Self redevelopment of the apartment: how to coordinate the redevelopment

Self redevelopment apartment: how to reconcile redevelopment, what can and can not be done independently, you will learn from this article on the website Many residents of apartments with a standard layout are not satisfied with the basic data provided to them. And it is quite understandable, because the living space is often divided in such a way that living for a family becomes uncomfortable. If your goal is to redevelop the apartment: what is possible and what is not - one of the most common questions at this stage. Consider all the prohibitions, as well as the recommendations of experts in this field.


Redevelopment will help improve the comfort of living in an apartment

Apartment redevelopment: what is possible and what cannot be done

Virtually all the changes that tenants of apartment buildings can afford are controlled at the legislative level.Therefore, the basis of any activity is the Housing Code, which provides a special section aimed at regulating this issue.


Redevelopment of apartments are regulated by the Housing Code of the Russian Federation

Bans on redevelopment, how to reconcile the redevelopment of the apartment

Let us consider in detail what is strictly forbidden to do in the framework of the redevelopment of the apartment.

It is forbidden to carry out any construction work aimed at the destruction or deterioration of the technical characteristics of the bearing walls.(partial destruction, thinning, creating additional loads). In order for the redevelopment was carried out safely for all living in the house, refer to the apartment’s technical passport. All load-bearing walls are marked on the plan.

The ban was established not only for the demolition of these walls, but also for the creation of additional loads on them. Installation of any heavy bulkheads requires an appropriate permit. In case of re-planning of the apartment without approval, the Housing Code provides for liability in the form of a fine. For the redevelopment of the apartment without permission will have to pay about 4 thousand rubles.

Important!If you are faced with the fact of illegal redevelopment of an apartment - where the housing service staff will prompt you to complain.

how to agree redevelopment-3

The Housing Code prohibits the dismantling of capital bearing walls.

How to understand which wall is bearing? Firstly, all external walls are necessarily bearing. Secondly, these are the walls that separate one apartment from another and from the entrance. To get accurate information, just look at the plan of the apartment. All load-bearing walls are much thicker than wall partitions, and are marked with a special shading or a thick line.

It is forbidden to use general house communications for redevelopment of your own apartment.. In this case, most often refer to the use of hot water and heating systems. For example, to install underfloor heating in an apartment, it is necessary to provide a room with an additional device for heating water. Otherwise, you risk creating a high load on public communication, and either deprive some of the residents of this convenience, or significantly lower the water temperature in the faucet. For the same reason, it is prohibited to install additional batteries on balconies and loggias.

It is forbidden to interfere with the operation of the ventilation system, water pipes or gas pipes.. Any work involving the impairment of these systems must be coordinated with the relevant organizations and carried out only after obtaining permission.


Partial dismantling of kitchen walls is allowed if an electric rather than a gas stove is used in the room

Naturally, there is the question of combining the kitchen and living room, because this is one of the most common options for redevelopment in small apartments. Here there are two solutions to the problem:

  • replacement of a gas stove with an electric one (in this case it is even allowed to completely merge the rooms into one room);
  • installation of an additional door or window opening to the kitchen (full combination of rooms by demolishing a wall or creating an open arch is not allowed).

It is forbidden to increase the area of ​​non-residential premises by reducing residential. This means that part of the room cannot be diverted to the expansion of a pantry or corridor. In addition, the Housing Code does not provide for the redevelopment of an apartment in a panel house so that the living rooms remain without a source of light or heat.

Note!When redevelopment, do not forget that the area of ​​the living room, which will end up, should not be less than 8 m².


The area of ​​the living room after redevelopment must be at least 8 square meters

Prohibited a fundamental change in the location of the bathroom. It is not possible to install a bath, sink or shower enclosure directly above the living rooms of the neighbors below. To expand the bathroom, you can use only non-residential adjoining premises, for example, a pantry, corridor, etc.

Changes that are allowed as part of redevelopment

In order to understand how to independently redevelop the apartment, legitimize all changes and never return to this issue, let us consider what all the same is allowed to residents of apartment buildings and how much it costs to legalize redevelopment in the apartment.

The fact that the Housing Code provides for and permits certain changes does not mean that they can be carried out in a free manner and not be supported by any documents. The fact that some changes are allowed does not exempt from the need to legitimize the redevelopment of the apartment. So, what can be improved on your living space?


All changes made must be made to the technical passport of the apartment.

Allowed to demolish walls that are not bearing. They can be dismantled in whole or in part, transferred, modified. In addition, you can build new walls designed to divide the existing space. However, here we must not forget about the permissible limits of the load on the floor of the building. Independently to make calculations is very difficult, so it would be better to contact a specialist who has all the necessary information for this. In addition, he will tell you how to coordinate the redevelopment of the apartment.

Helpful advice!If in the process of coordinated redevelopment of the apartment you decide to install an additional wall or move an existing one, pay attention to the drywall. It is lightweight, very convenient in installation and finishing material.

You can increase the size of the living room by dismantling the wall between the existing room and the loggia. It also requires the advice of a specialist who can suggest the most appropriate redevelopment option. Since it is impossible to install an additional battery on the balcony, you need to think about how to make sure that the loggia does not become an additional source of cold.


The Housing Code permits the construction of additional wall partitions.

The main emphasis in combining the balcony and the room should be done on the insulation of the outer wall. If all materials are properly selected and of high quality, then a small electric heating device will be quite enough to maintain the required temperature in the room.

It is allowed to expand the bathroom due to adjacent non-residential premises, such as a corridor and a storage room.. The wall between them can be demolished and increased, thus, the size of the bathroom. Upon receipt of the appropriate permission can be made and installation of a Jacuzzi in the apartment. Although such a bath has a rather large weight, with proper arrangement of the ceiling, its installation will not create a significant load on the building.

With the participation of relevant services, changes in the operation of gas and water supply systems are permitted.. A special license allows workers to make calculations and work with these communications.

You can increase the area of ​​the room, using non-residential space. Here, almost any options are acceptable except for those when it comes to combining a room with a kitchen, which has a gas stove.


An example of redevelopment in order to increase the area of ​​the bathroom

Allowed to divide existing rooms with additional partitions.. As an example, you can see the redevelopment plans for a two-room apartment in a three-room apartment.

The price for agreeing on the redevelopment of an apartment is quite small, and it is quite possible to do everything according to the requirements of the law. You can find out how to get permission to redevelop your apartment in the housing service of your area.

How to legitimize the redevelopment of the apartment yourself

In order to get permission for the redevelopment of housing on your own, it is necessary to go through several necessary steps:

  • obtain permits from the housing inspection to work;
  • make a new apartment plan;
  • carry out all repairs associated with redevelopment;
  • invite and accept a commission consisting of employees of the housing inspection to verify and register the changes made.


It is possible to carry out repair work only after obtaining the appropriate permit at the BTI.

How to legitimize the already made redevelopment apartment

If you do not want to be responsible - the illegal redevelopment of the apartment is not for you. However, suppose that changes were made earlier, without your participation.How to make redevelopment of the apartment yourself? Consider the procedure in this case.

According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, namely, part 4 of article 29 of the Housing Code, redevelopment already carried out can only be registered through the court. To do this, you must provide the following documents:

  • documents proving your ownership;
  • technical passport for the apartment (both new and old version);
  • certificate from the sanitary epidemiological station;
  • conclusion on the state of the supporting structures (it can be obtained from a design organization that has a license);
  • statement;
  • Conclusion of the State Fire Inspection on the compliance of the redevelopment with all fire regulations.

Self redevelopment apartment-10

Already carried out redevelopment can be legalized only through the court.

To learn more about how to agree on the redevelopment of the apartment, you must contact the Bureau of Technical Inventory. Experts will tell you what you need to correctly legitimize the redevelopment of the apartment, the cost of the procedure and what documents need to be prepared. You will need to provide a certificate of ownership and a technical passport for the apartment, on the basis of which an application for a new technical passport will be drawn up.

Unregistered apartment redevelopment may entail a variety of consequences. This includes the transfer of housing from one owner to another. And we are talking not only about the purchase and sale transaction, but also about the exchange, acceptance as a gift and inheritance. That is, if it is necessary to perform any real estate transaction, the real layout of the apartment should coincide with the one specified in the documents. Otherwise, there will be a long trial and reissue.

Another case that hinders the full use of their rights as an apartment owner is a change in the boundaries of the living space. This can be done by partially joining the staircase. According to the law, any change in the established limits entails the recognition of existing documents as invalid. So it is likely that you will have to prove your ownership in court if the extension of the living space was carried out without the permission of the relevant organizations.


The removal of construction debris is regulated by legislation, for non-fulfillment of which a fine of 3000 rubles is provided.

As you can see, initially it is much easier to go legally than after making out the already made redevelopment. The price of the apartment project for approval will also be lower if you do everything in a timely and consistent manner.

How much does the apartment redevelopment

Before you start changing your living space, you need to figure out how much redevelopment costs in an apartment. BTI provide a range of paid services, without which they will not succeed. The cost of paperwork redevelopment apartment is quite acceptable - about 5 thousand rubles. The total cost of the apartment redevelopment project can be from 20 to 100 thousand rubles.

Below is a list of expenses for self-negotiating apartment redevelopment:

  • payment of a new technical passport (the cost of coordinating the redevelopment of an apartment largely depends on the region of your residence and the area of ​​the apartment);
  • State duty for obtaining a new cadastral passport;
  • the costs associated with the conduct of trials (if already completed redevelopment is made): a fee to the court and, if necessary, payment of a lawyer's services;
  • drafting and approval of a new apartment project, which is issued by a licensed organization.


The cost of apartment redevelopment can range from 5 to 100 thousand rubles.

Important!You should not delay and it is better to immediately order the project of redevelopment of the apartment. At best, you simply can not sell it if necessary, and at worst you face the payment of a very large fine.

Options for redevelopment of apartments of various sizes

Among the most radical solutions for expanding living space is the creation of a studio apartment. To do this, all the walls that are not bearing (except for the walls of the bathroom), demolished and replaced with light translucent partitions. This option is great if one person lives in the apartment or a young couple.

Consider the various options for redevelopment of three-, two-and one-bedroom apartments.

Redevelopment of a three-room apartment in Khrushchev

Redevelopment of a three-room apartment in a panel house will take you a lot of time and effort. Therefore, before starting the installation, develop the most detailed plan and coordinate it with the relevant services. This will help you avoid unnecessary trouble and save on the cost of apartment redevelopment.


Two-bedroom apartment before and after redevelopment

But what, it would seem, can be improved in an apartment where there are as many as 3 rooms? It often happens that living together or three, the family does not need so many rooms, but the size of the kitchen leaves much to be desired. In this case, make (as seen in numerous photos) redevelopment of a 3-room apartment of Khrushchev, combining the adjacent living room with a kitchen. Examples of successful solutions for apartments of this type you can see in the photo of redevelopment of a 3-room apartment of 64 sq. M. m or another area.

In the process of redevelopment of the apartment, the unification of the kitchen and the room in one area is almost painless. All that you need for this is to do the coordination of the apartment redevelopment yourself.

Particular attention should be paid to the redevelopment of 3-room apartment series P-44T. The apartment of this type has a loggia, which can greatly contribute to the expansion of space.


The combination of kitchen and dining room allowed to get a spacious dining area.

Options for redevelopment two-room apartment

The most frequently found on the Internet is a photo of the redevelopment of a 2-room apartment of Khrushchev, showing the complete or partial unification of the entire space.However, for families with children, this option is practically not considered, since the redevelopment of a two-room apartment in the Khrushchev apartment is designed to increase the level of comfort, and not vice versa.

In the apartment, where 2 rooms are adjacent, redevelopment options (photo of Khrushchev shows this type of apartment well), not so much. Here you need to think about whether there is an option to painlessly divide rooms using, for example, a small hall or dressing room, or you have to change everything drastically. In any case, you will have to donate in the process of arranging part of the area of ​​one of the rooms. But, in this case, it is worth it.

One of the successful redevelopment options for a 2-room apartment is the division of a large room into two small ones. This is a great solution for a family with two children of different sexes, each of whom will have the opportunity to have their own separate room. The second room in this case is assigned to the bedroom of the parents. The kitchen will have to play the role of the living room, so it is advisable to combine it with a loggia or balcony.


An example of the redevelopment of a two-room apartment of 60 sq.m in a three-room apartment

Before you make a final decision, view as much as possible photos of redevelopment of 2 x room apartment Khrushchev, presented on the Internet.

Redevelopment of one-room apartment in Khrushchev

Surprisingly, but it is possible to make the redevelopment of a one-room apartment. Photos of successful decisions prove the expediency of such investments. There are a lot of options for redevelopment of a one-room apartment, and all of them are aimed at the visual and actual expansion of space.

Depending on the goal you are achieving, you can act in two directions:

  • redevelopment of the studio in a one-room apartment;
  • redevelopment of one-room apartment in a two-room.


Successful redevelopment of a one-room apartment of 50 sq.m.

It also happens on the contrary, when the owners want to make a studio out of a one-room apartment. In this case, you need to act according to the standard scheme of combining the kitchen and the room. A sample project for the redevelopment of this type of apartment is easy to find on the Internet. The price of an apartment redevelopment project in this way is the lowest.

If the layout of your apartment does not quite match your wishes, then this can be changed.It is enough to collect all the necessary documents and redevelop. Of course, it will take a lot of time and effort, but you can expand the part of the apartment that is most in demand in your family. And this will certainly have a positive effect on your comfort of living in it.

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