The film Genex (2019)

The film “Genex” (The Genex, produced by Armenia and the United States), raises the issue of the genocide of the Armenian people by order of the Ottoman authorities.

It was the tragedy of the extermination of the people, which was included in the chronicles under the name “Armenian massacre” (Ermeni Kırımı), that the film of the talented cinematographer Art Sevada is dedicated to.

The theme of genocide is reflected in art cinema so deeply for the first time. The premiere is scheduled for 2019, the film “Genex” promises to be included in the list of the most expected.


The director, scriptwriters, composer, working on the film project "Genex" have already declared themselves as a community of creative individuals. This picture is not the only one on which the team works together.

The director and producer Art Sevada is a bright, multifaceted cinematographer, possessing almost all the professions necessary to create a movie. In his works he acts as a producer, a director, a screenwriter, a cameraman, and even an artist.

Self-sufficiency allows you to maintain the independence of the author's view.The works of the cinematographic master are marked by aesthetic individuality, style and organicity.

Sevada is the author of short films made in 2007–2009 (“Mikos”, “Rope”, etc.) of the full-length film “At the Beginning”.

In 2017, he announced two major projects, with budgets worth millions of dollars: the thriller “God’s Syndrome” ($ 12 million) and the drama “Genex” ($ 20 million).

Along with Sevada, the writers are AL. Katz and Kenny Yankel. Both have been collaborating with the director for a long time, working in parallel on the Sevada’s God Syndrome project.

A.L. Katz, specializing in horror, fantasy and thrillers, participated in 11 projects. Among them are "Jeremiah", "Tales from the Crypt", "Night of the Dwarfs", "Children of the Corn - 2", "Freddie's Nightmares".

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Kenny Yankel wrote scripts for 10 pictures, including “Zombie FM”, “Task”, “This is Your Death”, “Revolt of the Twins” and others.

The composer Francois Jolin, whose track record is small (several short films - “Extreme Right”, “The Dead Rises”, “The Burning House”, “The Oslo Diaries”, etc.), began work and wrote musical tracks for two films: “Syndrome God "and" Genex. "This is a debut in a full-length movie.

The candidatures of the actors are not yet known, their names will be announced in the press later.

About the plot of the film Genex

2019 film of the Armenian genocide

In the center of the tragedy is the fate of the young Armenian Sally, whose father was the victim of a massacre. Killing relatives exposes before Sally the terrible side of human existence. The death of a loved one is a drop in the ocean of grief that has fallen on innocent people.

What is the cause of hatred? There is no answer to the terrible question. Genocide is not justified by circumstances, murder - there is nothing to justify.

The search for justice causes the rage of the authorities. Sally realizes that mass terror directed at her compatriots was part of a monstrous plan.

The state machine of lies brings judicial power against a fragile girl, and only the support of a young lawyer saves her from prison.

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Experienced horror and the "voice of blood" makes Sally enter into an unequal struggle with the satanic laws of evil, exterminating her race. But God and the truth are on the side of the destitute.

Time unravels the threads of crime, retribution is inevitable, the law of retribution is inexorable.

Armenian Genocide: The Great Crime

Since the time of the “Armenian massacre” (1915-1923), a century has passed.In the language of the peoples of Armenia, the crime of the authorities of the Ottoman Empire sounds like the “Great Atrocity”.

It began with the fact that in the territory under the control of Turkey, disarmed the soldiers. Ethnic cleansing unleashed. Armenians were massively deported.

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In horrific conditions, most people died from disease, cold, hunger and murder on the road. Those who remained were pogroms, violence, brutal torture and liquidation. The criminal order was given by the leaders of the Young Turkic movement “Talaat”, “Dzhemal” and “Enver”.

He put his hand to the destruction of the Armenians and Behaeddin Shakir. Other ethnic groups also suffered - the Greeks, the Assyrians. The killing was done with a truly satanic, bestial cruelty, there was no mercy for either pregnant women, or old people, or babies. As a result of the “Great Crime”, one and a half million people died.

It is important to note that the tragic events of 1915 are recognized as the most serious crime against humanity in its entire history. The decision is reflected in the Declaration signed by Russia, Great Britain and France.

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But Azerbaijan and Turkey still do not recognize the genocide, although they do not deny the monstrous victims.

A century later, the Council of Bishops of the Armenian Apostolic Church decided to canonize a half million martyrs who died as a result of violent political clashes and the atrocities of the powerful.

The film Art of Sevada is permeated with pain and an anti-war spirit. The director exposes horror on the verge of life and death, many viewers will make some scenes cry.

The main thoughts with which each frame is marked are creative, like the laws of the Universe: a world without compassion, devoid of charity, is doomed to repeat tragedies and death, and the truth will triumph, no matter how many years of unfair lies did not precede its triumph.

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