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Construction, repair work includes a lot of technology that requires a lot of physical costs, time. One of these labor-intensive processes was the painting of surfaces. Regardless of what needs to be painted: the walls of the house, the car, the floor, or something else, the speed of work, and often the quality of its performance, depend on the material and smoothness of the painted surface, the type of paint. Paint material must be able to apply correctly, otherwise the result will be bad. It is necessary not only to be able to calculate the layer of paint applied, but also to observe it evenly.

The use of conventional brushes, rollers, sometimes do not give the desired effect. The process takes a lot of time, there are several people involved. In order to eliminate these disadvantages, the creation of special painting machines began, which allowed:

  • reduce the time of work;
  • reduce the number of workers;
  • improve performance.

Today, people are increasingly using a painting machine, the types of which are very diverse. Automated units are simple, easy to use, which was their main advantage. The only thing that leads to a stupor is a choice, many do not know how to choose a painting machine on their own.

Types of painting machines

Going to the market for similar products, you know, the choice is great! However, experts in construction, know how to choose a machine for painting, independently, based on their needs and paint application technology, according to which the unit works. Devices are distinguished by the type of spraying:

  • airless;
  • hot;
  • air combined.

By type of work are distinguished:

  • pneumatic;
  • airless;
  • combined;
  • mechanical;
  • electrostatic.

Each type is unique and suitable for painting a specific surface using a different type of paint. Conventionally, all types of equipment are divided into household and industrial.


Pneumatic equipment has become widely popular, featuring low and high pressure operation.Use for putting paint on facades of the building, roofs, high walls, other surfaces of the big area.

Airless Piston Assembly

Airless piston painting units, pneumatically and hydraulically driven. The main feature of their work - the exact spray paint. The device controls the flow of their own. Such equipment is suitable for coating wooden, concrete, glass, stone, rubber surfaces. A pneumatic spray gun is considered a bright, widely sought-after representative.


The principle of operation is based on the combination of pneumatic and airless technology. The effect of applying the coloring matter depends on the type of spray head, which happens with direct, reflected, reverse air supply to the torch.


Distinguished spray guns, working "manually", brushes, rollers, can also be attributed to this variety. Used for painting any surfaces.


Devices working with liquid materials and powder dyes. When working, the painted product is grounded, and the paint itself is subjected to a strong negative charge. Uniform distribution is achieved by electromagnetic fields.Widely used in the dyeing of metal.

Each equipment is unique in its own way, environmentally safe, and economically spraying. You can buy in hardware stores, online stores, the most popular are Graco, Contracor, Sata brand devices.

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