Summary, the theme of Nekrasov's poem "Schoolboy". Analysis of the poem

The theme of Nekrasov's poem "Shkolnik", analysiswhich you will find below, is the life of the Russian outback and the belief in a bright future. Before us is one of the real gems of Russian poetry. A bright, lively language, images of the common people close to the poet make the poem special. The lines are easy to remember, before us, when read as if there is a picture. The poem is compulsory for studying in the school curriculum. His pupils are studying in the sixth grade.

We offer you a brief summary of the poem,a description of its subjects and analysis, and also we will tell you a little secret: who is talking about poetry in Nekrasov, who is this mysterious "Arkhangelsk peasant," who has become "reasonable and great."

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About Nekrasov

NA Nekrasov is a classic, writer and publicist. Known for his poems "Who in Russia live well" and "Russian women."

He is the author of a poem about grandfather Mazai and rabbits.

The writer tried to write the most simple andeasy speech, as close as possible to the folk style. Dialectism and vernacular expressions gave his syllable amazing liveliness and sincerity. A vivid example is the speech of Nekrasov's poem "Shkolnik", the analysis of which we will give below.

The poet grew up in the family of a landlord who was a thunder-stormas for his serfs, and for his wife and children. The constant terror and despotism of his father left deep scars on the writer's heart, he splashed out many experiences in his works. Being the son of a landowner, he sympathized with the heart of the common people with all his heart, accepting his troubles and deprivations. At the age of 16 the young poet turned out to be completely without the help and support of his father, but he, like the hero of our work, did not blunder and achieved his goal.

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About the poem

The work of Nekrasov "Shkolnik" - one of the most famous of his poems. It is written in a surprisingly light voiced language, about the people and for the people.

The main character is a simple ruralschoolboy boy. He bravely walks in a spruce forest, ahead of him is a worthy occupation - study. The author in the image of a cab meets him and offers a ride. On the long journey, the characters talk, and the cab driver admires the schoolboy, who is ashamed of torn worn out clothes, but is proud of the book in the knapsack. The author encourages the boy in every possible way, saying that his bright way is waiting for him, the main thing is not to be timid, not to be lazy.

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The poem begins to shout at his horsecabman. He sees a boy, thin, poor, with dirty feet and a "book in a knapsack" dirty. The boy on the offer to give a lift quickly climbs into a wretched cart, and the characters go on talking.

After reading it immediately becomes clear whoimplied Nekrasov in the poem "Schoolboy". It is a collective image of the whole people, who are poor and hungry, but strives for knowledge, is not afraid of difficulties and anxieties. The writer is proud of his peers, who, knocking their feet in the blood, are eager to become someone.

Mentioned in the poem is another character: "Arkhangelsk muzhik," who "by his and God's will became intelligent and great." These lines are about the greatest scientist, mathematician, physicist, biologist and philologist Mikhail Lomonosov, who was born in a small village, but became an academician, professor and teacher. That's the future, the author hints at such a future, prophesying to his little boy-schoolboy.

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Images of the poem by Nekrasov "Shkolnik". Analysis

The central central image of the work is poora ragged schoolboy boy, wandering in the woods, most likely to study. The driver, who put the boy on his cart, sympathizes with him, and encourages the student that he is on the right track, knowledge is the way to getting out of a beggarly life. At the same time, the narrator, through sadness and pity for the poor schoolboy, speaks of joy and faith in his inner strength.

The problem of Nekrasov's poem "Shkolnik"(the analysis of which is now often carried out in the lessons of literature by modern students) is the empathy and suffering of the poet's heart from the desperate, poor life in the villages, and at the same time a hymn to a strong, purposeful people. These simple, sincere people are not sad about their bitter fate, but are struggling with adversity and anxiety, and even in distress strive for knowledge, believe in a brighter future.

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The theme of the poem "Schoolboy" Nekrasov

The work raises several relevant andToday it is. This is a difficult childhood, deprived of many joys, and the tragic fate of the Russian hinterland, and children come from there. But not only sadness in the work. From the boy's side, the readers' bright feelings evoke his character, a worthy struggle against difficulties and troubles. Despite the bad weather and dilapidated clothes, he wanders every day to school, and his path may not be one kilometer. It is hard to imagine in its place modern students who come to school on comfortable buses or parents' cars. Fortunately, these children are not forced to sacrifice their health for the sake of studying, but the question is a little bit different: would they do it if they magically appeared in a remote village two hundred years ago? Most likely, no, studying for them is a boring occupation. For the hero of Nekrasov's poem, this is a noble goal, for which the cold, distant hiking path does not at all seem difficult. He - the payment for the cherished "letter".

NA Nekrasov ("Shkolnik" - one of the brightest works of the poet) praises the dedication of the future student.

In the image of the coachman appears the author himself andHe supports the boy, is proud of his acquaintance with him. He says that it is necessary to study well, because parents gave all their strength and savings to ensure the future of his son. The bright faith that the boy will lead himself adequately will cope - one of the themes of the work. She gives the verse a sublime, light mood.


Real artists, poets, writers and creatorshave never been cut off from their people. NA Nekrasov belonged to such poets. "Shkolnik" is a hymn to the Russian people and peasant children, this is a worship of a bright dream and a hope for a bright future.

A small schoolboy embodies the image of the whole people - hungry and cold, in the outermost of the impoverished, but not surrendered.

As an example, a random companion puts a greatscientist, glory and pride of the Russian people - Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov. The same author desires the same future for a bold, hard-working boy. But not only the great scientist recalls the narrator, he believes in the whole people, who by virtue of being able to become worthy sons of their land.

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Summary, the theme of Nekrasovs poem Schoolboy. Analysis of the poem Summary, the theme of Nekrasovs poem Schoolboy. Analysis of the poem Summary, the theme of Nekrasovs poem Schoolboy. Analysis of the poem Summary, the theme of Nekrasovs poem Schoolboy. Analysis of the poem Summary, the theme of Nekrasovs poem Schoolboy. Analysis of the poem Summary, the theme of Nekrasovs poem Schoolboy. Analysis of the poem Summary, the theme of Nekrasovs poem Schoolboy. Analysis of the poem Summary, the theme of Nekrasovs poem Schoolboy. Analysis of the poem Summary, the theme of Nekrasovs poem Schoolboy. Analysis of the poem Summary, the theme of Nekrasovs poem Schoolboy. Analysis of the poem