Sabantuy in 2019

“Plow Festival” or Sabantuy is an old folk festival celebrated by Tatars, Bashkirs and other nationalities in honor of the completion of sowing work in the spring in the field. To replace the age-old traditions and mystical rituals that were characteristic of this holiday before, today came fun fun and entertaining sporting events. But from this Sabantuy won rather than lose, as it became more popular and recognizable. Is the date already known when Sabantuy will be celebrated in 2019?


The history of Sabantuy

Initially, Sabantuy was celebrated, starting from March thawing of snow and to the start of sowing works, performing the necessary rituals in a certain sequence. The main purpose of all rites is to appease the spirits of nature so that they contribute to a good harvest.

Sabantuy in 2019

Now the ritual component and the ancient magical rituals of Sabantui largely lost their meaning, and the celebration on the occasion of the completion of the sowing campaign turned into fun folk festivals. In addition, the period when Sabantuy will be celebrated is determined not by the beginning, but by the completion of spring sowing.

When and where is Sabantui celebrated?

The "plow holiday" does not have a specific date, because this is a seasonal holiday. It is celebrated after the arable land is planted, and these works are directly dependent on the whims of the weather. The period during which Sabantuy is celebrated usually borders on the last days of May and ending in June. Determine what date this holiday starts in 2019, it will be possible not earlier than spring.

Sabantuy is not a holiday that is celebrated simultaneously throughout the country. There is a certain hierarchy of celebration according to the administrative division. Festivities are carried out in stages, ranging from villages and villages, district cents and ending with major cities in Russia. Sabantuy is celebrated even in Moscow, where all the events take place in the museum complex Kolomenskoye, where hundreds of thousands of participants and guests come every year.

Similar holidays with Sabantuy among other nations:

Region Holiday name
Chuvashia Akatui
Mordovia Baltai
Udmurtia Gerber
Republic of Mari Al Agapayrem

Sabantuy is celebrated not only in our country (it is divided into All-Russian and Federal), but also in Europe - Pan-European Sabantuy.There he was first held in 2014 in Riga. But in general in the world, celebrations on the occasion of the onset of the Sabantuy holiday are held in more than one hundred and fifty cities.

Celebration traditions

Despite the fact that over the years, Sabantuy is filled with new, more modern entertainment, the classic features of this celebration remain. Although many rituals and traditions of the holiday have been preserved since the times when the ancestors of modern Tatars were nomadic. What attracts Sabantuy today?

In specially designated areas of cities and villages, fairs, booths, master classes of folk craftsmen are organized, and sports competitions are held, which often have a comic character.

The most interesting sports and entertainment events are:

  • Running in bags and with water-filled rocker arms
  • Koresh and fight with bags
  • Climbing on a pole
  • Fighting on the hands
  • Pot breaking
  • Horse races in carts

The winner of each of these competitions receives a gift. It can be anything: from small household appliances to the car. The traditional prize of the holiday is the ram.

Sabantuy in 2019. What date

Despite the fact that all the main activities end in the late afternoon, young people continue to walk until the very morning. Songs, dances and discos go on all night long.

The culinary component of Sabantuy is also special. In a large cauldron cooked porridge, the composition of which includes all products brought by local residents. Everyone can taste it. In the family circle, deciding what to cook determines not only festive national dishes, but also the taste preferences of family members.

On the table are usually served:

  1. Tesh - test balls.
  2. Bavyrsak - round or oblong dough products, deep fried.
  3. Azu - stewed meat in a sauce.
  4. Vakbeljash - a round cake with potatoes and meat.
  5. Kystybay - meat cakes with potatoes.

And, of course, do not forget about sweets. Chuck-chuck is the most popular of all oriental sweets, which must be prepared on Sabantui.

Signs and prohibitions of the holiday

Since Sabantuy has nothing to do with religion, since it is a national (secular) holiday, it is difficult to select something concrete from what cannot be done quite difficult, since there are no strict restrictions for this day.The main thing in Sabantuy is to have more fun and try not to be sad.

Holiday weather signs coincide with the day when it is held. If Sabantuy is celebrated at the Trinity, then all observations of the weather by our ancestors for this day are also relevant for the "plow holiday."

It so happened over the years that the word “Sabantuy” itself began to denote not only the name of a national holiday. Now they call it any feast, not necessarily solemn, but not necessarily with a drink.

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