Santa Claus order for home 2018

New Year is a time of miracles and magic. It is difficult to imagine him without a beautiful Christmas tree and gifts. Probably, there is no child who would not want to receive a present, which he dreamed of for a year. Really, we adults are unable to realize this dream and make an order for Santa Claus at home in 2018, seeing the joy and brilliance in the eyes of our kids.


How to make a New Year's holiday truly unforgettable? In fact, it is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Currently in Moscow there are many services that are serious about organizing children's parties. Here you can easily and simply order Santa Claus and Snow Maiden for a certain time and at the right time.

How to order Santa Claus at home

Laughter, gifts, beautiful tree, Grandfather Frost - aren't our children dreaming about it? To give all this to our children, it is enough to contact one of the agencies where this service is provided. Today, there are many of them. It is necessary to carefully examine all the proposals, because among such services there are not a few who treat their duties unfairly.Typically, reputable organizations describe in detail how Santa Claus will entertain your child when he comes to your house. First, it must have an attractive appearance and clothing. Secondly, it is good if he is a good psychologist, because it is not known how a child can react to the arrival of an “unfamiliar uncle”. Thirdly, Santa Claus is simply obliged to be able to captivate the baby and arouse his trust. Agree, it is much more pleasant to watch when your child goes to the contact from the first minutes and starts playing the proposed games or answering riddles.

Santa Claus order for home 2018

As a rule, authoritative services in Moscow organize the departure of several people for the entertainment of children. In addition to Santa Claus in the children's "landing" may be present: the Snow Maiden and the animator, disguised as any character from a cartoon or a fairy tale, which children love. True, the prices in this case will be appropriate.

Nowadays, children's “brigades” are not rare, which include real actors or students of theater universities. They know their business well and literally from the first minutes carry the child into the game and other entertainments.

Of course, if you have limited means, you can choose a budget option and call Santa Claus cheaply at home. In this case, the meeting with Grandpa will not be long, a maximum of fifteen minutes.

And another question that is worth paying attention to. Among the suppliers of New Year's services are many of those who are not serious about their work. Cases of the arrival of drunken Santa Clauses are not uncommon. This is not due to the professionalism of the people who provide the services.

A real artist who loves children and appreciates his authority and work will never agree to free “100 grams” from grateful parents. We must all also strive to not encourage this phenomenon. Otherwise, it may happen that a drunken granddad will ever complain to your child that your child does not like it at all.

Why you should invite a fabulous character

Inviting Santa Claus to a holiday in his own house or apartment is incomparable with a podomny event at a kindergarten or school. It has a strong psychotherapeutic effect. Very often our children are very capricious, stubborn and disobedient. In fact, there are many reasons for this. One of them is insufficient attention to the child. We are sometimes very busy with our business and the children are left to themselves. In childhood, as once, you need attention and care. The baby should feel the joy of the family.Creating a New Year's fairy tale by bringing Santa Claus can solve this problem a little.

Believe me, the joy of a child from the fact that grandfather came for him is worth a lot. The feelings of the baby from the fact that he can touch, talk and play with the hero of the fairy tale are incomparable with anything. The child on his own experience to be convinced of the power of kindness and believe that miracles happen.

How to prepare a baby for a meeting with Santa Claus

If your baby is very small, and you have never invited Santa Claus to the house, it is better to first prepare him for the arrival of a stranger. After all, he may be frightened by a large man with a long beard, with a bag behind his back and a staff in his hands. We must tell our child:

  • who is Grandfather Frost;
  • what is he coming for;
  • that he is kind and loves children;
  • that he may come with his granddaughter Snow Maiden;
  • that he has gifts for children in his bag;
  • that he came from far away to play and make riddles, etc.

Order Santa Claus on a house in 2018. Prices in Moscow cheap

As practice shows, these activities remain insufficient for some children not to be embarrassed at the sight of new people in the house. In this case, the experience and professionalism of the invited guests plays a big role. They must do everything so that children do not get scared and run away.Experienced animators know that the Snow Maiden or the favorite character of all children must come first. They are smaller than the giant Santa Claus and they have a soft voice and an open face, unlike his grandfather, where only his eyes and nose are visible. The Snow Maiden, as a rule, is the first to make contact and then, upon seeing the baby, she says that you need to call a kind and affectionate grandfather in order to light the lights on the Christmas tree and get a gift. Then Santa Claus comes in, who addresses his child with a tender voice and offers them his entertainment.

The first contact with the fabulous hero must be well thought out and not contain the wrong actions. It depends on whether the child wants to invite the grandfather for the next year. In order for the child to stop being afraid, the Snow Maiden can offer the baby to touch the old man's beard. After he trusts the guests, you can offer games and entertainment.

Approximate prices for services in Moscow

The cost of this service depends on many factors:

  • from the prestige of the company;
  • from the program from which animators come;
  • on the level of professional training of the “children's brigade”;
  • on the duration of the presentation;
  • from the day and time of service.
Programs / Duration Cost of Description
"Present" / five minutes From one thousand rubles Suitable for budget customers. Includes the arrival of Santa Claus, a poem of congratulations and the presentation of the gift.
“Standard” / fifteen minutes From one and a half thousand rubles Meeting the child with the Snow Maiden, who offers to call Santa Claus. Then they all dance together. After that, the child reads a verse and is given a gift.
Classic / thirty minutes From two thousand rubles All the same, as the previous case, only additionally held games and show jumping.
"VIP" From three thousand rubles Actors costumes are sewn to order. Better greetings program.
"Exclusive" From six thousand rubles The program is prepared specifically for your child taking into account the tastes and interests of the baby and parents

Each of us remembers our childhood and, of course, Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden. We always waited for the matinee in kindergarten or school with great impatience. We sincerely believed that our hero came to us from Lapland in order to personally give us the gift that we had been waiting for the whole year. And it does not matter that as an adult, we learned that the fairy-tale hero with a white beard had long since moved from the North to the next entrance and called him Vasily Petrovich now.

Belief in a fairy tale made us who we are now.We became confident and strong people, which we wish our children.

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