St. Petersburg, public baths: addresses, reviews

The invention of the ancient Romans, who have always lovedresidents of St. Petersburg, - public baths have not lost their appeal even today, when many townspeople offer spa services. In the Northern capital, there are many similar institutions, both new and long-standing and proud of famous customers.

SPB public baths

«Degtyary baths»

This institution exists more than 50 years. In the 1990s, it underwent capital reconstruction and is now very popular among residents and guests of St. Petersburg. Public baths for this and that they are visited by people of any prosperity. That's why everyone decides whether he wants to sweat without special comforts or prefers to pay from 5 to 14 thousand rubles per hour for a high level of service in the department of the premium class. The address of the bathhouse is: Degtyarnaya Str., 1. The institution is open from 08:30 to 21:00 every day except Monday (on that day from 08:00 to 13:00 there is a sanitary clock).


If you are interested in inexpensive public baths inSt. Petersburg, then the institution on the street of the Red Textile Maker, which has existed for almost a quarter of a century, is what you need. The cost of visiting the economy class on weekends is only 190 rubles, and the suites are quite affordable - about 300 rubles.

public baths in SPb addresses


There are few cities where in different periodslived so many celebrities who influenced the fate of entire nations and countries like St. Petersburg. Public baths of the city, which are not one hundred years old, were loved, for example, by the leader of the world proletariat, V. Lenin. Especially liked him "Yamskie baths", located at the moment at: ul. Dostoevsky, 9. By the way, Fyodor Mikhailovich also was not averse to spending an hour or two in them, like the famous composer Mussorgsky.

Today "Yamskie baths" provide not onlyclassical, but also the most modern SPA-services. Visitors of the complex can take advantage of male and female suites, individual rooms, as well as a special sauna for corporate or leisure in a friendly company. In addition, the complex includes cryo- and infrared saunas, a massage parlor, solariums and a variety of simulators.

"Round Baths"

This institution, located in the buildingThe original architecture, known as the "Puck", is popular with residents of St. Petersburg, especially thanks to the open pool, which is nice to plunge after the Finnish sauna, Russian steam room or hammam. Not the least role is played by low prices. So, staying in an economy class hall for an hour and a half will cost only 35 rubles. For a suite you will have to pay 400 rubles. at one o'clock. Address of "Round Baths": st. Karbysheva, d. 29A.


Described public baths in St. Petersburg (addresses you alreadyknown) are in different parts of the city. They have good transport accessibility, and to reach them it will not be difficult. It is easy to get into the Betinsky Baths. Address: st. Alexandra Matrosova, house 20. There you can steam up both in general offices, and in the women's and men's suites and in the VIP hall. A feature of the Betinsky Baths is an outdoor pool with an air volcano and a waterfall.

good public baths in St. Petersburg


Good public baths in St. Petersburg include andThis complex, which is located next to the metro station "Proletarskaya" (address: Shelgunov Str., 3). Visitors are offered services of Russian steam room, Turkish hammam, traditional Finnish sauna, etc. You can arrange a stag or hen party, and also sit with friends in a cozy bar or cafe. By the way, in the "Station Baths" there is a men's department "Sport-class" Zenith "" - specially for the fans of the famous team. There you will be offered a soaring in the Turkish / Russian steam room or bathhouse, and after you there is a pool with running water or contrast procedures using special pail buckets.


This is one of the oldest existingpublic baths of St. Petersburg - the complex exists more than 100 years. There are strictly observed traditions: real firewood is used, as well as birch and oak brooms. On the territory there are pools with cool water. The institution attracts visitors with inexpensive prices. Address: Mytninskaya Street, 17/19.

inexpensive public baths in St. Petersburg


In an institution located at: lane Makarenko, 12, customers are offered public offices and individual rooms for every taste. Guests are welcome in the washing room, as well as in a Russian, Roman or Finnish steam room, where you can use the services of a bathhouse attendant and a massage therapist. The ticket price is more than democratic: 70-500 rubles.


Visitors to these baths, which are onProspekt Veteranov, house 89, building. 2, it is suggested to use a sauna, a common or upper class steam room, a swimming pool or a suite. In the institution there are comfortable lounges, a sauna, a micro-pool, and also the services of a masseur, a hairdresser and a cosmetologist. On sale bath accessories: washcloths, brooms, shampoos, soap and shaving accessories. You can sit in a cafe (the menu, judging by the reviews, is quite good) and take advantage of paid parking. At the same time, the ticket price starts at 35 rubles.

Public baths in the Moscow region of St. Petersburg

Find a good Russian steam room or sauna withpool in St. Petersburg near the house - no problem. For example, in the Moscow region of St. Petersburg public baths will satisfy any needs of fans of this kind of entertainment. In particular, you can visit the famous "Moscow Baths" (22 Gastello St.). There are traditional Russian steam rooms, hammam and spacious swimming pools, including open-air swimming pools, as well as a bath-house attendant, a professional masseur, a hairdresser and a pleasant time in the café-bar.

public baths SPb reviews

Public baths SPb: reviews

Such institutions in St. Petersburg are visited by peoplewith different social status and financial possibilities. For many, going to a public bath is a kind of ritual, and they remain committed to the "violent" place, not paying attention to its obvious shortcomings for many years. In addition, for a significant part of the fans, the question of whether there are good specialists who know the secrets of their craft is much more important than the design of the premises or the presence of a sofa and a TV. If we talk about specific baths, which have already been mentioned above, then visitors leave the following reviews about them:

  • About "Tar". This institution, according to customers, resembles a good modern spa center. Among the pros, they note the excellent work of women in the women's department, soap massage and coffee procedures.
  • About Smolninsky. Customers' complaints are caused by conditions in economy class offices, where there are very inconvenient locker rooms in the form of a common room with lockers.
  • About the Yamskys. Visitors are delighted with the steam and natural fragrances used there.
  • About the "Tallinn". Strangely enough, in this institution customers most of all like the kitchen, and more specifically - branded chicken hams. In addition, they are delighted with the rather low prices.
  • About "Pilots". Among the shortcomings of the institution in the reviews noted the absence of a cafe, and from the pluses - the presence of a steam room on real firewood.
  • About "Mytninsky". These baths are popular because of the veteran bathhouse workers who are real masters of their business.

public baths in the Moscow area of ​​St. Petersburg

Now you know where you can go toto steam, in St. Petersburg. Public baths of the Northern capital are varied both in price and service level, so everyone can find an institution among them, where they can relax with their body and soul.

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