Tours on the May holidays in 2018: where to go to rest on the May holidays

on 24.05.2016

Oh, how I want to throw everything, and give up for 4 days of the May holidays to rest. Where will the budget traveler be able to go this year? Let's find out soon!

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How to choose a tour for the May holidays 2018: budget and last minute trips

So, the choice of the direction of rest depends on your budget. If you are going to spend a minimum, you can count on the nearest seaside resort or neighboring countries. The most popular budget tours of the season in May today are:

  • Austria;
  • Crimea, in particular, Sevastopol or Alushta;
  • Israel is becoming a great alternative to Turkey and Egypt for the price and quality of service.

If you are to knowledge, then you can go on a tourist informative tour of the Czech Republic, Poland or your native country. Yes, tours to Kazan, Sochi or St. Petersburg are always in demand.

Tip!In terms of savings, “last minute” trips will help reduce costs. Yes, it is a little inconvenient in planning time, but at a cost it turns out 30-40% cheaper.

Tours on the May holidays in the Crimea for children and adults

Crimea is the pearl of the Black Sea, famous for health resorts, extreme offers and children's program. In May, the Black Sea is already warm, the inhabitants are friendly, and the sights of the peninsula await tourists, who are offered 3 main areas:

  • Rest in Alushta with elements of extreme sports. This is a sea trip on a quad bike, sailing on a yacht, a parachute flight over the water surface. The cost of one walk starts from 500 p.
  • For children, special food is offered, and a visit with the baby or teenager of the “Fairy Tale” or “Taigan” zoo will make an indelible impression.
  • For simple tourism is offered viewing of attractions, in particular: the palaces of the southern coast, Swallow's Nest, historical currents of Mishor, Alupka, Sevastopol. The latter city is famous for the Museum of the Black Sea Fleet, interesting for boys. The entrance to the museum for an adult is 130 p, and for a child - only 70 p.


The cost of living in the Crimea starts from 1500 rubles per room for 2 people and a child up to 7 years old. The room has 2 beds, a shared kitchen and 15-20 minutes from the sea. May suite for 2 people will cost 3.5 thousand rubles.

Bus tours for May holidays: rest and excursions

Volvo B5L Hybrid London 2009

If you want to be in time for 5 days of holidays to see a lot, then the best choice is a bus tour, which includes from 4 to 6 cities. You can go to Europe or "ride" in their own or nearby countries. From cheap travel can be distinguished bus tours to neighboring countries. From Rostov-on-Don to Lviv, then to Polish Krakow and again to Lviv, spending only 70 euros.

Rounds to Europe for May holidays: cheap bus travel

The cost of a European tour starts from 70 euros, and ends at 300 European dollars. The average price does not exceed 150 euros per tour, which consists of such a program:

  • Departure to Krakow, sightseeing and museums. After a 4-hour walk, tourists leave for the Czech Republic, where they spend the night in a hotel.
  • The second point is the capital of the Czech Republic Prague, where you can see the church of the Virgin Mary, the first university, the Estates Theater.And for an additional fee, tourists are offered to join the beer history of Prague, in the program - beer tasting (cost around 28 euros).
  • The third day is also set aside for the Czech Republic, and here all excursions are paid: lunch in the style of the Middle Ages — about 50 euros, a walk and a tour of ancient Dresden — 40 euros. In the evening, dinner at the hotel, and in the morning the next move.
  • Vienna, the majestic Austrian city. City tour, including the Cathedral of St. Stephen, Maria Theresa Square, free time, and in the evening - moving to the last point.
  • Hungarian Budapest with the Buda Castle, the Royal Palace and the Matthias Church. Optional excursions, the price of which does not exceed 30 euros, and at night - departure home.


The total cost of the bus excursion excluding souvenirs and other tinsel is about 250 euros per person. Of course, you can choose other countries, for example, France, Germany, Italy, but the price of such a bus tour reaches 400 euros per person, which is already out of the budget.

May holidays in Turkey: expensive or cheap?

Turkey with its pearly coasts is in the top lines of the list of popularity among tourists from CIS countries.The cost of May holidays in Turkey is lower than the price of the summer, the beaches are not yet full, and you can count on a few velvet days.

At the beginning of May, the air temperature does not rise above + 26 ° С, and the water temperature already reaches + 22 ° С. This time is considered the best for sightseeing, such as the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, the underground cities of Cappadocia, the antique Ephesus. And if you want to swim, the pools in the hotels are at your complete disposal. You can choose a comfortable accommodation, within walking distance from which the supermarket is located, or relax on the "all inclusive" system.

Speaking of prices, it is worth noting that the Russian tourist can save well by using these tips:

  • Booking a room for several weeks or a month (early booking). You'd be surprised, but if you book a room back in January-February, then during the trip you really get a 40% discount.
  • "Last Minute" vouchers. This method is more adventurous, because if you don’t manage to get such a tour, you can spend a lot during your trip looking for accommodation on the spot. But if you become the owner of the "burning" vouchers, then a discount of 10-15% is guaranteed.

The cost of flights and accommodation in Istanbul (3-4 days) ranges from $ 400 per person. This is very profitable, given that the price of a one-way ticket is about 5-7 thousand rubles from Moscow, and from St. Petersburg it is 2-3 thousand rubles more. That is, you pay about $ 300 for flights and $ 25 for accommodation. If you book a room in advance, the price decreases.

Turkey has become as familiar to the Russian tourists as the Crimea or Sochi, but the cost of rest in the eastern country is much lower.

Excursions in Russia for the May holidays: how to see everything and not spend much

What is there abroad if it is not always possible to travel around your native country! People who have not been to Kazan or Sochi have lost much, and in fact there is the Crimea and majestic Siberia with unique natural zones. And, of course, Peter with his unique architecture, fragrant parks and a drunken romantic atmosphere. A trip to any of the cities of Russia can cost you much cheaper than a tour of neighboring countries, and the impressions will be unforgettable.

Tours to Kazan on the May holidays: what to see and where to relax in Kazan?

Kazan is a unique city in which western and eastern traditions are mixed. The Kremlin is located here, and the city is considered the third capital of the Russian Federation. You can get to Kazan by train, water communication and even by plane. The most interesting way to get around by water, you can even buy a ticket for a sightseeing tour of the Volga.7

In Kazan, all conditions have been created for budget tourists: you can rent a car or a bicycle, live in a hostel and spend about 500 rubles a day on accommodation. And so there is something to see in the city:

  • Cats. Descendants of Kazan cats, as the legend says, today guard an invaluable collection of canvases in the Hermitage, therefore in Kazan it is customary to take photos with this four-legged man’s friend.
  • Island Sviyazhsk, which reach by ship.
  • In the park "Kyrlay" there is a ferris wheel, which will help to admire the Volga and the panoramic view of the city.
  • There are modern futuristic developments in Kazan, erected on the eve of the Universiade 2013.
  • The majestic Kazan Kremlin, which simply cannot be ignored.


Pay attention to the national dishes, the main ingredient of which is dairy products and poultry meat.For lunch in a fast food you can pay up to 300 rubles per person, and the fashionable restaurant offers a set menu for 1200 rubles.

Sochi tour during May holidays in 2018: is the sea warm in May?

It will be a great idea to go to the May holidays in Sochi, especially since the sea temperature at this time reaches + 16 ° С. Low cost of living is represented by the private sector and private mini-boarding houses - about 600-800 rubles per person per day. In hotels, the price starts from 900 rubles per day, but here the proximity of the sea (500-800 m), the availability of breakfast and the Internet is attractive. But the price of the flight from Moscow “bites”: for a round-trip ticket you will have to pay about 13 thousand rubles, so it’s cheaper to travel by car or bus8

Rest in Sochi is directly related to entertainment: diving (2 thousand rubles), riding a scooter, a water park (1.4 thousand rubles) and a circus for children. For lovers of eco-tourism, the routes through the Sochi Park or the Caucasus Reserve, boat trips (up to 2 thousand rubles), Orekhovsky Falls (1 thousand rubles) are suitable.

May holidays in St. Petersburg: sights and hostels

In St. Petersburg, every street is a real attraction. A trip to the northern capital is filled with culture and good mood, because in St. Petersburg you can see such unique sights:

  • The Hermitage is an art museum that stores canvases of Russian and world classics.
  • Breeding bridges - a beautiful event that takes place in St. Petersburg every day.WhiteNights_1024x768
  • Museum of Anthropology, for those who like to "shake" their nerves.
  • The summer residence of Peter I, the Mariinsky and Mikhailovsky Palaces.
  • Monument "The Bronze Horseman", Peter and Paul Fortress, Admiralteyskaya Embankment.

87fe3066e3f6edf68de98e73f8cd3e44You can purchase a two-day tour to St. Petersburg, spending only 5-7 thousand rubles (4 days of the tour cost about 10 thousand rubles). If you do not want to go with a group, you can save by settling in a hostel:

  • Hostel "Peter" - the cost of bed 700 r;
  • "Friends on Bank". In this hostel, the cost of living does not exceed 550 p;
  • Hostel Graffiti L - one of the most respectable hostels, located in the city center.

The cost of a bed - within 550 rubles, at the service of living kitchen, bedrooms, vending machines with drinks and “fast food”.

Where to go to the May holidays by car: the route for a large company

If you do not want to go on a classic trip, then collect a company of 5-6 people (already saving on gasoline consumption) and go to the Crimea.In 5 days of holidays you will manage to go round the largest cities, such as Yalta. Alushta, the capital of Simferopol and Sevastopol.


You can stay in small villages, sunbathe and swim in the cleanest sea, or prefer club recreation in Inkerman or Dzhankoy. By the way, do not forget to bring your tents with you: there are a lot of campgrounds and free zones in the Crimea, which will help you save on accommodation. The cost of travel by own car in both directions, not counting the trip on the peninsula, for example, from Kazan, will be only 6-7 thousand rubles, and if your car is filled with gas, then you can safely divide the cost in half.


By car you can go to the nearest countries, for example, Ukraine, Belarus or Latvia. But for such a trip, the entire company must prepare a package of documents in advance. Another good choice is St. Petersburg.

Rest in a country boarding house for the May holidays: what to take with you and how to spend time with benefits

Country boarding house - the most convenient form of recreation for the May holidays, which does not require special costs and long journeys. As a rule, in the boarding houses are presented all the conditions for living, but it is worth taking with you personal hygiene items, a couple of spare towels and, of course, food.


Almost all boarding houses offer a catering program, but for holidays everyone will barbecue, so 2-3 kg of meat will not hurt. Braziers and grills in the boarding house should be, but if you do not want to wait until they are free, then grab the grill with you.

If you are traveling with children, then you should take care of a set of first-aid drugs (with temperature, poisoning, rash). The last tip is practical clothing. Departure on the nature requires sports suits and comfortable shoes. Short skirts and open sandals are useless here, because May is a dangerous season for ticks.

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