interior, everything is still succinctly and strictly, the cabin is ideally designed for a comfortable journey. This was made possible thanks to the following approaches:

  • Multifunctional four-spoke steering wheel;
  • Informative dashboard with protective canopy;
  • Latest news - all front seats are equipped with side supports, adjustment keys and memory options;
  • The test drive showed excellent technical indicators of equipment, climate control, navigation system and elements of artificial intelligence.

Dimensions of new items should be considered separately:

Base cm 266, 0
Body height cm 164, 0
Width cm 191, 0
Clearance level cm 21, 5
Luggage compartment min / max l 600 / 1200

Power system

The technical characteristics of the model are also impressive. The crossover will be equipped with two petrol engines of 2.0 liters and 241 and 290 liters. from. and three diesel, the volume of which is 2, 2 liters, power 151, 190 and 240 liters. from. The kit includes automatic transmission and manual transmission 6 ranges.The engine, which is the most powerful - 290 liters. from. Equipped with automatic transmission with 9 steps.

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