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As is well known, all conflicts arose for two reasons, either during the redistribution of property or in the search for justice. And in the overwhelming majority of those, in consequence of which the property changed owners.
Previously, I wrote that man is threefold, this body is inherited by us in the process of evolution, a kind of mechanism for survival and procreation. It is always prepared to fight, eliminate a competitor, capable of any tricks to achieve the final result.
For males, the dominant instinct of the body is the desire to continue the race, for female self-preservation. Therefore, in the overwhelming number of cases, it is men who conflict. They set the rules for the behavior of society.
The second component of the personality is the mind, the ability to think logically.
Neither the cat nor the dog, and most people do not possess this ability. Namely: the ability to predict, to distinguish the cause from the effect, the form from the content, to draw conclusions, understanding that the individual is not universal, and the possible does not always become valid.
Well, the third, from my point of view, the main part is CONSCIENCE, such an existence of God's essence in Man - his ability to independently formulate moral criteria and implement self-control, demand from themselves their fulfillment and evaluate actions performed.
I repeat, but if the Body dominates, Reason and Conscience are in the second place, then it will be a cynic, a thug without brakes, ready for its whims for any actions, including the most disgusting ones.
If a person is led by conscience, then he has a chance to become holy.
There are only 6 main combinations, for psychoanalysts to note that there are 12 psycho-types of people, then they all fit into 6 basic and borderline states.
Inks and papers were spent a lot in the hope of describing the ideal society, but neither Tomaso Campanella, nor Thomas More, nor Erasmus of Rotterdam, and especially not Marx with Engels, nor Lenin and Stalin, did not give a picture of an ideal society, and especially did not build it. Although the experience of the Soviet Union is enormous and productive and requires not only careful study, but also application in everyday life.
Now the world is experiencing another round of development similar to the industrial revolution of the 18th century, the period of a new intellectual revolution,the result of which is the replacement of man by mechanisms.
In the 18th century, in the most industrialized country, Britain, cars replaced manual labor, which gave rise to mass unemployment, hunger, crime, and most importantly a decline in the level of morality.
The Luddite movement was brutally suppressed, forced vagrancy ended in a noose around the neck. Human life was devalued, and traditional society began to change rapidly under the dictation of those who saddled the Golden Calf, mainly bankers, insurers, wholesalers, owners of industrial enterprises and vehicles, primarily ships. At that time, attempts began to implement the ideas of globalism. And its conductors were banking and trading houses that did not work within the metropolises, but rather with their colonies.
In ancient times, when food was mined by the whole tribe and for the tribe, there were no slaves, the slave was not profitable to feed and they were killed when the slave began to bring benefits, they became the owner of the means of production depends on the labor of employees and without them it can not exist, at certain stages, such as the great depression,the oversupply of proposals leads to the devaluation of labor, competition for the right to sell their resources, and super-profits of transnational corporations, forced migration of the population. In a post-industrial society, when mechanization and robotization of production reaches almost 100%, there is no need for living labor. And the question immediately arises, what to do with those who did not fit into the process? As early as the end of the 18th century, the Malthus theory appeared, justifying violence, war, hunger, as a means for regulating the population of the Earth. And although time has shown that the Earth can feed more than 10 billion people, hunger has become the main incentive of society, forcing most of society to give up their labor for nothing, thereby dividing us into classes and leading to conflicts between certain groups of the population.
At one time, the management method was briefly formulated in the thesis: “SEPARATE AND POWER”, although as I wrote in my articles, the term POWER should be replaced with MANAGE and everything will fall into place. And so, the managers of the company on a global scale set themselves the goal of getting rid of those who did not fit into their scenario, while considering that by the middle of the 21st century three quarters of the population would live in Africa and central Asia.
It is naive to think that AIDS arose on its own, or the EBOLA fever did not jump out of the test tube of scientists, and the propaganda of homosexuality, “gay parades” and the protection of degenerates gave rise to society itself. By no means! All these are links of one chain: the creation of religious radicalism, nationalism, and on their basis conflicts in society, leading to a reduction in population on Earth, and for the convenience and simplification of management to the fascization of individual countries. Globalists have crushed Iraq, the so-called "LOCAL STONE" of the stable and peaceful existence of the Middle East. And the war was provoked not only between Sunnis and Shiites, but also by various tribes united by force into states. The problem of the Kurds is not solved, and it becomes a headache for both Syria and Turkey and Iraq and Iran. Excessive satiety and militancy of the “Saudis”, which do not reflect the vital interests of the tribes of the Arabian Peninsula, become another detonator in this region that is overly stuffed with weapons and has enormous reserves of oil and gas.
Naturally, they do not flee from prosperous countries, and the problem of refugees must be solved by raising the standard of living in the country of origin.But globalists understand that the European Union is not their patrimony, and using the nuances of legislation and provoked additional problems to its competitor, sending millions of migrants to well-fed Europe. At the same time, the cradle of globalism - Great Britain, anticipating events, by way of exit, decided to part with the European Union, leaving it at the mercy of God and the tearing of migrants!
The main opponents of globalization are China, India and Russia. After the artificially provoked conflict between China and the USSR in the 70s and the collapse of the Union, the globalists, feeling the impunity, began to crush established states, create tensions at the borders, and plunder the whole world. One of the first victims was the United States, which was considered only as a world gendarme and a storeroom for storing stolen goods. And Trump's attempts to restore the industrial potential of his country and to load compatriots with work came into conflict with the interests of the henchmen of globalists, for whom, especially the black population, are extra consumers of goods and income.
I repeat, the main rival of globalists is China, and as a result of the fact that it receives its energy from Iran, problems have arisen from this country.And oddly enough, Russia has become a key player in this confrontation. Possessing a vast territory that allows for a safe transit on the territory of Eurasia, energy resources and the latest defense means, our country is becoming the force that can change the disproportion that arose after the destruction of the USSR. But globalists are not asleep, placing their puppets in power structures, relying on primitive neo-Nazis and the criminal element, between Old Europe and Russia builds a buffet of “Nazi democracy” countries, a vivid example of which is Ukraine.

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TIME JORIK to his dad to SATAN ...

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Yes, the hunger was and with this do not argue.
But HOLODOMOR, invented with the help of aspiring Bandera scum in the US, to divide and poison the nations.
According to their concept, only Ukrainians were starved by HUNGER, while RUSSIAN FAT was fed and dogs were fed with bacon ...

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The UKRONEONACISTS thought that MEZHLIS PEOPLE would be their errands. And as always, MISTAKED !!!
Medzhlisovtsev was prepared for the MUBAREK ZONE of the most intelligent, cunning, unprincipled Komsomol members.
This is POWER, and stupid saladers will still cry from them ...

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This is a BANDERLOG !!!
And with Banderlog ONE TALK. Lubricate the forehead with green paint and against the wall ...

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It has long been necessary to re-unite BELARUS and RUSSIA in a SINGLE STATE ...

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