Symptoms and treatment of nails fungus of the hands and feet. Effective remedies for nail fungus

on 20.05.2016

Fungal lesion of the nails is a rather ugly disease that usually begins with the most inconspicuous symptoms. At the initial stage, there may be barely noticeable itching, burning and tingling. Over time, spots on the nails of the arms and legs begin to appear, which differ in color from the nail plate.

If you do not start taking measures at this stage, then in the future there may be a complete loss of the nail. It is clear, in this case you will have to forget about the beautiful and original manicure and pedicure for a long time, and for a rather long time to engage in the treatment of fungus.

If you have the symptoms described above, and you don’t know what to do next, we suggest you to find out together what means will help to get rid of this problem once and for all.

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What is nail fungus?Running-nail-on-feet fungus

Nail fungusor as doctors call itonychomycosisis quite a complicated disease. Bacteria that provoke damage to the nail plate, are very tenacious, so without timely treatment inevitably begin to infect healthy areas of dermatological integuments.

Most often, infection occurs through direct contact with pathogenic fungi. And at first they can just get on the skin. Having infected her (she will begin to blush, swell and become covered with painful cracks), they will gradually get to the nail plate and will begin to destroy it already. Fungal infection should be treated comprehensively. In this case, it is necessary to get rid of not only the visible defect, but also to support the body from the inside.

Pathogens are so difficult to treat that even after all the symptoms disappear, a small part of them still remains on your body. And as soon as the body weakens, they begin to show themselves with a new force. Therefore, it will be better if you simultaneously fight the fungus and increase the body's defenses.

Types of nails for hands and feet:

• Distal:the upper part of the nail plate is affected;
• Proximal:the infection begins in the central part of the nail;
• Surface:lesions appear on the edges of the nail plate.

Hand nail fungus: treatments86db9633905ad8b101265c1f0a21780c

Modern medicine offers quite a lot of different ways to treat fungal infections. But in order for therapeutic therapy to give a good result, it should ideally be prescribed by a dermatologist. Therefore, it will be better if you find time and sign up for a consultation with a specialist.

After passing all the necessary tests, he will give you recommendations for treatment. But remember, if a dermatologist has prescribed a treatment for you for three weeks, then this is exactly how it should last. If you stop carrying out medical manipulations immediately after the nails return to normal, then there is a possibility that the fungal infection will return again and it will be quite difficult to treat.

Methods of treatment of nail fungus:
• Treat the affected nail plate with terbinafine or fluconazole. These two drugs are prescribed for mild illness.
• If the fungal infection is quite difficult, then in addition to antifungal ointments and sprays, you must also take tablets.
• You can try to get rid of an ugly defect with a course of laser therapy.
• In the event that the disease has become complicated and a bacterial infection has joined it, antibiotics must be prescribed without fail.
• If the fungus affects the same nail regularly, it will be better if you decide to remove the nail plate.

Toe nail fungus: treatment methods


To deal with the fungus of toenails is quite difficult. This is due to the fact that our feet are always in the shoes, which helps to create a favorable environment for the development of fungal infections. Therefore, if you want to get rid of this unpleasant problem as soon as possible, first of all take care that your feet do not sweat.

If a doctor prescribes you treatment and you strictly adhere to all of his recommendations, and the disease has not gone anywhere, then you need to undergo another additional examination. In this case, specialists should eliminate the development of such serious diseases as diabetes and AIDS.

Preparations for the treatment of foot fungus:

• Fukortsin. It has a pronounced antifungal effect.
• Demicten. Kills fungi, suspends the destruction of the nail plate and eliminates the unpleasant smell.
• Candide.Helps to remove inflammation and promotes healing of the nail.

Baths against nail and nail funguslecenie_gribka_nog1

Salt, soda or herbal baths are considered to be quite effective in combating nail fungus. The main advantages of this method of treatment are the availability and ease of use. All you have to do is properly prepare the healing liquid. When preparing this procedure, it is necessary to ensure that the water is at a certain temperature. Any disease, even such a minor, as a fungal infection, quite greatly reduces the immune system.

It is therefore very important that the therapeutic fluid is heated to a comfortable temperature. Very cold or hot water can cause additional stress, and this will necessarily affect the course of the disease. If you want therapeutic baths to really bring you relief, then make sure that the temperature indicators of herbal decoction do not exceed +40 ° C and do not fall below +20 ° C.

Bath with grass celandinehands in bath

Recipe:Take 200 g of dried celandine and fill it with 2 liters of boiled water. Let the broth brew for 30-60 minutes. After the time has passed, strain the liquid through a small strainer or gauze and, if necessary, heat it to a comfortable temperature. Pour the herbal decoction into a deep bowl and put your hands or feet in it. Hold the limbs in the broth for 20-30 minutes. After the time, remove your hands from the bowl and blot them with a soft towel. If possible, after complete drying, smear the affected nail plate with juice of fresh celandine.

Soda bath44461-pri-beremennosti-otekayut-nogi-narodnaya

Recipe:Take equal parts of soda and sea salt and add them to warm boiled water. Thoroughly dissolve dry ingredients in liquid. Next, add a couple of drops of tea and mint essential oils to the soda solution. After that, lower the legs in a bowl with a healing solution and hold them there for 15-20 minutes. After the procedure, be sure to put on socks that are clean and ironed on both sides.

Pharmaceutical drugs against nail fungusphoto_117402

If you do not want to bother with the preparation of therapeutic baths, we offer you a list of pharmaceutical drugs that are no less effective in combating fungal infection.But remember: the clinical manifestations of the fungus may differ depending on how well the human body resists. Therefore, to decide which drug is right for you, only a specialist can. For this reason, it will be better if it is the doctor, and not the pharmacist at the pharmacy, who recommends you for treatment.

List of drugs against nail and leg nail fungus:

• Creams(Lotseril, Nizoral, Microspor): have a local antifungal effect.
• Lucky(Lotseril, Batrafen, Cycloperox): soften the nail plate and promote deeper penetration of ointments and gels.
• Sprays(Daktarin, Lamisil): have a rather high anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.
• Solutions(Lotseril, Exoderil, Clotrimazole): these drugs are usually used both for the treatment and prevention of the disease.
• Pills(Terbinafine, Itraconazole, Ketocanazole): contribute to the destruction of the cell membrane of the fungus from the inside of the body.

Exoderil against fungus: instructions and method of application


Exoderil- antifungal drug for external use.Most often used to treat fungal infections of the dermatological covers of the feet, hands and nails. The drug has a therapeutic effect by suppressing the chemical reactions of the cells of the fungus and helps reduce the production of ergosterol. Such an effect leads to the fact that the cell membrane of the pathogenic organisms is destroyed, and over time the symptoms of the disease and its visual manifestations begin to disappear.

Drops Exoderil- it is a clear, yellowish liquid with a pronounced alcohol odor. The main therapeutic substance antifungal agents is naftifine hydrochloride. Treatment of the affected nail plate is carried out 1 time per day for 2-3 weeks. Apply the product to pre-cleaned nails. Before using Exoderil, it is necessary to remove the infected part of the nail plate.

Clotrimazole from nail fungus: application of the solution and ointmentKlotrimazol_3

Clotrimazole works equally well with yeast, mold and dermatophyte fungi. With regular use of relief comes after 7-10 treatments of the affected area. In pharmacies, you can find the drug in the form of ointment, and in the form of a solution.

Although both species have equally good healing properties, it is best to use a solution for treating nail fungus. The liquid form contributes to a sufficiently rapid softening of the plate and deeper penetration of the drug.

Instructions for use Clotrimazole:
• Make a soda-salt bath for your nails.
• Clean and dry nails.
• Determine exact limits of infection.
• Treat them with clotrimazole
• Wait until the product is absorbed, and go to do household chores.

Repeat the procedure 2-3 times a day for 21 days.

Nizoral cream from nail fungusinstrukciya-maz-nizoral

Another effective tool that can quickly cope with a fungal infection is Nizoral cream. This drug has a fairly high fungicidal property, which helps to slow down the development of the biosynthesis of infected cells. And since they cannot multiply, soon their number will begin to decrease, and this will lead to the complete disappearance of the fungus.

The main feature of this drug is that literally 20-30 minutes after its application, itching and burning completely disappear.Such action allows to facilitate the course of the disease. Depending on how badly the nail plate is damaged, medical therapy can take from 2 to 8 weeks.

After all visible manifestations of a fungus disappear, it is necessary to see a doctor and pass all the necessary tests. Only by making sure that all foci of infection are blocked, can therapeutic therapy be terminated.

Lamisil against nail and nail funguslamizil

Lamisil is an opaque white ointment with a faint smell of ethyl alcohol. The drug is applied to the infected nail plate with a thin layer and left there until completely absorbed. This manipulation should be carried out 2 times a day for at least one month. But if the disease-causing fungi have destroyed the nail structure sufficiently, the treatment can last 1.5-2 months.

Therapeutic properties of Lamisil:
• blocks the production of an enzyme (squalene oxidase), which is involved in the construction of the fungal cell membrane;
• contributes to the destruction of the cell membrane itself;
• dramatically reduces the production of ergosterol, thereby preventing further multiplication of the pathogenic microflora.

Effective folk remedies against nail funguseffektivnoe-sredstvo-ot-gribka-1024x683

If for some reason you can’t get an appointment to a specialist quickly enough or you just prefer folk remedies, then try to get rid of unpleasant pathology using home methods. Although dermatologists themselves do not recommend self-medicating, even they recognize that some traditional methods have a good healing effect.

It is proved that if you prepare ointments, applications and baths on the basis of some products, the clinical manifestations of the fungus disappear after 10 days. And if you show perseverance and continue the therapy for at least 3-4 weeks, then it is likely that you will be able to get rid of the unpleasant problem forever. But, unfortunately, opponents of traditional medicine, such a conclusion can be given only by a qualified doctor.

Substances to help get rid of nails of the hands and feet:
• Apple vinegar
• Essential oils
• Chamomile, calendula and celandine
• Propolis tincture
• Medical iodine
• Hydrogen peroxide
• laundry soap
• Lemon juice

As you have probably understood, although nail fungus is a rather unpleasant disease, with the right approach, it is quite possible to get rid of it.In this case, the main thing is to choose the right treatment and regularly carry out all the necessary procedures. If you still find time and seem like a good dermatologist, then it is likely that you will be able to get rid of this problem forever.

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