Strengthening the back muscles

Back is an important componentthe musculoskeletal system of man. It has a huge impact on all body structures. Almost all the person's movements affect the back, there are no physical exercises in which the muscles of this area were not involved. Therefore, it pays so much attention in various types of fitness. This part of the body is anatomically composed of the spine, which is surrounded by muscle structures. They determine the relief and mobility of the back. Of the entire group, the widest muscle of the back is prominent. There are also structures of a similar structure that determine the mobility of the lungs.

On the basis of all these properties, exercises are singled out,the purpose of which is to strengthen the muscles of the back, and exercises to form a correct posture (strengthening the spine). For the first, it is characteristic to increase the mass and give the desired relief. At the same time, initially undeveloped muscles have a "soft" structure, which often leads to curvature of the spine. To improve all the qualities, special exercises are used. If the strengthening of the back muscles is effective, then after a certain period all the curvatures of the spine are corrected, the back looks relief, narrow in the waist and broad in the thoracic part. Distinguish the following types of exercises for this area: health, aesthetic and preventive.

There is a gymnastics for strengthening the muscles of the back,which affects them indirectly. It can include swimming, classes on rowing machines, jogging to different distances. They help to improve the tone of the back muscles, but do not help to build up mass and achieve relief. For all these purposes there are special purposeful exercises: stretching, power with weights and without it.

Strengthening of the back muscles must begin withincrease their elasticity. For this purpose, a special program has been developed, which is called stretching. It includes a variety of slopes and turns that increase the mobility of the spine, serve as a means of preventing diseases of this area, help to maintain proper posture. Muscles thus become strong, long and elastic. Such exercises will be especially useful for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, have excess weight, problems with posture.

Strengthening the back when using powerexercises without burdens usually occur fairly quickly. The basic exercises of this group: pulling on the crossbar and push-ups, which are performed from the floor with an emphasis on the toes, knees or on the training bench. Of great importance in this case is the technique of execution. With a wide emphasis load falls on the muscles of the chest, to a lesser extent, the back. To strengthen the last structures, it is necessary that the distance between the brushes during execution is minimal. Pulling up is designed to strengthen the upper parts of the muscles of the back. The maximum effect will be observed when you touch the crossbar breast. Important is the warm-up, which is designed to prepare the muscles for training. It prevents injuries (sprains, dislocations, fractures).

Build muscle and getAesthetic relief is most effectively achieved with the use of weight training with burdening. All the structures are worked out in the most detail, the emphasis is on increasing the volume. The most common exercises, whose purpose is to strengthen the muscles of the back, are pulling dumbbells, barbells, which can be carried out in a tilt and standing position, dilution of hands with weights, tilting forward with dumbbells, extension of the body. Standard simulators, which are located in all specialized halls, also help to achieve the desired result.

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