The Expendables - Series 2019

  • Original project name: The Expendables
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Premiere: during 2019 (in the world)
  • Genre: action, thriller, adventure
  • Producer: will be appointed later (probably there will be several directors in the project)
  • Cast: will be approved later

In 2019, the release of the series "The Expendables". This is a television version of many of the favorite cinema franchise, where the main roles are played by action stars from the end of the last century and the present.

The original name of the project is The Expendables. It can be translated into Russian as “Consumables”. But so far we are dealing with exactly the “Expendables”.

Expendables, they are also consumable

“The Expendables” is a project that would not exist without the participation of Sylvestre Stallone. However, everything could have been, of course, but if it hadn’t been a Rocky star, it would have been completely different.

Sylvester Stallone

To date, the fighter The Expendables has become a full-fledged film franchise, in which there are already three films. Not long ago, the fourth one was started, but differences arose between producer Avi Lerner and Italian Stallion, as a result of which the production process stalled.At the same time, despite the current situation, it is soon planned to develop the universe of “The Expendables” by the series.

The television version of many of your favorite action movie will help expand the world of Cannon Meat previously presented to the general public, which in turn will make it possible to attract much more attention to it. For obvious reasons, the stars of the full meter will not be removed in this project, because if you call them here, then you need to offer them huge fees, and no one is able to provide those for the filming of the television series. But, on the other hand, it will allow to call many other artists who are also worthy of attention.

The production of the series plans to engage the company Fox. The release date of the first series is scheduled for 2019. To date, it is not known for certain whether this will be a mini-series, which will allow its producers to test the ground, so to speak, or it will be a full-fledged season of the series with ways to continue.

Actually, on the basis of this, it is now impossible to clearly tell whether the same characters involved throughout the season, or in each series, will be different in the series.Likewise, it does not work out with full confidence about what storyline events will be shown to viewers in the series: for example, performing a single case throughout the series or solving various problems in each episode that are not related to each other (or if they are connected, it is only because such a decision was made by the writers, nothing more).

As you can see, so far it is not entirely clear what the series The Expendables will be like. But if it does appear, it will definitely need to be familiarized with it, if only for the sake of interest.

The authors of the series

Considering all the above, I think you understand that today it is too early to judge the future of such a television project as The Expendables. If we take into account that he still has neither producers, nor directors, nor actors, then this suggests that he is not in a hurry to please many caring viewers with his expected appearance into the world.

Sylvester Stallone

It is not known whether Avi Lerner, the producer of the full-length “The Expendables”, will be involved in the show about them. It so happened that at a certain stage of his career he did not find a common language with Sylvester Stallone.He, in turn, taking into account this fact, decided to leave the project, where he was the very soul, which did not heck the future and Avi Lerner in particular, and the Expendables franchise in general (for example, by his example was followed by Arnold Schwarzenegger).

I am glad that the performer of the role of “Rambo”, taking into account the prevailing circumstances, found an occupation for himself in the near future: he will develop the world of the “Plan of Escape” and the universe of “Rocky”, where, as you know, the time of the generation change came: Rocky Balboa a coach who trains a talented young boxer Adonis Creed, the son of the notorious Apollo Creed, his long-time friend.

Perhaps, if the series nevertheless acquires at least some shape in the near future, Sylvester Stallone will look at him, who, I want to believe in it, happily choreographed one of the episodes. Well, so, several cinematographers will probably put up the series, although the option of inviting only one director, who will be entrusted to remove all the series of the mini-series, is not ruled out (shooting a full-fledged season is unlikely to be entrusted to him, since it’s not enough time).

The cast of the series

The Expendables

It is too early to talk about which of the actors will please their participation in the filming of the series "The Expendables."

Well, so let us remind you who previously visited the filming of the full-length The Expendables:

  • Sylvester Stallone ("Rocky", "Rambo"),
  • Jason Statham (Carrier, Cards, Money, Two Trunks),
  • Jet Li ("Fearless", "Hero"),
  • Randy Couture (From the Cradle to the Grave, Red Belt),
  • Dolph Lundgren ("Universal Soldier", "The Punisher"),
  • Terry Crews ("Everyone hates Chris", "Idiocracy"),
  • Mickey Rourke ("Betta fish", "Wrestler"),
  • Eric Roberts ("Best of the Best", "Runaway Train"),
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger (Terminator, Predator),
  • Bruce Willis (Die Hard, Pulp Fiction),
  • Jean-Claude Van Damme (Kickboxer, In Search of Adventure),
  • Liam Hemsworth (“The Hunger Games”, “Paranoia”),
  • Chuck Norris ("Cool Walker", "Code of Silence"),
  • Mel Gibson (Braveheart, Lethal Weapon),
  • Harrison Ford ("Indiana Jones", "Star Wars"),
  • Antonio Banderas (“Desperate”, “Mask of Zorro”),
  • Wesley Snipes (“The Destroyer”, “Blade”), etc.

Sorry if someone forgot to mention. Simply, I think, you already understood that the number of star performers in the full-length “The Expendables” per unit screen time literally rolls over.


The plot of the television series right now will be hard for you to imagine, as they say, on a platter, however, it is unlikely that someone will contradict us in that regard if we try to predict in advance the development of events in the project.

So, for sure, a team united by a single goal of people ready to go to death with bare hands will appear in the television series, just to prove their case. They are exceptional fighters for justice, and therefore if one comes to their field of vision (and even several such detractors at once) who fail to comply with this obligation to the world, there is nothing left for them but to eliminate the villain.

Release date

Release date of the series "The Expendables" - in 2019. So far, the premiere of this television project is scheduled for the same year, when, like, should be released in wide distribution and the fourth full-length film in the franchise. We have nothing more specific so far, so we are waiting for important information regarding the future of the series and The Expendables film.

By the way, in the near future, according to rumors, there should appear another full-length film in the series. This time women will perform "The Expendables" in it.Perhaps the series does unite strong men and women on the same team. Well, strong women have previously appeared in full meters, if that, because this is if a novelty, then not absolute, or something.

And a few more words about the title. The Expendables is such a military slang. So the soldiers call "consumable supplies", that is, those of their colleagues who are sent to war as "cannon fodder". Here they were before the world, these same "Expendables" led by Sly. We are now looking forward to the speedy continuation of the whole story in the form of a new replenishment in the “Expendable material” team.

TrailerTV series is expected soon.

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