Stretch ceiling. Advantages and characteristics

Stretch ceilings are an ideal finish, as they allow you to quickly and easily cope with the problem of curvature and surface defects of the ceiling, and a wide range of colors and textures allows you to fit this type of ceiling decoration into the interior of any style and design.

The history of stretch ceilings is quite ancient. For the first time, ceilings of this kind began to be used in ancient Rome, pulling silk fabric over the surface of the ceiling. However, this coating was short-lived, as quickly faded. The Armenians also had their own variation of stretch ceilings, who pulled cotton fabric soaked in chalk into the frameworks and installed them on the ceilings.

In its modern version, the stretch ceiling came from Europe half a century ago. Swedes began to make such ceilings, which are still the best producers of stretch ceilings in the whole world. To date, the popularity of suspended ceilings is very high, which is understandable, because this material has a lot of indisputable advantages.First of all, stretch ceilings can be called a universal way to hide all without exception the surface defects of the ceiling with little effort, and most importantly in a very short time that no other modern type of ceiling decoration can provide.

Stretch ceiling can be mounted on any ceiling surface, regardless of its curvature and number of defects, the shape of the ceiling or the intended purpose of the room. Another advantage of the stretch ceiling is that it does not accumulate dust and dirt on itself and absolutely does not require any special care.

Today, the canvas for suspended ceilings is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is a thin, but very durable and elastic film. Such a film is tensioned onto a previously prepared frame parallel to the plane of the ceiling, retreating from the ceiling itself by three centimeters. Thanks to this method of installation, the stretch ceiling reliably hides all irregularities, cracks and any other defects in the ceiling base. In addition, modern films for suspended ceilings can be of various colors and textures, and any image can be applied to them.

Stretch ceilings can be installed in all rooms without exception, including those that are poorly heated or, on the contrary, in those where a sufficiently high temperature is constantly maintained, and such ceilings are extremely resistant to chemicals and corrosion. so long serve their owners. Stretch ceilings can serve for at least 30 years faithfully, without changing their original color, without sagging or deforming.

The stretch ceiling coating is absolutely not afraid of water, and even if the neighbors flooded the apartment or the roof began to leak. Water will not pass through the film into the room and will not tear it, but will simply accumulate inside, as the strength of the film allows it to withstand a load of more than 100 kg per square meter, and subsequently it can be pumped out without difficulty. In addition, even when using a stretch ceiling in rooms with high humidity, such as a bathroom, condensation does not accumulate on their surface.

Considering that the tension ceiling structures do not require refreshment and repair for a very long time, their cost can be considered quite affordable for everyone.It is also worth noting that for the production of suspended ceilings are used environmentally friendly materials, they are hypoallergenic, do not accumulate odors, and are suitable for installation even in children's rooms. With the help of stretch ceilings, you can achieve various effects, for example, a glossy film of a stretch ceiling visually increases the height of the room, and a matte film allows you to achieve the effect of a painted ceiling.

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