Shower cabin in a private house with their own hands: the order of construction and connection to communications

A shower in the private house with all the rules and with diligence with their own hands will not only make living more comfortable, but also save you from the costs of attracting outsiders and not always conscientious employees. Equally important is the moral satisfaction obtained from the results of their labor.

Development of the project shower

With seeming technical complexity, the independent construction of a shower cabin is, in fact, quite a feasible procedure for a simple man in the street, especially for a working owner.

As the construction of any capital construction begins with the development of the project, and before starting work on equipping the shower in a private house with your own hands, it is necessary to think through, and it is desirable to outline on paper the basic plans and schemes, for example:

  • plan for placing a shower cabin in the space provided for it;
  • diagrams of connection to the networks of electricity, plumbing and sewage;
  • order equipment shower room ventilation system.

The preparation of the room for the shower and the device itself is done in several stages.

Shower cabin connection diagram
It is necessary to calculate and put on the plan not only the dimensions of the cabin itself, but also all the distances to the points of connection to the engineering networks, which will allow to avoid miscalculations and save materials

It is necessary to calculate and put on the plan not only the dimensions of the cabin itself, but also all the distances to the points of connection to the engineering networks, which will allow to avoid miscalculations and save materials

The order of the shower

If you do not take into account all the nuances of the construction of improvised pallets, depending on the chosen variant of the cabin project, then using the example of a concrete or brick pallet, as the most demanded materials, we will consider step-by-step instructions.

Stage # 1 - preparatory work

The very first step is preparation. It will look like this:

  1. Thoroughly clean the floor of the shower and adjacent wall sections.
  2. To waterproof the base of the pallet.
  3. Arrange the primary cement screed, if it was not.
  4. Primedand process the base of the future cabinhighly adhesivewaterproofing composition, for example, bitumen mastic.
  5. Install in a selected place, strictly according to the level, a shower drain and, in accordance with the instructions, connect it to the sewer.
  6. Mount the formwork.
  7. Pour concrete or brick out the inside of the shower tray and bumpers.

After all the preparatory work has been completed, calculations have been made, all the necessary components have been selected and acquired, it is possible to proceed to the main work on its construction.

It is important to initially plan the placement of the shower, given the exit of the sewer pipe. It is desirable that the path of drains to it was the shortest without sharp turns.

Stage # 2 - water supply

With the correct selection of all materials and the availability of the necessary tools, connecting the shower stall to the water supply and sewage networks is not difficult.

As a rule, in a private house, hot water is supplied to the shower from an autonomous boiler. For this purpose, tees or fittings with threaded connections are used.

The main nuances of the water supply piping:

  1. The distance between the hot and cold water pipes, in order to exclude their temperature effect on each other, must be at least 10-15 cm.
  2. The diameter of the pipes is selected depending on the water pressure, the optimum is 27-30 mm.

Flexible hoses are used to supply water directly to the shower panel or faucet. All connections must be made using sealing gaskets and tape.

On the water supply pipes, water shutoff valves are installed using winding on the thread of 8-10 turns of the FUM-tape, twisting it only clockwise

Step-by-step instructions for connecting to the water supply:

  • shut off the water supply at the main pipelines;
  • insert sealing gaskets into the flexible connection nuts from the connection to the hot and cold water pipes;
  • connect the hoses to the pipelines without great effort.

Shut-off valves must be installed on all linings for plumbing fixtures.

Stage # 3 - ensuring waterproofing

A very important point in the device of the pallet is the primary waterproofing. It runs up to the screed device,by hiding with a special film or roofing material of the joints between the floor and the walls, with a waterproofing material placed on them.

Pallet Waterproofing
When buying a waterproofing composition, it is necessary to pay attention to the area of ​​its application. It should be labeled as used for showers.

To plan further work, it is necessary to take into account that the complete drying of the concrete layer from which the base of the pallet is being constructed, especially if this layer is thick enough, takes place in less than a week.

After the cement dries, before finishing the facing works, a final waterproofing is performed. The surfaces and joints of the pallet are coated with water-repellent mastic, and a special tape - waterproofing - is laid around the entire perimeter.

Performance of waterproofing
The finished design of the future pallet will have to be carefully isolated from the possible influence of water. For this purpose, various materials are used, for example, water-repellent mastic. It is applied, trying not to miss a single plot.

Stage # 4 - Pallet Construction

As an alternative to the classic version of the shower cabin with a ready-made tray, you can build a shower with your own hands,starting with the device of its foundation.

For this purpose, you can use masonry bricks, concrete blocks or cement screed. Water in such pallets is drained using shower drains, the installation features of which will be discussed below.

Cement-lime compositions are not suitable for use. Concrete is prepared from a mixture of cement and clean sand, or ready-made mixtures are used, but are necessarily marked as waterproof.

Cabin without pallet
Not always the owner of a private house chooses the option with a brick frame for a pallet of a homemade shower stall. Often it is completely replaced by a concrete screed. This option of building a homemade shower stall will eventually come out just as good as a cabin with a tray

When the device is completely made of concrete, a ladder is installed on the screed, and then, using formwork, the self-leveling floor rises to the level of the ladder.

To the ladder must be sustained not only the slope, but also provides a margin for the thickness of tiles. The grating should be a few millimeters below the floor.

Installation of beacons
In order to withstand the desired angle of inclination of the screed, beacons are installed in the inner part of the pallet during its construction.

Stage # 5 - framing and finishing

The most common and optimal choice of place for the construction of the shower - in the corner of the room.

With this arrangement, not only space is saved, but there is also no need for a device of two walls that replace the walls of the room itself.

Pallet frame
The design of the homemade pallet in the corner of the room is fully assembled. It is dry and ready for tiling. Which is easy to do by hand, choosing the most suitable material

The construction of the pallet and the walls are veneered. The choice of the method of finishing the shower cabin should be approached with particular responsibility, since this is a room with a high degree of humidity and is subject to constant exposure to water and steam.


As a rule, ceramic tiles are used for cladding walls and other elements of the shower room, which blend harmoniously with the overall design of the shower cabin and the room itself.

Choosing the option of tile trim shower, you must take into account the fragility of this material with strong mechanical stress. If it is necessary to fix shelves and other objects to the walls of the bathroom using dowels, the holes in the tile or at its joints should be drilled very carefully.

Tile drill
To make a hole without damaging the tile, you must use a special drill bit with a solder on the end, and the drill must work in drilling mode

At the same time, the tile has many indisputable advantages over other materials and is a leader in application in rooms of this type.

The advantages of tiles include:

  • tightness;
  • considerable service life, which, with the correct technology of laying is 20 - 25 years;
  • ease of care;
  • relatively affordable price;
  • resistance to temperature effects;
  • the possibility of facing not only the walls, but also the pallet, sides and the floor in the shower room.

We should not forget that the wet tile is rather slippery, therefore, in order not to injure, it is advisable to use a rubber mat on the floor in the shower cabin, which can be easily selected both in size and in color.

For application of tile glue comb comb is used. It is recommended to start tile laying from the floor. Depending on the pattern of the tile laid on the floor, wall cladding is made. It is necessary to start laying tiles on the walls from the central angle, towards the edges.

Since the size of the shower stall is not too large, you can pre-plan the option of laying tiles on the floor or wall surface and make the markings. The purpose of the markup is to ensure that the corners do not have to cut the tile, a part of which will be less than half of the whole plate.

Mosaic finish
If possible, it is better to make the facing of the cabin using a mosaic. This type of tile has a rich color palette, decorates plumbing well and visually smoothes pallet slopes.


Use plastic orsiding- A more budget option to finish the walls of the cabin. If you have the necessary skills in the installation of panels of these materials, high-quality tightness will be achieved in the room and the attractive appearance of the shower room will be preserved for a long time.

Plastic panels
Plastic panels are an inexpensive and practical solution. Moreover, this material is easy to install with your own hands. And the result will delight you for the next decade.

For mounting the panels on the surface being trimmed, a vertical or horizontal crate is mounted with a step of 50-60 cm.

Plastic panels andsidingYou can also close the ceiling.The material does not require much effort in the care.

Latex paint

The presence of modern finishing materials does not overshadow the old proven method - painting walls. This is the simplest and least expensive, both in time and financially, the option of finishing showers.

The use of latex paint does not imply at all that the waterproofing qualities and aesthetics of the room will be brought to the detriment of the price advantage.

Applying latex paint
Paint - does not mean a boring and solid interior in the bathroom. If you wish, you can diversify the drawing with your own hands using prepared stencils. For this, it is not necessary to have experience in painting, and the result will please you

The main guarantee that there is no need for a quick re-repair of the shower room after painting it is thorough surface preparation.

Putty for painting walls
The walls of the shower for painting should be perfectly aligned. After which they are subject to coating starting and finishing putty and primer

In addition to the above materials used for the shower, there are a number of other, relatively expensive and technically difficult to work.For example, marble, granite or decorative stone. The choice remains the master of the house.

Stage # 6 - Cab Fencing

The device fencing cab, as a rule, is made after connecting the pallet to the sewerThe design of a homemade shower can have several options:

  • angular square or rectangular;
  • in the form of faces;
  • with a semicircular connection of 2 walls.

The methods that are used when installing the walls of the cabin with a ready-made pallet and a pallet built by yourself are almost the same.

Square shower cubicle
The form of a shower cabin can be very different - here the owner has the right to show imagination. The main thing is that the design invented harmoniously fit into the bathroom interior.

Regardless of the type of cabin chosen, the doors on it are installed of hinged or sliding type.

The front part of the cabin can be equipped with additional side walls, as a rule, of the same material as the sash. These walls are mounted using a vertical profile. Special seals are attached to the wings, which are recommended to be treated with silicone.

Installation of swing doors

The process of hanging hinged doors in a hand-made shower cabin is not a big deal. Commercially used furniture hinges are used for this. Sealing elements are installed at the joints.

Swing doors
Install the swing design is easy. It is important to buy quality furniture hinges - because they have to serve in conditions of high humidity

Sliding sash installation

For sliding sliding doors in the base and the upper part of the cab, frames or niches are installed, along which they will move on rollers. Such door is hung out on a profile and established on rollers.

Set of rollers
Adjustment of doors is carried out with the help of eccentrics, which are equipped with rollers. The glass sliding door can be equipped with a magnetic gasket for closing the butt, like a refrigerator door

Connecting the cab to the sewer

Drainage of water used in the shower to the sewage system is an important and crucial process in the construction of a shower cabin. The ways in which this is accomplished depend on the choice of the base of the cabin.

Connecting a purchased pallet

When building a shower in a private house with your own hands can be used ready-made pallet. The most running are designs from acrylic and steel. In terms of service life, they are almost identical - within 20 years.

Acrylic traysdiffer in ease of a design and low cost. As a drawback, susceptibility to the appearance of small defects on the surface, mainly scratches, which, however, can easily be eliminated by cosmetic methods, can be noted.

Ready pallet
When connecting the pallet to the drainage system, it is better to abandon the corrugations, preferring a straight 50-mm pipe. Which is to be mounted with a slope to the riser

Meritssteel enamel panare relatively good resistance to mechanical damage and reliability in operation. For overweight people it is preferable to stay on the choice of the steel pallet.

At connection to the sewage of the finished shower tray it is necessary:

  • connect a siphon to the drain hole;
  • connect the corrugated pipe to the siphon;
  • connect the second end of the corrugations with the sewer drain hole and fix it;
  • Treat all compounds with a waterproof sealant.

All connections are made by screw or solder method. A siphon is necessarily used to drain sewage, as it creates a water lock that prevents odors from entering the shower room from entering the shower room.

Connection of the pallet to the sewerage
The slope of the drain pipe to the release of sewage should be as large as possible, and be at least 3 degrees. The correct installation of the drainage system and the tightness of all connections must be checked by spilling water through the sump.

Connecting a homemade pallet

At the first stage of the self-made drip device, the drain system is mounted, which uses unusualhydroboxes, and shower drains. Ladders come in two forms: slotted and square-grated.

Gangway in the shower
The square ladder must be installed in the center of the shower stall, following the slope of the drain grid in the form of an envelope, otherwise the water will stagnate

When selecting a ladder, in order to exclude the effect of a “pool with dirty water” in the pan, it is necessary to compare the indicator of its capacity with the performance of shower heads.Good is the throughput of the ladder within 30 - 48 l / min.

The place to install the slit ladder is chosen near the wall of the cabin. The capacity of this design will be higher.

For a ladder of any kind, it is necessary to create a slope at a rate of not less than 3 mm / m. All pipes that drain water are mounted to the floor.

Installation of the ladder
When installing and connecting the ladder to adhere to the recommendations of the manufacturer, set out in the user manual. Following which, you can do all the work on connecting to the drain system with your own hands.

Another way to drain for a homemade pallet - through the drainage channel, which can be placed across the entire width of the shower stall, which will ensure uniform discharge of water into the sewer.

As a rule, installation and connection of ladders and drainage systems to the sewage system is carried out using the equipment included in their set.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

How to build a shower tray out of concrete with your own hands will be discussed in the following video:

Another option for self-arrangement of the shower tray tray:

If all the recommendations and instructions are fulfilled, then a shower cabin made with your own hands will not bring a drop of disappointment.It will not only arrange life and create additional comfort, but also harmoniously fit into the interior of any home, give a modern and aesthetic look to the dwelling.

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