Yamaha TDM 850 - universality first of all

Motorcycle Yamaha TDM 850 refers to thea variety of motorcycle equipment, which can not be written into any category. It represents a new branch of the class, category and type. That is, before it entered the market, such technology was not yet available.

However, it was worth it to appear in the world, as immediatelyfound a niche for him, whose name is a fan-bike. In short, the purpose of this "mocik" is to please its master. To do this, it was equipped with everything that it needs: the Enduro's running gear and the layout of a steep off-road vehicle. Therefore, such a bike can, if necessary, replace any of the listed names.

At the same time he embodied all the advantages of these categories. After all, the ease of control, dynamics, energy intensity of the suspension - the advantages are suitable for both urban and rural areas.

yamaha tdm 850However, the Yamaha TDM 850 is not without its drawbacks. The main ones are:

- increased noise during the gearshift;

- Sharp adhesion;

- hypersensitivity of gas, etc.

yamaha tdmIn the period from 1996 to 1999, Yamaha Corporationproduced a modernized modification of Yamaha TDM. Changes mainly concerned the angle of collapse of each of the cylinders, which became 90 degrees. This engine received the characteristics of the V-shaped engine. At the same time, the motorcycle already increased its speed and smoothly reacted to the handle of the gas. And in 1998, the clutch was changed and the subordinate number of the gearbox changed, completing the engine with a new carburetor. The old BDST was replaced by BDSR, which featured new membranes and springs. Therefore, now the cameras opened smoothly, filling the cylinders with fuel without much haste.

Such innovations calmed the drivers, it gavecomfort to passengers. After a dense transport stream requires increased gas sensitivity. Therefore, changes have a positive impact on the model of the Yamaha TDM 850. Changes have affected the appearance of the motorcycle.

The dashboard was completely redesigned.It installed an analog speedometer, as well as a digital meter for total and daily runs. The new model lost the fuel crane, which was replaced by a red eye in the corner of the fuel level indicator.

yamaha tdm900This "know-how" allowed the Yamaha TDM 850 to takethe leading place in the ranking of sales. Competitors, of course, rushed to catch up with the opponent, throwing on the market: Suzuki V-Strom, Honda Varadero and Ducati Multistrada. This pushed the TDM 850, however, he left the lead.

Seeing such problems, Yamaha was forced in 2002Yamaha TDM900 motorcycle, which turned out to be more technically perfect, covering up the problems of the previous design.

However, "people's love" enjoys exactlyYamaha TDM 850. This is also due to the fact that over time, the prices of such a motorcycle are falling, so it becomes more affordable. However, he is not that simple in fact. It seems even very high, large and wide. Processing in the fanbike still went to this bike for good, giving it an appeal and solidity.

It should be said that the motorcyclereally high - 85 cm relative to the saddle. The scope of the helm does not bring any special surprises. Especially I would like to express an opinion on the engine.

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