Statuses about New Year 2018 are beautiful

It will take quite a bit of time and the most expected holiday will come The new 2018 year. It so happened that along with the search for new bright outfits and original recipes, active users of social networks want to update their status. At the present time, it is a kind of "clothes", which is met in the virtual world. It should always be attractive and memorable, so the statuses about the New Year 2018 should be original and reflect the inner world of a person.


2018 New Year's statuses for VK and Odnoklassniki

Very soon a new mistress of 2018 will come to our house - Yellow Earthen Dog. She will delight us with new colors of life, exciting impressions, joy and laughter. We naturally wish to share all of this with the closest people in our lives:

  • parents;
  • relatives;
  • loved one;
  • close friends;
  • work colleagues;
  • with guests of our accounts in social networks.

Yes, our New Year is a truly unforgettable holiday.Both adults and children are waiting for him. Except for holidays, these are probably the only days of the year when you can relax and take a walk “for glory”. Of course, each of these two words means something different. Someone is dedicating New Year's holidays to overseas tours to exotic countries with emerald sea, white sand and unforgettable palm trees, others are “given” to the household as much as possible and want to spend more time with family. They organize New Year's Eve at the highest level. The table is crammed with exquisite dishes, expensive spirits, exotic fruits and culinary delights. Young people "come off" in full at discos or nightclubs. No matter how much you prefer to spend New Year's Eve, from the very first minutes of the New Year you are overwhelmed with impressions that ask you to go outside.

Statuses about New Year 2018 are beautiful

The 2018 New Year's statuses for VK and Odnoklassniki - this is the “place” where you can express your feelings and impressions about the first minutes, hours or days of the coming year with several phrases.

The most visited social networks in Russia are considered to be Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki. It is very easy to set up your status and set the desired background image.The device sites is such that when you change the status, all your friends will immediately know about it. This is very convenient, since such efficiency allows you to instantly inform your close people about your mood or a new event in your life. The changed status will appear in the news feed, and your thoughts will be seen by friends of your friends, and a huge audience will agree with that already.

The choice of status must be approached very seriously and deliberately, especially to those people who value their reputation. Agree that the text will not decorate you if it contains grammatical errors. Your account in social networks is a kind of business card, by which a person is judged.

All of us are very different, therefore the statuses of all are completely different:

  • If you are a serious person, then, despite the fact that the New Year is in the yard, your statuses should be meaningful.
  • Cheerful, never cheering person fit funny expression.
  • A constantly busy person will surely choose short and succinct offers.
  • Full of energy and youth mischief will prefer cool statuses. They will surely amuse more than one user.
  • The lyrical person will be liked as the title text of his page in social networks,Of course the lyrics are in verse.

If you do not want to “bother” and think long about the choice of status, then we will try to help you. We offer you dozens of current statuses on the eve of the New 2018.

Status in verses

Good luck - smiles!
The end of the world - is canceled!
Life goes on!
New Year is coming!
Christmas trees - dress up!
Garlands - lit!
Light of the soul - turns on!
Miracles happen!
The holiday begins ...
Let the glasses ring,
Let the wine sparkle,
Let the night star fall
To you will glance in a window.
On this wonderful night
It is impossible without a smile
Pain and sorrow away!
Happy new year friends !
Problems do not scare
And the crisis will not beat!
We are still beautiful
Happy New Year!
In the New Year 2018!
I wish you enter without worries!
In the work of success,
Happiness in the family,
And to be in this life is always on horseback!
Hard year not thawing
We were old for all friends,
The problems were all the time,
And they all walked with a sad look,

But we believe and we are not silent,
That in New we will definitely win!
Russia is a strong country!
After all, it is You, because it is Me!
Of all the holidays loved,
We look forward to it,
He brings joy to every home,
And gives people only good!
And fulfills all desires
The New Year's holiday is called!
He raises the mood,
And we are about to come!
Long-awaited New Year,
He will bring us joy,
New forces, new friends,
You meet him quickly!

He'll take all the sadness
All problems and trouble
We have been waiting for him for so long
Happiness to you in the New Year!
The clink of glasses is heard,
Laughter and joy pours everywhere,
It's time to celebrate the New Year,
About the old year not to be bored,
We love this holiday very much,
May the New Year be happy!
Will give new dreams,
All that I want, and you!
We celebrate a wonderful holiday
He brings happiness to people
Dreams come true
And fills the world with good!
Hurries to visit us holiday
Our New Year prankster
All people have fun,
Do not hesitate to be shy!
After all, this is the main holiday
We waited for him for a year
He brings us only happiness
And the tree bright dance!
Let the New Year, which is on the threshold,
Get into your home like a good friend!
May they forget you the way
Sadness, adversity and illness!
And let them come in the coming year.
To you and good luck and success! -
He will be the best year
And the most joyful for all!
Let's New Bukhny, bad memory with erase.
Let us leave only hope for the light ... for a year or for many years ...
Let the old one take with him all that disturbed the rest,
That tearing of the soul weep, and in the New there will be only luck!

The statuses about the New Year 2018 are beautiful, with meaning, in verses, funny

Expressions with meaning

I would like to wish everyone to return to childhood for a short while, when on New Year's Eve in the parents' house it smells like tangerines, and a favorite toy hangs on the Christmas tree, in which, it seems, reflects an unknown little world with its own New Year's wonderful fairy tale.
Remember - if during the decoration of the Christmas tree the Christmas tree toy was broken, then very soon the innermost desire will be fulfilled. It is impossible to beat specially.
On the eve of the magical holiday, I would like to wish all my relatives and friends a fairy tale and miracle.
I wish Santa Claus to put all my friends under the tree for three gifts - unlimited happiness, wholehearted love and good health.
As it gets older, the list of New Year's wishes becomes shorter and shorter, but what we really want is not bought for money.
Dear Grandfather Frost! I do not need gifts! Please make so that all people on Earth are happy.
From the height of past years and the experience of four dozen celebrated New Year celebrations, I affirm that a randomly broken Christmas tree toy is a sure sign of the fulfillment of desire.
I wish everyone on the New Year to return at least briefly to their distant childhood, when the air is saturated with mandarin and pine tree aromas, and in their favorite Christmas ball, hanging on a prickly paw, another world is reflected with its own fairy tale.
The frosty air, the aroma of pine needles and tangerine, bubbles burst in a glass of champagne ... Everything seems to be according to the rules, but it is so depressing to celebrate the New Year alone ...
May the New Year be happy and give many blessings of the earth. And Santa Claus will come with a bag and joy will fill the house!

Funny notes

I wanted to go to the matinee with a snowflake - a white dress, white tights. And I looked in the mirror - I'll go with a snowdrift.
Good Grandfather Frost, do not put me a New Year's gift under the Christmas tree. Better to drive to the garage right away.
The main thing - do not forget on December 31 at 23:59 to leave Odnoklassniki and celebrate the New Year.
Santa Claus! I can not sweet ... but semi-sweet can be.
What to give me for the new year? Yes whatever! The main thing is to touch and with red headphones.
It's time to eat last year's food, watch eternal movies and absolutely do not remember New Year's Eve.
I behaved very well all year! Santa Claus, can I behave very badly on New Year's Eve?
I wish you all good health in your body, insane love in bed, dough in a briefcase and no gimp!
Checked advice: hostesses, do not put crackers in New Year's salad! They scratch their face painfully ...
I really hope that at least on this New Year a beautiful young grandfather Frost will come to me. Or, at least, sober ...

Short and cool statuses

Short Cool
Santa Claus come to visit me, I prepared you a herring under a fur coat !!! Santa Claus, you are no longer needed. Snow Maidens came.
Childhood is over - instead of Father Frost, I am waiting for the Snow Maiden. Actual advice: in the New Year, do not click your happiness with the mouse!
I want Santa Claus to put 3 gifts under the Christmas tree in the New Year - Happiness in the house, Family Love, Health for loved ones. New year rushes to us, happiness will happen! Vodka with beer - women are beautiful. And then the viskarik will be more fun! And in the morning rassolchik and very shitty ...
Tangerines went into action - it means soon the New Year! Santa Claus you do not swallow, this year you go broke !!! Give "FERARI" to me, well, to all my relatives !!!
Soon - soon a new year! Hail the planet! This is the first new year after ... the end of the world! ! Under the chiming clock I will guess that Santa Claus with a big bag brought me not a goat, but a curtain ... and filled the house with joy ...
I sit alone in the room and think about it, when will it come this new year ... And my husband is the best For the New Year, he dresses up not only the Christmas tree, but also me!))
Off of sorrow and longing - after all, the NEW YEAR is already on the nose. Interesting, and I became someone's New Year's desire?
Hello, Grandfather Frost, cotton wool beard! I'll buy everything for myself - increase your salary! They say, on New Year's Eve, the dollar will fall sharply! To know where he will fall, there and celebrate the New Year !!!
How I want your wish for the New Year to be me. Santa Claus comes to visit us. He brings joy to our home. We will meet him properly and give him cognac.
Sorry figure! New year is calling! Putin announced: - There will be no winter! Otherwise, Medvedev will fall asleep!

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