Septic tank for private homes

: every owner of a land plot on which a private house stands, sooner or later the question arises: “Which one can meet the needs of the whole house?”. And the answer is pretty simple -sewage, which includes a quality septic tank. Usingseptic tankon a country site it is perfect in all senses: you can make the installation of such equipment yourself, and the cost of equipment and the whole range of work will be minimal! This is exactly the case, despite the fact that the main taskmodern septic tank- environmental protection, in the realities of Russian reality, this element of the local sewage treatment plant performs the function of saving money to the owners of private houses, who have decided to equip the most high-quality and efficient sewer system.

What is a septic tank?

Septic tank- It is a fundamental element of the facility, for the treatment of domestic wastewater or, quite simply - a septic tank. It is a multi-chamber tank in which the process of separating liquids from various impurities takes place.

How does a septic tank work?

Septic tankAs a result of sewageseptic tank, a mechanism for biological treatment of liquids is launched, followed by discharge through the drainage systems into the environment (unpaved lands).Septic tanksfrom different manufacturers may vary slightly in the internal structure, but the principle of their action always remains the same.

How to choose a septic tank?

When choosingseptic tankThe average number of people who, to varying degrees, will use the sanitary unit and the kitchen should be considered. According to statistics, per person per day accounts for at least 200 liters of water. Conducting simple calculations, you can easily calculate - how much is neededseptic tankin each case.Main advantages of septic tanks:

  1. An excellent solution to the problem of wastewater treatment, without a centralsewage system;
  2. septic tanksairtight, take up little space and are hidden under the groundSeptic tankthe eyes;
  3. they significantly improve the quality of life / service in the city and beyond;
  4. have an affordable price;
  5. possibility of self-assembly, ease of operation, fully autonomous mode of operation over a long period of time.
  6. durability! Typical lifetimemodern septic tanksis at least 50 years old!
  7. low cost.

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