Recipe for Olivier with sausage

Traditionally in our country, none moreless significant holiday it does without the salad "Olivier". Someone has a tribute to traditions, some people have a habit, some people like the taste of this simple salad, but for most of us salad olivier on the table is as indispensable part of the celebration as the smell of tangerines for the New Year, without which and a holiday is not a holiday, as if a fine thread connecting us with childhood. And what difference does it make that this strange salad so does not correspond to the covenants of dieticians and the principles of healthy nutrition, if it in itself already personifies a cozy holiday among the closest people.

Naturally, due to the fact that our countrywide, and there are a lot of fields, rivers and cultural traditions in it, there is more than one recipe "Olivier": with sausage, with meat, with fish - with what only it is not cooked. Unchanged, perhaps only remain mayonnaise, potatoes and green peas. The most interesting is that the salad "Olivier" classic with sausage and other similar ingredients is not prepared: it was invented back in the 19th century, and it included a lot of ingredients, from potatoes to meat of hazel grouses and cancer necks. Subsequently, the recipe of the chef Olivier was repeatedly transformed in accordance with the tastes of the times, and in the middle of the twentieth century reached us exactly in a form in which each of us knows him.

Recipe for Olivier with sausage

The most common, we can say, alreadyThe classic recipe is Olivier with sausage. According to the traditional recipe, a half a kilogram of potatoes, half a dozen eggs, a standard jar of green peas, one onion, four medium salted cucumbers, three hundred or four hundred grams of sausage "Doktorskaya" is needed for such a salad - this is exactly the Olivier prepared at the end of the Soviet period there is the most familiar to most of us. All the ingredients are cut into small cubes, all the liquid is drained from the peas, and the salad is salted and dressed with mayonnaise. As a rule, this quantity goes around a pack of mayonnaise, perhaps a little less - it all depends on who likes it.

Now let's talk about the variations. It is noticed that practically no recipe causes such heated discussions at the forums, as the recipe for "Olivier" with sausage. As a rule, each participant (and most often a participant) of the dispute knows how to prepare "Olivier" with sausage, while the others are obviously mistaken. In fact, there are a lot of recipes for this salad, and, moreover, new variations do not stop appearing to this day, and it is very difficult to say which one is the most real and correct one. The correct salad "Olivier" was prepared by the chef with the appropriate surname in his own Moscow restaurant in the middle of the 19th century, and everything else is just inexpensive imitations of this legendary dish, so there is nothing to argue about. Whoever likes it - that's the recipe for "Olivier" with sausage and uses it.

First of all, what is the recipe for "Olivier", with sausageor with meat, is classic. Naturally, originally this salad was cooked with boiled meat, and the sausage in the recipe is a much later find. Originally it was hazel grouse, then it was replaced with chicken, and later - with beef. Now, instead of meat, you can use any sausage and sausage products, not only cooked, but also boiled-smoked, ham and so on.

Further about carrots and other ingredients: if you really want - let it be. Perhaps someone does not like cooked carrots, and why then put it there? And someone more like a smart look of a salad with carrots and a sweet taste - and again why not? The same applies to olives, using green onions instead of onions, fresh cucumbers instead of salted, olives, apples, cheese in salad - the main thing is to make the salad tasty. Such as in childhood.

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