Rescue Day 2018

Get an overview of the history of the holiday, as well as learn about how and when the Day of the rescuer of 2018 will be celebrated in Russia, will help the review prepared by our inform-guides.


Background of the foundation of the rescue organization

The State Rescue Service of Russia (the predecessor of the modern Emergencies Ministry) was formed in the last year of the USSR. The need to base it was caused by the disappointing statistics of the growing number of man-made and natural disasters in the country. Thus, on December 27, 1990, on the initiative of the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR, a decree was signed on the creation of a professional rescue organization specializing in the prevention and elimination of various emergency situations in Russia and other republics of the Soviet Union.

Rescue Day 2018

Modern realities also left a mark in the history of the holiday. In 1995, the President of the Russian Federation, Boris Yeltsin, signed a special decree on the establishment of a ministry called the Ministry of Emergency Situations, known today by its laconic abbreviation of the Emergencies Ministry.The authority of the newly formed organization includes the following tasks:

  • control of strategic enterprises and industries (in particular, nuclear power plants and thermal power plants) for compliance with safety measures in the operation of equipment and work with particularly dangerous elements;
  • the elimination of the consequences of accidents on water, railways and highways, residential and industrial facilities;
  • rescue people in case of natural disasters (hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, fires);
  • conducting special military search operations;
  • emergency assistance to victims of viral epidemics.

In addition, the duties of employees of the department included active cooperation with the FSB bodies in countering the activities of terrorist organizations that threaten the integrity and sovereignty of the state, as well as the life and health of citizens of the Russian Federation.

A few words about the rescue profession

Taking into account the responsible tasks assigned to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the highest demands are placed on the employees of the department.

The path to the profession of a professional lifeguard begins after the completion of training in a specialized educational institution.This is followed by strict certification and a long internship in one of the departments of the department.

When entering the position, the Emergencies Ministry employees undergo a multitude of standards for physical training and handling the appropriate equipment. Thus, a professional lifesaver should be distinguished not only by outstanding personal characteristics, but also have broad knowledge in the field of chemistry, engineering and medicine.

The employees of the structure have ranks and insignia similar to those of the military. Considering the fact that the professional activity of employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations is associated with a constant risk to life, the law gives them the right to retire after 20 years of service. In addition, they can take advantage of the social package, which includes preferential rehabilitation in public clinics and special pricing of utility bills.

What is the date of the Day of the rescuer?

The professional holiday of the employee of the Ministry of Emergency Situations has a fixed calendar. According to the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation Boris Yeltsin, signed on December 26, 1995, the official date of the celebration is December 27th. In 2018, the day of the holiday falls on Thursday.

Day of the rescuer in 2018 in Russia. What date

How to celebrate the holiday in Russia?

Despite the fact that the Day of the rescuer or the employee of the Ministry of Emergency Situations is not a weekend, in our country it is celebrated on a large scale. In different cities of Russia, festive processions, exhibitions and demonstrations are held, highlighting the work of domestic rescue organizations. Separate attention deserve capital events. In the Moscow Kremlin annually not only the best leaders of the structure are awarded, but also their subordinates who distinguished themselves during special operations. From the hands of state leaders they are awarded prizes, honorary orders and valuable souvenirs.

Do not forget on this day and the retirees and honored veterans of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. On December 27th, corporate evenings are organized in their honor, at which they have the opportunity not only to communicate with each other, but also to share their invaluable experience with existing rescuers.

In addition, on the day of the holiday, on the streets and squares of Moscow, a number of thematic events will traditionally take place:

  • master classes performed by instructors and employees of fire brigades of the Ministry of Emergency Situations;
  • expositions on the history of the rescue service;
  • concerts with the participation of Russian pop stars.

Final word

Today, there are thousands of successful operations and millions of human lives saved by EMERCOM employees. Taking this fact into account, we can safely say that the rescue profession is one of the most respected and respected in our country. These courageous and strong-willed people, by right, deserve warm and sincere words in their address.

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