Trim entrance doors

May 21, 2010
Renovation of apartments

door decorationThe place near the entrance doors is visited by the greatest number of people and the doors are always visible. Decorating entrance doors with tiles and decorative elements will give them the necessary appeal and originality.

It is possible to decorate doors with multi-colored platbands that are laid out with tiles. From above it is possible to build a pediment with a built-in lamp. On the sides to complete the composition install columns of chipboard 16 mm thick.

The work begins with the measurement of the door and selection of the width and height of the columns for the tile so that it does not have to be cut. Then make drawings of parts to scale and determine the required amount of material, especially for tiles. You also need to prepare tools - drill, jigsaw and pencils with a ruler.
Door leaf and box are polished with a thin sandpaper, painted with acrylic paint (those places that will be covered with tiles will not be painted).

Since the columns above the door frame are two tiles, the front door seems to be higher. The upper lintel is attached to the screws and dowels to the wall.For the built-in lamp in the bottom of the jumper make a round hole. The gap between the lintel and the door frame is covered with a chipboard strip (then it should be painted to match the door). On this strip leave room for a number of tiles.

When finishing the entrance doors for cladding use different tiles that can be easily broken into pieces. Fix it with a special tile adhesive, which is applied to the elements of chipboard. Once laid tile, produce grouting white or colored composition.

Decorating the front door do it yourself

  1. interior doors
  2. We make measurements of the door.
  3. Collect colons of chipboard on the screws and glue.
  4. We fix the slats on the wall 30x40 mm at a distance of 16 mm from the door, adding the thickness of the slat, and fasten the columns to them.
  5. The tile can be broken into triangles or stripes without much difficulty.
  6. Glue the tile to the chipboard with tile adhesive, which is applied with a spatula.
  7. Glue should be applied with a thin layer. Without waiting for the glue to dry, press the tile to the surface. While the glue is drying, you can still correct the position of the tile.

    entrance door trim

  8. Mount the upper jumper, taking into account the reserve space for the removal of the door leaf.
  9. We attach the gable to the bridge with screws and install the lamp in the round hole.
  10. Paint the door with acrylic paint.
  11. We paint the same door frame with the same paint, protecting adjacent surfaces with masking tape.
  12. We tile the door. For a wooden door, ordinary tile glue is suitable, and structural glue is required for a metal one.
  13. We paste over the walls near the door with soft wallpaper without a catchy pattern.

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