The better to purify drinking water?

July 18, 2018
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We have become accustomed to the fact that an incomprehensible liquid with a weak chlorine odor, which with a stretch of stretch can be called transparent, flows from a water faucet. Naturally, drinking such water or cooking it is not worth it. You need to clean it first. The principle of operation of all filters for water purification is one. The liquid passes through special fillers, losing harmful impurities and odors. On the site ekodim you will be offered a wide choice for water purification and reduction of its hardness.

The better to purify drinking water?

Filtering devices can be divided into several categories:

Filter jugs. These are the simplest and cheapest devices that consist of a replaceable cartridge and a jug-shaped container. The cartridge includes activated carbon and various water disinfectants. You should change it in about a month. It is very convenient to use such filters on a trip, in the country, in a small office.

Filters-nozzles. They are mounted on the crane. They are convenient because they do not need to constantly fill in new portions of water.Nozzles can be made in the form of small cylinders that can be easily removed. And also there is an option closer to the stationary one - the filter is connected to the tap with flexible tubes. Even in Soviet times, there were similar nozzles with the name "Spring". The cartridge in them served as a package with activated carbon. The composition of modern filter cartridges is more complicated, and the quality of filtration has increased. That's just the cost of the cartridge is close to the cost of the filter nozzle, unfortunately. A cartridge must be changed every one and a half or two months. Another significant drawback is the low speed of cleaning. If you filter the water at the same time to wash the dishes is unlikely.

Чем лучше очистить питьевую воду?

The third category is stationary filters. These are the most expensive devices, but they certainly justify themselves. After all, their stated resource is up to ten, or even up to twenty-five thousand liters. For example, the following figure: the average consumption of drinking water per person is about three liters per day. It is better to entrust the installation of stationary devices to a specialist. After all, you need to install several containers with different degrees of purification.They will relieve the water not only from excess salts and unwanted odors, but also soften it. Only in stationary filters there is an additional step of cleaning - reverse osmosis. And also there is a separate faucet from which you can at any time get as much water as you need.

Чем лучше очистить питьевую воду?

Having considered the pros and cons of various types of filters, you can choose an acceptable option and enjoy a cup of coffee brewed in clean water. And in the summer heat you can drink purified water directly from the filter. To taste it is not inferior to the spring.

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