Setting up on a project for the movement for the street. How yes, set up a sensor for the movement for clarification - instruction.

If you want to find a yardstick for security measures on povishavane for safety on the front panel, somehow and on industrial places, save for parking and parking cars for cars on the spotlight on the searchlight and for the movement. Light up the devices with the sensor for movement, and they will brightly illuminate the control and control zone. The attackers barely dared boldly and izrrshi predpplenie, aka izvnzhzh svetlina around him brighter. In addition, you will switch on the sensor for the movement of the switch, by bringing the colat closer to the owner on the house, illuminating the location of the gate and allowing the forest to enter the port or the gate.

How yes let's choose a searchlight

They sell different configurations and in a wide price range. Find models with adjustable timers, allowing devices to brighten and cross-ignite for a while. Tazi function for automatically turning off the key allows you to significantly and energetically. Prosthetics for installation, capacity for regulation, stability for atmospheric conditions and a warranty for the period of the key and factor during the selection on the light surface for projecting from size to movement. The kit can be switched on and installed on the wall, which allows you to switch on the lighting of the wall, which is necessary.

Device including photocell. The cell, which is sensitive to the light of the light, automatically turning off the searchlight and the sensor for moving over the time of the daytime light, was a good choice for electrical energy. Something like a device, a searchlight for the movement of imaginative flaw. Due to movement, cataracta emanating of the clones in the search for closest people or animals moving in the grip on the sensitivity to the sensor, causing false false light.I understand the movement of instarirat taka, then, in the sphere, on the caramite, which is active, from the revival, the flow from extolling the means, which will activate the activation, the pad. Mock or zamrsen sensor can be done without causing it to turn on the projector.

The main reason for choosing a searchlight is the sensor for movement of the electric bulbs, which cause them to creep into it. In addition to guaranteeing a correct function on the device, call the lamp with the appropriate power, instructions on the detector per movement. Osvenova Tryabva and all of them are foreseen, what a lamp with a pressed zichka osiguryavat diffusely illuminated, which is bright nevynagi e sufficient in golem space. Svetidite buns, from a friend of the country, shines bright, focuses svetlina, osiguryavascha good-visibility. Those two do not roll space. A plotting motion sensor for movement permits from one of two kinds of lamp.

Do not talk back to the spaza, see how you project it on the sandwich. A battery that coexists with such a spotlight will allow you to also refuse to do your homework and propose electrical breaks.Tozi nach, spotlight Mogat yes vdust instaliraniranovkade.

What is your spotlight?

The projector is powerfully illuminated by the device, some kind of reflector is in its own design, and the light of the light is soaked very carefully. Elected to the edge for the 19th century, will search for a site from the military operations, naval shipbuilding, transport, construction, stadiums, and showcase the culture in the region for advertising and protection for the object. Perform a disassembly of the stationary model, breathe the projectors by rotation mechanisms, use koito to help, and go directly to the device universally. Tainat on the searchlight is not powerful in the light of the light, the coité is completely removed from the device. Istochnik on the light and the reflector, the location is determined by the beginning, the flow from the paralel of the spring is concentrated, it is concentrated in a single piece, which serves to illuminate the space.

The projector stays on from the protective window, the reflector and the shaft on the lamp for the electric lamp, it is locked into the housing, which preies from the aftermath of unfavorable meteorological conditions. Design can be switched on and thrown out of the gas and emergency lamp.Behind the mount is a spotlight, which allows you to adjust the angle of inclination and enter into the device.

In the projector of the imaging terminal for electrical conductor, it is koito zahrazhvat kruškata. The body of the case is grounded by a conductor, the customer’s prejudging of the shock from the currents, in the event of a secured shutter in the light in the light.

Well, in some kind of installation spotlight

Visochinat on instalaciata on the projector is a rag and shine on iziskvanoto clarification and power on the desktop. When choosing for myastora for installation, it is necessary and foreseen, what a device can support, something can be done, mechanics, or other devices that are close to the projector.

Such is my knowledge: illumination mast, backwater to electrical conduit, wall to enclose, pokryven pokryv with fencing, kula, truboprovod for boilers and others. , there is no reason to spazvane on the rules for fire safety and the rules for installing on electric installations.

Voting for location on the sensor for movement, built up with a searchlight beam

For a rule-worker, work on a set of trybva and choose a rule of law for instalirane. That rag and bad Takawa, that when it moves its object (a cola or choke) se close it, that e in the zone on the sensitivity to the sensor. The sensor itself doesn’t tryvy and is not available for damage from violators. Consequently, try and choose a device, if you dissuade it, and when it comes to imitation, ie This is because of the crawl for target quality, the size of the hunt is even wide enough. For this and the light of the adjacent territory, on the contrary, a device with a small radius for the action is rather ample.

When installed on the sensor, it is necessary and you need to determine exactly which area on the zone of the tryabva and get into the girth. To do this, determine the angle on the slope of the mu. Ako Tazi Region Malka, for example, on the wall at the wall on a grad, on the slope of the tryabva and everywhere about 90 degrees. For the sake of obeisance, Golyama ploshchad, senzort is a rag, and here it is, that we are in a horizontal position.

Scheme, looking for the spot electrical power cloud

It is connected to the searchlight of the use of a sham and a lot of a qualified technician.The lamp is connected to a power supply cable with a voltage of 220 V, 50 Hz three-core cable through a preset cable, the coito protects the current of the coil and the power of the electrical cable. Prefix the shake and turn off the phase conductor to the muzhata.

The socket on the lamp in the projector is trybane and is built in such a way that the receiver doesn’t need to be plugged into a slot and there is a pair of rezbat on the socket for the lamp and the phase conductor of the terminal of the clemat on the lampat. The electrical cable of the light is marked with a label, in which the phasate is connected with a kafyava zhitsa and zero - with a blue xia zhitsa. Vsichki cables in accordance with the rules for fire safety and regulations for installation on electrical installations tryyaba and se ivrshvvat with the help on boltov.

Instructions for building a searchlight on a sensor for movement

For all of this, the light of the sensor for the movement is svetrina, it is necessary to have an electric cable, which, of course, allows you to cross-section on power, because of the design. Do not charge the device with a protective earth connection to the housing on the projector. This can be removed using a separate conductor for the earth conductor or from the creeping conductor to store the cable.

The sensory sensor for the movement is equipped with a terminal device, which allows it to be fully illuminated. Between the device's door and the installer is preferably a protective device - a pre-seat or a pre-gate, which prejuds the sensor for movement from a separate connection to the projector in case it is damaged.

The phase of the conductor on the electrical sca- riher is connected to the sensor for the movement according to the diagram on the device, and the neutrality of the conductor is connected to the sensor. The searchlight is connected to the removal of the blue and the worm conduction on the sensor extreme device by means of an electrical cable. Ako is grounded on the housings on the searchlight e directed to the mewtoto on the mount, the device e is illuminated by the sensor through the double-ended cable. Ako Nyama is technically possible to connect the projector to a cable on the installer, it is necessary to connect the device with a three-wire cable, one from the conductor on the wire that was driven to the searchlight.

Ako is reserved on the lamp and it is high, you can use a starter because of the creeping, the winding of the sensor's movement.In order to start a searchlight with an electric one, it is successively consequent on the pretz of the machine and the sensor for movement.

The scope of the application on the projector ess sensor for movement

The projector is equipped with a sensor for the movement of the crawl everything is honest every day and in the industry. They serve to protect the territory of the border, penitentiary institutions, warehouses, parking areas, for clarification in the yard, courtyard and facade on the grounds. Specialists play the role of movement for movement, each one needs to play electricity, the need is constant, and the subject is illuminated.

There are settings on the sensor for movement

Brighten the light line with the sensor motion and settings, which will allow you to replace sensor sensitivity. It is necessary to have a light and to turn on it yourself, move closer to the surface or, if you feel the sensor, set the movement to a certain distance, you can set up something like that and dissuade it by individualizing it. For yes, you’ll sort out the settings on the sensor for movement, trynba, and check the sensitivity on the device, and even select the settings, then select the settings that are suitable for you.

Kogato installarate svetlinata on the searchlight ñs sensor for movement, or if it’s right to try and test for movement. There are three regulators on the device - a nivoto on lightness, an effect on action and sensitivity. You will set the track on the maximum position, it is necessary and determine the girth on the sensor for movement, and distribute it and the next and the next, do not have the light on the projector. A trace 10 minutes later, a trace, a trace, a force, and set the regulator to the position; Cato rule, tovah e zdrach. In addition, the device is not a fumble and responds to the approach on the rattle animals.

Combination, koyato solve many problems

Is the searchlight worthy of the searchlight in conjunction with the administrator for traffic? The disassembling of the se, struva bie, t'yu kato in such a taqava configuration illuminates the device more often in an iconomical way. When disassembling the comb, the combination e is convenient, freeze the consumer from dispensing to the terminal, at a good time, turn on or turn off the projector.Functions for signaling the searchlight for movement are difficult and worth it, because in continuous mode and Ninata, work can be prevented by itself when it is restarted.

From a polzvazyki service to a qualified specialist, a coyte need to choose a set of the device, your installer, svrzhe and configurator, and you can protect your body and direct the abdomen conveniently.

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For lighting a property in a country house, approaching the entrance, a tunnel, an arcade in the street, wear a light in the garage and other places from the creeping power of the light of the body - the projector. Improve technology to allow type of clarification and iconic and automatic. Such tasks are solved through a sensor on the motion of a light device. It is not difficult to mount a device, which controls the view of the lamp. It can be done izdrshi dori and away from the face without any special knowledge.

Principles to work

The main task of the sensor for motion is yes, turn on the searchlight, when they have appeared in the control zone and turn on the trace, the period from time to time is turned on.If the installation is correct, the spasya system is up to 70% of the electric energy. Osven Tov, a bright device with a sudden sensor for engaging, may have heard a number of guests, because of a function for a signal.

Illumination of the device through the electrical center is electrically fused, in the case of a sensory sensation of intravenous injury, different from the surrounding environment. With the help of the Fresnel objecte, the movement determines the control zone. Kogato obekt se premesti, electric veyat se se zatvarya, including the spotlight.

Sensors for movement can be purchased separately or yes, the device will be completed. Vprosat as well as sensor for movement of the projector projector, when it is illuminated, is mounted either initially or co-operatively, the lighting system is reconstructed.

Diagram on the sun

Wrong switching on the sensor in the electric box is not carried out from the wrong position on the device or from the connecting point. Instructions of the sensor for the movement of the movement on the chart on the device on the device. But dori and may it not be laid out from it, forest and svrzhete devices.

Make sure you try, try, and determine the optimum location on the sensor for the movement and the searchlight. They could be different. Senzort tryabva yes buda is oriented cjm myastoto, each one of the horat bi triedna and now it appears. Look for the sun on the gledan and maximize the distances on the reaction. There is a device for laying out the cab, and then they will read the size of the cable and the forest and installation system.

The figure shows a standard electrical diagram.

L (kafyava tel) - incoming phase;

N (blue or blue) - zero;

A (cherven conductor) - outgoing (phase included).

Spazvaneto on the rules for marcane on the electrical cables of the opposing task. For yes, turn on the sensor for movement in the electric power, tryabva and open the cap, it is intended to be connected to the conductor.

You can identify the phasate, stick it on the cable with the tester. Phase conductor e contracted sensory sensory sensation with a kafyav conductor. The null point is a tryabwa and it is attached to the projector, such as the instrument and the instrument (blue sign). A trace of the rest of the rest of the bracket on the infraredversion is the senzor of the worm sensation, the conductor with the free platinum line is illuminated.

Honestly useful yes leave preksvach in schemat. Through parallel, it is possible, but it is necessary, but leave the svetlinata in a long way, it is foreseen when automatic control is provided. A scheme for building a searchlight on the searchlight for the movement and the key in the figure.

In the case of an automatic switch-on on the searchlight of the slit, the case itself is somehow openly opened.

Imagine the situation, when coit is necessary, and you should put a sensor on the lamp. This is because of the situation in a situation where Koito is concerned with the approach of a platform or aerial, it is sufficient to cover a single sensor. In this case, the case of an IR sensor of communication is parallel. Illumination of the sun when it is stored over the sun. The figure shows a spot on a spotlight with two sensors.

Find a searchlight to remove the sensor for moving the screen from an automatic device. At the same time, cable may be built close by shchelsel or direct contact.

Something like a projector is grounded by a conductor with a green-yellow color. Above all, the location is zadlzhitelna.

Nyakoi illuminating the body of the ce projector is uncommonly essing sensory movement. Tova e nai-prostyat option.For a searchlight search result for movement, for trying, for conducting, to a device on a cable, for a catastrophe, for a cataclysm that corresponds to color.

Regulated on the sensor

Improve sensors for motion imat two or three controllers.

Paravoto - "SENS" e designed and control the sensitivity to the device. When promising for positions, you can specify the size for the object, for the coito sensory response, it is separated from the object.

The second, "TIME", determines the intensity of light on the lamp and the trace is activated on the automatic device. You can yes ask some seconds. Expert svevetvat yes put 1-2 minutes, for yes turn off the constant work on the device.

Tertiyat - "DAY LIGHT" regulating time for work on the sensor, depending on the day on the svetlinata. It is possible to turn on the device itself at a glance or at any time for a day.

Consumers determine the practical position on the regulatory area. Samite sensors mogat and ce are moving up and down, gently, depending on the model. Make it possible to determine the optimum amount and area to cut to the device.

Classification on the projector ess sensor for movement

Sensor for movement, views of the spar, mogat and dividing it into a few parameters.

  • According to the method of fastening, the wall and the tavan;
  • Protected from dust and moisture. For izpolzvane otkryto se prepachyvat sensor rs degree of protection nay-malko IP65.

Illuminate devices from light to light. A lampi with a press of a bitch in a row is made of creeping in a projecting for a little unreliable and low visibility for energy. Until recently, the most popular is used by halogen lamps. In addition, the belly of the belly and the visokata consumed energy from the halogenni projector, which they lead to is obscured by them with a modern-day lamp.

Nai-dobe sa spot the LEDs. Those consumirate are a little energy and serve for a long time.

The scheme for building on the projector does not depend on the source on the light. For example, the movement of the movement of the ratchet and the election of one, but you can foresee the power of the lamp from each other.

The circuit for lighting is brightened, the base is on a light-emitting diode, and even depending on the elemental power of the electric chain, for example, a rag and instalarite, the sensor for movement or light is added.The process of installation on the installer on taki from the source on the light is not particularly difficult.

Feature Design

The design of such an illumination of switching on the element: LED lamp, conzola, control unit, from the sealed body, controller and battery, or tabla, which is due to the stationary model.

The reliability of the osiguryava device from the controller, the coito adjusting the LED of the searchlight by means of the relay for time and pre-operation, which is a protective function.

Takiva from the point of view of the light on the controller is two-way starting: first by means of converting the device, automatically there is something to control the unit, the coito's response to the demand in the intensity on the light or movement on the action.

Osiguryava luminescence, please stand on the structure, which is recombination on the electron and duplex in the region on the pH is connected. It is based on the operation of such points from the light on the light contact on the semiconductors, which is characteristic of the different types of conductivities.

Diagram on the searchlight

Yes, turn on the cable in the terminal of the Kutia, then you must open it, and you will be able to pull down the fastener joint.For even the Osiguri hermetic at all times, it is the same as the apprentice, who is supposed to be electrically conductive.

Circuit for svrzvane kym 220 V dredge e some kind of trace:

Aco search for automatic control of the cato sensor for movement, call the basin option:

Ako search and yes, write a nivoto on the signature on the site, you can send a siren too. The scheme in this case is the following form:

For normal work on the illumination, the system of tryabwa and the regulation of the sensor for movement in three perspectives: a focus on sensitivity, photosensitivity, and control for the time.

Stamp on works of art

The projection apparatus can be located in the access zone, but find the reason to get rid of the security device, as well as illuminating the installation tools on the market. Zatov se preporchchva vsichki vzzki and se izvrshvat predi deviceto vdu mounted on the bracket.

Main actions:

  1. Knocks on the cleats;
  2. Delivering the cable to the Kutiyat behind the pylnena and the trace of the connected unit to the terminal;
  3. Kapakat on kutiyat se zatvarya;
  4. Projector is fixed to the bracket;
  5. The installation on the csalta structure is implemented on a miastoto, each one of which is preceded by an illuminating device.

Conzolata can be assembled under any kind, when coito a page on a screw on a smoky dog, unwind it, for yes it can and adjust the posokata on svetlinata.

Proceedings in the middle of a shred

It is secured on the projector to get rid of the security system for safe working conditions. For Tova, it’s not a trumpet and a phase on the cable, coito and harbor. The design is hermetically sealed, the trail of kato voschyki elementi on the veriguta sa svrzani.It is important to rule on a three-conductor conductor, for some reason you can follow the colors: "Zero" - blue or black conductor; "Zemyata" is almost a vigna zhlto-green; "Phase" e worms or kafyav color on zitsat.

Montiraneto on the searchlight and close to each other, the power of 220 V se is izvrsva through predsvach. There is a degree in safety that can be done from an automatic machine, characterizing it from a cat's current parameter to protection, coito nadvishava nyakolko parostont on power on from the source to svetlina.


Izbor on the searchlight ect the sensory movement is unforgettable,You do not need it, and you should understand how to control electricity, how to manage the device clearly and choose, and how much you need to do with the electricity for electrochemistry. With the design of takakawa, the lamp is “intelligent”, most of the time is full of fire and restraint;


Searchlight sensor for motion from iplnjava, select the functions of the cat similar to device for lighting without device for automatic control. This Osiguryava brightly illuminates the area of ​​the territory or is placed through the room, the shape and size of the distribution to the light area will be determined from the design to the device to the device. The sensory sensory is illuminating, as soon as you set the movement in a non-curb zone for observation. The projector remains on from 5 seconds to 15 minutes. Tov time is given to the sensor. Ako otnovo se, set the motion of the repository interval, reversely broadening the distance.

Senzort for the movement may we semira:

  • in the case of the lamp;
  • in the case is separated, which is clearly fixed to the projector;
  • in the case is separated, the coito can be mounted on every thing.

With kakv type of lamp and power for the selection of on the spotlight - vpros personal preference and necessity. For the purpose of binges - lighting up on the Vie parcel or garage properties - basically offer compact devices with LED, halogenni and power devices from light sources to light with a capacity from up to 500 W. Now you can do this and solve any problem and you can light up on the territory or within Conquer and satisfy everyone individually for every consumer. It is such a place, a project projector and a crawl in public and industrial objects, which is necessary and all a little square.

Searchlight ess sensor for movement

Nay-prefer and progresivni almost all characteristics of sa. Beside them, base them on the precedence of the iconomikata. LED projector light is creeping with 85% slightly electric power from halogen.

For street lighting, tryaba and choose a searchlight, coito ima class for protection from dust and moisture not a little from IP 44.

When pridozhivane on the device, it is necessary and all take care and on the characteristics of the zone on the observation of the sensor: Rv and range (radius). Depend on the degree for pokritie on the election of the object for clarification - that is, in which parts on the object is straightforwardly non-fixed installation pointSensory sensibility of movement and operation, including the searchlight.

2 Instalirana and svrzvane on intellectuals projectors

All the projector is a lot of work, but it is attached to a manual with a description of how it is and everything else is attached. But Dori and yes do not get there, just do it even yes, and get ready to work the device.Electrically work in the warding area, breaking the rag and severing the power off (the screen is off).

Fixed fixture svetlinata on a project on the elect for the installation through the fasteners elementi vrhu case or a special bracket, delivered in the kit. If you want to connect the electrical underwire, call the PVS or SHVVP cable. That tryaba and e 3-vein, ak svetlinata on the projector e zarzana c'm zemyata. Ako is not a sufficiently 2-core. The cross section on the conductor is a tryabva da e 0.5 mm 2 per LED for illumination. For halogen, you can use it in the form of a cable depending on the power of a lamp.

Ako in the vicinity of the svetlinat on the project of ima zahranchas conductor with a suitable section of the section, which can be used for the goods, you can use it. Sufficiently measure the cable on the desired distance and on either side or on the side of the socket. But the zhitsata trypva and bust of izteglen is up to the nai-closet of a distributor of kutia.Ideally, the solution should be put in the case of a cable and put the cable in the shield on the panel and even preseed the designer, designed for 6-10 A and installed separately for lighting.

Svrzvane on the lamp

Kogato izdrpvame telta condemn, put me in a corrugated pipe with a diameter of 16-20 mm, which is fixed to the wall. Ako se need from the cable for distance or pole distance, the method of trybing is either blown up or under the ground.

The most simple thing is to searchlight for the movement, which is enclosed or fixedly fixed to the body of the body to illuminate the light. A device for sensory sensation and a lamp in the evening of the meeting with si. It is necessary to open the cap on the projector on the projector, and turn on the conductor of the opening hole, designed for it, and let it correspond with the color and letter marking:

  • black or blue for cable connections and a terminal with a 0 or N e zero symbol;
  • Cherveno or Caffiao before F or L e of the Phasate;
  • Zhlto-green kym terminal with 3 tyreta and prchka otkoree zemyata.

Instalirana on illuminatornoto

Behind the device for lighting the cable line of the area was built and removed from the case on the projector.Prefixing a tsvetnik from a nashat is placed on a colored label, for the preferred one through a separate plug for clamps, which is fixed to it.

Ako senzoret e instaliran otdelny, all pakhe tryabva yes izdrpate cable between him and the searchlight, and it is correct. Into the case of a case of trying and testing flowers. Essentially, don’t rule the sin when it comes to the sensor, in case of disagreement, you can burn it. The cable (the value for the clematis is L) is connected to a phasate and a chervine (pinch A) to a cord from one terminal to the spotlighting. The conductor is repeated to illuminate the sensor and synyat sensor (terminal N) by connecting the sensor to zero.



Vie veche ste passed a lot of bettingWITH HIPERTESION? Ako prodlzhavate yes "udryat" onslaught on hapchetata, the trace is known for the time of the whole meeting. Hypertonitis is based on insulants and hypertensive crises. Understand what is known about the cardiologist Leo Bokeria, such that you have the wiagae 120/80 ...

Positions on the sensor itself for movement in the model of the device, which will enable movement on the object, can even be adjusted vertically and horizontally.To do this, letting you change the range for the movement and for the most important part of the sector to the sectors directly from the stationary body to the sensor. Tovah means, Than you can change the control zone to the territory. With a spotlight with integral or firmly fixed from the device for control, you can set up such settings that do not lighten the light on the right, and that one turned on when they move around to it.

The possibility for such a regula- tion of the trybva and beda is clarified when mounted on an illuminator and a guide and a reference point in a correct posture, based on the allowance of the regulator on the impulse on the spectral zone on the sensor. Lastly, the tryabva and her out of the crawl and in the supposed position on the movement of the movement.

Regulated on the sensor

An additional adjustment on the searchlight is izvršva through zavrtane on the bud on the regulator on the body on the sensor. That could be 2 or 3. Tov depends on the model on the sensor. Do not pick up and set up the daylight svetlina and time.

DayLight (perhaps yes, the name Lux) let you set a nivoto on a natural light (on open or closed), from whom you feel more comfortable when open to movement.Kogato regulator cease in extremely extreme position (before Spiranda), switch the projector on either the display itself or in a completely flat. Aco is tuned to an extremely dynamic, sensory work, regardless of the Svetlinat, dory when nay-svetliya works. Possibility for such regulation is necessary, for example, for not setting the time for setting, when a projector is used for movement, but it is included in the room with a natural lightening.

From time to time, when the light is cleared before you turn on, the aperture is fixed in the same way as it is fixed to movement. Depending on the model on the sensor, the grip on setting e is from 5-30 seconds to 2-15 minutes.

Third Regulator, Coito not on all controllers - Sens. Those sensitivity adjustment on the sensor for movement. From the position on the tozi, the regulator depends on the distance between the field and the target and is fixed by movement. Kogato tune the sensitivity of the temple, prozhektsionniyat apparatus can even turn on dori from the louiserschih clone. Such is the goal with the breach of falsehood of the positive impact of the sensitivity of the trybwa and the bulk of it.

And little for the secret ...

Did the wall wear out an unbearable bolka in a bet? And do not chuvak kakvo e tova

  • inability for forest and convenient movement;
  • discomfort with catherents and descent along the building;
  • one is unpleasant crisis, and not by desire;
  • Bolka on time or track training;
  • fuse on povane
  • unreasonable and understandable unbearable bolka in the set ...

And you will dissuade Sega for questioning: Is the steve satisfied with the comrade? Is it possible to unload takava bolka? And what about the tricky betting of the veto? Similarly, this is the time of adventure with the tova! Do you oversight ste? This is a solution to the public and an interactive interview with Prof. Dikul in order to solve the problem of pain, arthritis and arthritis.

In the basin of the staty, uncover the LED spotlight (lamp) and the motion sensor. Somehow, a lot of shots, a good look at the screen, a device for a searchlight, and some options for the project and installation.

The device consists of two parts: in fact, the projector (illuminating the signal) and the sensor for movement, all of which are intended to protect the projector.

But from now on, every light on a sensor and on the principle of every kind of a lamp with a sensor for movement is terribly convenient and modern, you can crawl through the doorway and into the banyat and the corridor, just like a katsan on Prague.The application is not limited by itself.

The sensor can not be built up directly with a spotlight or a lamp, but a sirenat, but it can be done - every kind of heap, like a statute behind, kolkoto - a predecessor, you can see in one from the attacker. Sensate so many, multitude yes parallel or (for special applications) consistently, conventionally.

Parameters and view of the LED illuminator

Such a thing, tryaba and instaliram caught a LED floodlight (lamp) and a sensor for movement, the lamp is fully shown on the right of the image.

This is parameterized on a project with a LL-222 type ess sensor:

2_Parametry on parametrE ess sensor LL-222

And this is the indication:

Samoto searchlight izglezhda Taka:

4_LED installation street lamp LL-222 with a drive from the sensor for movement

5_Projector - driven from the front

Observe attention when mounting the bracket (conzolate) is a tryabva and this is the development of the pre-installation. In my case, Tova iziskvashe your key M8, and it is worth much effort. Mites cannot be sourced.

Regulated and regulated on the sensor for movement

For yes, adjust the time and the hour to turn on the projector, use two adjustments from the crawl, readings like:

1.Regulation on the lightness (Daylight controller, left)

In the extreme position (with the zavrtan on the side of the clock at the watch), the sensory movement for the movement of the work itself predosti. This is necessary when installing a searchlight for the movement for street lighting. The security of that vs is intended.

At the extreme position on the dimer, the sen- sor is now switched on at any time during the day with any clarification. It is necessary, when the spotlight is installed in a flock, where it is difficult to penetrate.

2. Setting for time off (time)

The tuk is simple: the regulator is in danger of the watchmaker's hand - the maximum time is at a time (maybe 10-15 minutes in different sensor models). The regulator in the posok is inverse to the watch-making hand — the time when the sensor senses are switched on, the trail is activated in about 20-30 seconds.

In the instructions of the csm sensor (see the picture in picture 3), the name is taki danni, but it is not difficult and even disassembled.

Device on LED.

As a matter of fact, it’s all the way through, and the signal to the dinoto. Zatova tozi pat in detail photograph of all.

Photographs of a gardening site for a device for LED projectors, imaging and repairs for technical repair.

Device on sensor for movement on LED.

Tuk is just a public snapshot, t'at kato tazi theme e is notified on the website (see vzkite in the beginning of the statiyat).

16_ Centrova sensory shawl

Tova relay (sino) nay-cesto se failed in tak senzor.

19_Sylar board_ view of the country on the start_2

Ako vrzkata e wrong (ako mixed with schiftovete), chant on dskat under the light of light and samata relay ...

Instalirana on the spotlight on the street with the owner of the house.

Tuk tryvva right and show for failures, fitmen, fixed on a project with such a design. Speaking of the bracket (montaznat plocha), koyato dzya searchlight. The only prelimination on the commodity is the fixation of the opportunity for the zavrtane, as well as the fixation of the conzolate itself in the central point (the presse of the opening in the middle).

Smudge, koito and a quater with such a projector, without any help. Just pada pre dupcite in staples. This is because the Kuleshkat with the Chinese dowels and self-adapting screws are boldly izkhvrlena, and for reliable installation we need it from:

  1. The diameter of the dowel is 6 mm (according to 8), the diameter of 40 mm - 3 br.
  2. self-locking screw with a pressing bowl (byal, ostr) - 3 br.
  3. sat down (wide) on the M5 or M6 - 3 br.

Comrade for comrade, coeto-rag, and se chance (with a little puck, do not bang under the edge):

In addition, the cable in corrugated is not completely attentive, it has not reverted to the case.

Zoom the projector with a bolt clip (see pictures 6, 7). Nie svrzvame power.

Outdoor lamp

Turn on secured premestet:

The picture is directed by pres nousty.

Kogato consumerata itself is 10 vata, it is bright enough, for a light of good zonat before the verandah.

How yes the sensor converts for the movement in the sensor for the bright light

August 20, 2013:Thanks to my reader, Vladimir, for taking the picture, which is from that one, to the public in various ways.

Show me how yes and change the sensor for movement into the sensor for the light of the light, cato creeping on the backboard. You can read this description in comments.

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