"Stalker: Bad Company": passing the modification

The game "Stalker" became one of the most successful onpost-Soviet space in recent years, in most cases they did not receive much fame. But "Stalker" has become incredibly famous all over the world, but this is not the main thing. Most importantly, the fact that users can create their own modifications, which can change the plot, characters, objects and tasks. In general, everything is available for change - borders are indicated only by your imagination, as well as by technical capabilities. And people enjoy using it, creating their own projects on the game engine in the world of "Stalker." One of the most interesting and exciting projects to date is "Stalker: Bad Company." The passage of this game will be considered further.


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So, what is the modification"Stalker: Bad company," the passage of which will be described in this article? Here you act as a stalker, which is part of one of the groupings, in general, you lead a standard life for this world. However, as it turns out, you have a dark past, which as a result pops up. Previously, your character was a mercenary - the worst enemy of stalkers, so you immediately find yourself outside the group, with you begin to communicate quite hostile. And all would be nothing, but, on the other hand, you are hunted by one of the dangerous mercenary groups. In general, you find yourself between two fires, you have to understand everything that is happening and somehow survive. Accordingly, in the game "Stalker: Bad Company" the passage clearly will not make you bored.

Beginning of the game

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You start the game as a member of yourunit, you need to perform a small task - to destroy a group of zombies in the Overpass. With this in the game "Stalker: Bad Company" the passage and begins. The test task is not the most difficult, so you should not have any problems. Destroy monsters, take away what will fall from them, and go back to the detachment to sell all that you have accumulated. After that, you can start your movement on a fascinating plot. Passage of the game "Stalker: Bad Company" will present you with some surprises that will really surprise you.

An ambush of mercenaries

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As already mentioned, mercenaries arethe main enemies of stalkers, so you need to arrange an ambush on them. It is here that the passage of the game "Stalker: Bad Company" will take an unexpected turn. First you will need to engage in a fierce battle with the enemy, but then you will suddenly be cut down. When you come to your senses, it turns out that your boss did this, who learned about your past. Now you have a long explanation. That's when you'll have to remember how you were part of a grouping of mercenaries called "Monolith." Naturally, you are loyal to stalkers, but few people now believe in it. I'll have to prove my loyalty, which will not be very easy to do in the game "Stalker". Mod "Bad company" is a very interesting project, in which an exciting story is created, and you will gladly spend time on its passing.

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Together with your boss you go todungeons to penetrate as close as possible to the monoliths. In this case, you will need to destroy both mercenaries and mutants, so that you will always have to remain alert. Many gamers have a question about how to go through "Stalker: Bad Company", and this issue is fully justified. The fact is that this modification is designed for experienced players who have already gone through the main parts of the game more than once and, possibly, other modifications. Therefore, its level of complexity is quite high, in the catacombs you will have to fight not for life, but for death. But it's really worth it to find out how this fascinating story ends. After all, along the way, you will meet the distinctive locations of the game "Stalker: Bad Company" - a den of poltergeists, a medical camp in which one of the most difficult battles with monoliths in the entire campaign will occur. And all this will bring you a lot of fun. Well, at this stage you will earn the confidence of your boss, after which you will need to return to the camp and find the stalker units that went on a quest to recall them.


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The rest of the time in the game you willconduct, constantly proving to all his devotion to stalkers, while simultaneously destroying crowds of mutants and monoliths. Closer to the end of the game will be the most massive battle, which has already been written earlier. When you arrive at the hospital and talk with the right characters, a round of mercenaries will happen, from which you in the minority will have to fight back. Quite an exciting action that makes an indelible impression.

Destruction of the monolith

Naturally, the game leads you to the fact that youshould be fully rehabilitated in the eyes of stalkers, and most importantly - to destroy this dangerous gang of mercenaries of which you were a member. It will not be easy to do, but it is possible. However, the game will not end there - one more serious battle will be expected. After the victory over the monoliths you will go to the Voyage, in which the game was started. It is there that you will be attacked by a dangerous chimera, with whom you will have to spend your last fight. There is no point in keeping bandages or saving cartridges - this battle should be decisive. In addition, it is worth noting that, depending on your actions, throughout the game you can get three different endings, so keep an eye on what you are doing or telling other people.

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