UEFA Champions League 2016-2017 season

The most significant team football tournament began in the first half of this summer. Of course, thisUEFA Champions League 2017. On June 28, the first qualifying rounds started, and with the onset of the first autumn month, we will all be able to watch group fights.

So, the fans of this world sports game did not have time to take a break from the European Championship 2016, as they again have to pull their nerves, rooting for their favorite team.

UEFA Champions League meeting schedule 2017

The first games began on June 28 of this year. Initially, qualifying rounds will take place, as a result of which the right to speak in the group stage will be challenged by teams whose national federations are not distinguished by high ranking indicators. By the next month, that is, September, clubs that have passed the play-offs and received the opportunity to take part in this prestigious championship will be divided into eight baskets.

Matches in the group stages will determine sixteen football teams that will compete for the main award in 2017 - starting in February and ending in June.The final championship meeting will be held at the Millennium Arena, which is located in the city of Cardiff (UK).

It turns out that the Champions League 2017 will continue for almost one year. In the championship will be measured on their own almost eighty teams from all parts of the Old World. But, only thirty two teams will go to the group stage. It is they who, in the process of the games, will identify four clubs worthy of playing in the semifinal matches, one of which will be the winner of this grand championship.

Which teams will participate in the Champions League 2017

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The maximum command rate is owned by Spain. Thus, five clubs from this country can take part in the Champions League. Germany and England have the opportunity to declare to the tournament of four teams, Italy, Portugal, France - three. By and large, the 2017 Champions League meetings between teams from the above countries will keep the main intrigue.

But not only England and Spain to be the main characters at this great event. Countries such as the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Turkey and Russia are entitled to send up to two teams to the tournament.

By the way, domestic clubs do not have such weak positions. In the table of coefficients Russia loses to several points in France. And if our teams would more responsibly approach their meetings in the European league, two Russian teams would have the opportunity to go to the Champions League group round, and another team could compete for access to the group in the qualifying round.

Based on the preliminary selection scheme, a place in the group round is reserved for the last Champions League last season. Since Real Madrid won the last tournament in the group round, becoming the vice-champion of Spain, his position in the group round according to the rules of the league was given to the team that won first place in the last European League draw, that is, Seville.

What will the final standings look like

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Despite the list of already well-established favorites, the tournament can always surprise the audience, presenting surprising surprises. After all, it turned out once to be in the final game of the Champions League modest "Monaco", beating the awesome "Milan". Still, such phenomena in the modern Champions League are veryare rare.

In this way, a number of teams that can compete to fight for victory have been known to everyone for a long time. To figure out who exactly is being discussed, it is necessary to open the statistics of past leagues. Here is the list of semifinalists of the last five tournaments:

2010 – 2011:

  • Barcelona;
  • Manchester United;
  • RealMadrid;
  • Schalke.


  • Chelsea;
  • Bavaria;
  • Barcelona;
  • RealMadrid.

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  • Bavaria;
  • Borussia;
  • RealMadrid;
  • Barcelona


  • RealMadrid;
  • Atletico;
  • Chelsea;
  • Bavaria


  • Barcelona;
  • Juventus;
  • RealMadrid:
  • Bavaria

uefa champions league matches

Based on these statistics, one can clearly understand which teams have the greatest chances to become the owner of the main trophy - the year. The strongest positions are owned by teams from Spain.

Every year they enter the semi-final or final match. And even in spite of the unfortunate defeat of the teams from Germany in the 2012-2013 season, which, according to experts and analysts, should have completed the golden era of Spanish football, the teams from the Pyrenees proved their professionalism and invincibility in subsequent seasons of this great tournament.

Teams from Russia are not spoiled by any achievements in the Champions League.The victories of our country are mostly associated with domestic football in the Soviet era. The main achievement of the Russian teams is just to be in the 1/16 finals of the tournament. But in Europe there is an incredible set of teams that, thanks to their playing style and list of playing stars, delight even the most demanding fan of our country.

Thus, a real fan of this sports game will never be bored in this prestigious tournament.

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