The Incredibles 2 - 2018 cartoon

  • Premiere: June 14, 2018 (in Russia)
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Genre: cartoon, action, adventure, family
  • Producer: Brad Bird
  • Cast: Holly Hunter, Samuel L. Jackson, John Ratzenberger, Sarah Weell, Hack Milner and others.

Back in 2004, the world saw a funny cartoon about the family of real heroes "The Incredibles." 10 years later, the animation giant Pixar announced that it was preparing to present to the world a continuation of the adventures of Mr. Exceptional and his talented households.

Then, in 2014, Pixar reported that the world will see two high-profile sequels, "The Incredible 2" and "Toy Story 4" at once. Wait cartoons need about 5 years.

Fans exulted and cried at the same time, because the news is good, but a long wait is definitely exhausting. Nevertheless, time is ticking and already in 2018 the “The Incredibles” will again visit cinemas.

When will it be released on wide screens?

Initially, the team that works on the sequel to the popular cartoon, said that the continuation of the life of Mr. Exceptional will be presented to the audience in the early summer of 2019, namely June 21.After some time, the schedule of prime from Pixar suffered a few changes. The final schedule delighted the fans and shocked fans of Toy Story. The premieres of these films are swapped. So, the story of the family of the Exceptional will be released on June 15, 2018, but the “Toy Story” will take up space - June 21, 2019.

And since in Russia the film premieres take place on Thursdays, the domestic audience will enjoy the novelty on June 14 of next year.

The Incredibles

Who will take part in the new project?

Fortunately, despite the long wait for the sequel and the upheavals with the date of the premiere, the fans have a sure reason for joy. The writer and director of the sequel will be the father of the original cartoon, Brad Bird. As soon as he completed work on the large-scale film project “Earth of the Future”, Brad confirmed his participation in the “The Incredibles”. In an interview, Byrd admitted that even after the first cartoon, he still had many unrealized ideas. Therefore, he could not miss work on the continuation of the acclaimed superhero animated film. So, in the basis of the novelty he intends to fit not only fresh ideas, but also what he had in his head more than 10 years ago. Such stability in terms of working with the script and directing is already part of the success of the future premiere.Luis best

It is also known that Samuel L. Jackson will again “attach his vocal cords” to the voice acting. With his voice, as before, the main villain and opponent of the superfamily Louis Best will speak. Helen Parr's mom (Holly Hunter) and daughter Violet (Sarah Weathere) got the previous votes. But baby Dash Parr will sound in a new way, young actor Raymond Ochoa will give him his voice. It is not yet known whether Craig T. Nelson will take part in the sequel, who voices the main character, so that Mr. Exclusive is still voiceless.

We add that the composer Michael Giacchino and artist Ralph Eggleston, it seems, have subscribed to participate in the development of the project.

Both have Oscar assets: the first is for the music for the animated tragicomedy “Up”, the second is for the short film made in the animation genre called “About the Birds”.

Both filmmakers were engaged in the development of the first "The Incredibles", as well as many other projects Disney and Pixar.

What will tell the cartoon?

There is no specific information about the plot of the future. But those who are waiting for the premiere are looking for and collecting bits and pieces of facts about what can form the basis of a new story. After the vicissitudes of the first part, the Parr family finally managed to find peace.Trying to lead a quiet life and raising children, Bob and Helen are again trying to forget their supregerian past. But can people with supernormal abilities merge with the ordinary population of the Earth? As soon as the main villain is activated again, the Parr family is again ready to protect the planet and its monastery.

The Incredibles

Belated sequel or Pixar studio error

Many critics have already said that Disney and Pixar in particular are delayed with the release of the sequel. After all, if you think about it, the fans of the cartoon have matured a long time ago, and the new audience has not yet been born at the time of the release of the original cartoon. Nevertheless, the fantastic fees of the first film (with a budget of $ 92 million managed to raise more than 600 million) suggest that this novelty will be in demand among the audience.

Also, most modern animated films are aimed at the viewer without a certain age. That is, cartoons touch both the smallest and their parents. Colorful characters, subtle humor, adult peripetias delight absolutely everyone. So the creators are confident that their former fans will now come to the session with their children and everyone will be satisfied.


Unfortunately, the official trailer for the cartoon "The Incredible 2" 2018 has not yet been presented, but loyal fans are confident that the plot will be worthwhile. And during the long 14 years of recess, everyone will have time to properly miss the superheroes in red suits and their amusing kids. And since Pixar decided on such a desperate step, as the continuation of the famous cartoon after such a long time, then this makes sense. It remains only to wait for attractive promotional videos, and then the premiere itself and enjoy the new history, new humor and, probably, a qualitatively new picture.

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