Ski Resort Priiskovy - snowy Eldorado of Khakassia

The Republic of Khakassia is located in South Siberia,borders on the Kemerovo Region and the Krasnoyarsk Territory. In a small area, there are meadows, taiga and mountain ranges, which are considered sacred among the local population. Through the Khakassia, the Yenisei River flows - one of the largest Siberian rivers. There are all conditions for a good winter holiday, one of the areas of which is winter fishing. The ski resort Priiskovy is also very popular.

Winter paradise for freeriders

A small village is located on the slopes of the mountainridge of the Kuznetsk Alatau. Its history began in 1834, when deposits of gold were discovered in Khakassia. The precious metal was mined until the middle of the 90s of the last century, then the quarry was closed and the settlement would have come to desolation if it had not been discovered by freeriders - lovers of skiing from wild unequipped mountain slopes.

ski resort

Since then, the village has become a real paradise for them, andpure deep snow brought the populated area more popularity than gold mining. On the site of the former mine was opened recreation center "Priiskovy". In two-story wooden houses there are no more than 1000 people. Fans of ski slopes have chosen for themselves the former premises of the village hospital. It was converted into a hotel, after which the name "Hospital" was preserved.

Snowy happiness

Due to unique climatic conditions, the baserecreation "Priiskovy" - a find for lovers of untouched mountain slopes. Snow here appears in October and lies until June. As a result of snowfall, the snow cover is constantly renewed and has a rather large thickness. Vegetation on the mountains is not much. Basically it is shrubs and spruce with birches, which do not pose a great danger to skiers. All freeriders before the descent receive radio and avalanche equipment, although the danger of avalanches is small.

a mountain ski resort photo

"Priiskovy" - a ski resort, photo of whichShow us all the greatness and beauty of the snow-capped mountains. It is also called the snow Eldorado. The descent begins at 9 am and ends at 6 pm. During this time, freeriders make 8-10 runs. Mountain slopes have a slope of 20 to 45 °, so a smooth descent occurs at medium speed. The safety of the thrill-seekers is observed by the instructors, and in case of a minor injury they can help with the available means available in the medicine cabinet. In case of serious injury, the victims are taken to the hospital in the village of Kopievo.


The ski resort Priiskovy is not equippedlifts, ski runs are not laid. At the top of the mountain, the extremals are delivered by a ratrak, which accommodates 10 people. He meets them downstairs and takes them back to the top.

Mountain trails start 200 meters from the "Hospital". In the vicinity of the village there are two mountain massifs, one of which includes mountains:

  • Family (the lowest peak, height - 1293 m),
  • Transylvanian (height 1386 m),
  • Ivanovskaya (about 1390 m),
  • The Nameless (1482 m),
  • Ararat (height - 1530 m).

recreation center

The second mountain range also includes 5 mountains, but theirthe altitude varies from 1353 m (Mt. Tumannaya) to 1674 m (the Bobrovaya Mountain). The shortest descent is 700 meters, and the length of the largest one is 1500 meters. On the trails can skate as experienced skiers, and beginners freeriders. Each descent has its own characteristics, so athletes daily receive new impressions of riding. On some slopes there is a rocky terrain, which adds extreme during descent. According to many fans of thrill, emotions are just off scale.

Accommodation in the "Hospital"

The ski resort Priiskovy providesvacation with accommodation in the mini-hotel "Hospital-Resort". Enterprising owners of the hotel were able to adapt and beat the old building in a modern room. The hotel has 15 rooms, which here are called chambers, and all tourists receive the status of "patients".

Many of them, having visited once in such"Hospital", become her regular customers. "Chambers" are adapted to accommodate 2-3 people. The hotel has a recreation room with a TV and a large sofa 14 meters long. The guests can use the sauna and Japanese bath, toilets, showers, clothes dryers, as well as a room with stands for storing skis and equipment.

recreation center

Prior to settlement, future "patients" signa contract in which they pledge not to smoke indoors, not to use obscene language, not to disturb the peace of other holidaymakers, to observe the regime of silence in the evening and night, and to feed and water the hospital cat Fishka.

Meals in the resort

Ski Resort Priiskovy does not haveentertainment establishments. All recreational activities are made up of skiing. Catering is included in the package of services that are provided to tourists in a mini-hotel. On the ground floor there is a kitchen and a wardroom with dining tables for 36 people. Tourists at the hotel are fed breakfast and dinner. Meals are organized according to the type of "buffet". Holidaymakers can eat everything they like. Since in the daytime freeriders ride in the mountains, they are offered sandwiches and tea as a snack. The use of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited.

How to get there

At the ski resort Priiskovy in Khakassiacome not only tourists from Abakan, Krasnoyarsk, Kemerovo and other cities of Siberia. Here there are many residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as representatives of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Lithuania and other republics.

To get to the village, residents of remoteregions need to be reached in a convenient way to Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Abakan or Achinsk. From these cities you can take the train to the station "Kopievo", and then by taxi or by bus - to the village. The shuttle bus runs in the morning and in the evening. From the airport of Krasnoyarsk and back there is a transfer on a minibus Mercedes. There is also a shuttle bus to the station "Kopievo".

a mountain-skiing resort in the Khakassia

You can get to the village by car. Using the scheme of highways, they reach the town of Kopievo. Outside the city there is a nice 30-kilometer section of the road. Next, we have to drive another 70 km along the crushed stone. In the village there is no refueling, so you need to stock up on gasoline in advance.

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