Terrace tiles: focus on maximum strength

Terraces in front of the house are covered and open. Their task is to become a connecting element between the interior of the house and the landscape of the site. Different materials are used for the flooring of the terrace: paving stone, ceramic tile, natural stone, wood, and rubber. The material must be strong, durable, not collapse under the action of temperature drops. Terrace tiles perfectly match these requirements.

Basic requirements for terrace tiles

Even the covered terrace is exposed to the constant effects of natural factors: sunlight, rain, frost. The tile must be resistant to all these factors, as well as mechanical damage. I.e:

  • Do not fade in the sun.
  • Absorb the minimum amount of water (have low porosity). Water, frozen in the pores of the material, destroys it, this should not be allowed.
  • Be resistant to frost. The same applies to the grout and glue, which are used for laying.
  • To be resistant to shock and abrasion, to be very durable.

The tile is suitable for a terrace only if it is non-slip, matte or rough. This is a must; it ensures the safety of those living in the house. Glossy, polished and slippery materials will not work. A bad option would be a mosaic for the terrace. There are many joints that are prone to breakage, which shorten the life of the coating.

Ideal options for finishing the terraces - clinker (clay) tiles and porcelain tiles (gres). In the Belarusian stores a wide range of these durable, durable and aesthetic materials. Promotions in Minsk for ceramic tiles will help to get high-quality coating with savings.

By what indicators to choose tiles for the terrace?

The material is almost perfect for outdoor installation. You need to buy it before pouring the concrete base under the coating. The thickness of the tiles is different, it must be considered as early as possible. When choosing a material should pay attention to the following:

  • Roughness level. Located within R9 ... R13. The higher the score, the better.
  • Strength.If the box has a PEI marking within PEI IV-V, then the strength of the tile is suitable for a terrace.
  • Frost resistance The indicator is inversely proportional to water absorption. The latter should be no higher than 3%.
  • The size of the tiles. The larger they are, the stronger the coating and the smaller the seams. But the tiles themselves are harder, harder to lift.
  • Color, pattern and texture. Determined solely by the taste of the owners and the interior landscape design.

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