Valentin Ivanovich Dikul: biography, personal life, family

ValentineDikul, whose biography is a confirmationan unprecedented courage - a famous circus artist who developed a unique technique for restoring the functionality of the musculoskeletal system, whose work was disrupted after receiving a dangerous injury. The system of exercises created by him helped hundreds of people who faced such a problem.

Childhood and youth

Little Roller saw this world in Kaunas, inLithuania. He was born prematurely, weighing just over one kilogram, in April 1948. Valya was still quite a child, when in his life came grief: he was left an orphan. Papa - Ivan Grigorievich - was shot by bandits at the age of 30. Mom - Anna Korneyevna - died only at 27, when the boy went to the kindergarten. The first time - up to seven years - he lived with his grandparents. After he was identified in an orphanage (he grew up in Vilnius, and in Kaunas).dikul biography

As a nine-year-old child,Dikul, whose biography is full of ups and downsfalls, was carried away by the circus. He often came there to join this wonderful world: he was able to help in the installation of the tent, looked after the animals, cleaned the arena, washed the floors, swept it ...

Years from fourteen Valya Dikul, biography andwhose personal life has always interested ordinary people, began to work part-time with repairing different motorcycles. At the same time he lifted weights, engaged in juggling, wrestling, equilibration, gymnastics, acrobatics. The guy with pleasure thought out various tricks and tricks and even decided to enroll in the circus club of the Kaunas club.

Dreams about the main thing ...

What will happen to him in the future, he has not yetthought. But everything happened absolutely by accident. Dikul Valentin Ivanovich, whose biography is frankly admired, accidentally got into the circus show at the teenage age. All that he saw shocked him: Valentine realized that he wanted to be as strong, deft, and skilful as the gymnasts, who performed that day in front of the public. Only for a moment the young man drew in his head a picture in which the audience applauded him exactly as he now applauded these masters. And the young Valentine decided that he would work in the circus. Exclusively acrobat. Other options are not even considered.

The boy tried very hard to make his dream come truewas realized as soon as possible, spent days in the circus. Roller ran from the orphanage to spend as much time as possible in the favorite walls. Of course, the tutors were dissatisfied, but the administration of the tent attracted a lot of attention to the talented guy: he was constantly in the circus, during the performance he did not take his eyes off the arena. Soon Valik began to be involved in doing simple work.

The first steps to a dream

So gradually began to realize his dream Valya Dikul. Biographythis amazing person serves as a clear example of the fact that even out of the difficult situation in which he fell, you can find a way out. A way out, filled with pain, hope and daily training. valentine dicult biography

Valentine began a new occupation for him -wrestling, acrobatics, gymnastics. All this he really liked. Dikul started small. Gradually, day by day, gaining mastery, strengthened his physical strength. And then one day the young acrobat was able to show the audience what he had learned - very complicated tricks on the trapeze. Now I can not even remember if there were thoughts in his head about the danger that awaits artists performing acrobatic numbers. Maybe...

But Valentin was glad that he learned to circusskill, that the performances bring joy, that the audience admires his ability to perform rather tricky tricks. Therefore, I was always inspired to perform new feats under the circus dome.

Serious injury

A huge tragedy in the life of a young manoccurred in 1962. That evening, as usual, he worked under the dome of the circus. And suddenly the crossbar burst. The roller was left without insurance at a 13-meter height.

Spectators and everyone who went out with him in the arena,ceased to breathe from horror. After all, nothing foreshadowed such a situation - the acrobatic sketch was built correctly, and his boyfriend performed more than once. The circus understood what was going to happen, and the spectators fervently hoped for a miracle that did not happen ... The young artist broke and fell down.dikul biography personal life

In the difficult period for him, the only comforting thought was that he was alive. The rest of the first time I tried not to think.

Serious injury was not in vain:Valentine had more than a dozen fractures, besides, he remained on a hospital bed. It was too expensive a payment for such short glory of the actor of circus. The most painful thing for Dikul was that his spine turned out to be broken in the lumbar region, besides, the guy got a craniocerebral injury. Because of the compression fracture, the legs refused. The doctors watching him gave him the most unfavorable predictions for life.

A difficult path to recovery

Valentin Dikul, whose biography sharplychanged after the tragedy, was not going to give up. He did not think to leave everything as it happened. He decided that once he managed to learn to perform complex stunts on the arena, it means that he can overcome the disease. Chained to the artist, the artist decided to reach his goal at any cost - to get on his feet. Perhaps it will not happen so quickly, but in his firm belief, it will necessarily happen.

 valentine dicult biography personal life

Valentine began his training.He decided to press, lift heavy objects, stretch the rubber tourniquet. Persistent trainings took six hours a day. Unfortunately, all his efforts did not bring results. The guy courageously suffered pain in the spine and incessant fatigue. He did not forget to study special medical literature, supplementing his knowledge and searching for information that was necessary.

Ruthless workouts

Doctors urged him not to teartheir strength, because they were sure that recovery with such trauma is impossible. And yet Valya did not stop his studies. He even raised dumbbells: at first they were small, afterwards their weight increased significantly. Dikul, whose biography during this period resembled a difficult struggle with himself, wanted to develop back muscles.

For a while he continued to train,hoping for success. Once I thought that the inactive parts of the body should also work. And he treated them as if they acted, as before. Valentine tied rope to his feet, let it pass under the back of the bed and pulled for them. So he moved his legs, trying to develop them.

Dikul invented a system of blocks, drew a diagram,and his friends helped to establish this system. The boy did not stop training for a day, and yet eight months after the injury he was discharged from the hospital by a disabled first group.


At the age of sixteen he was appointed head of the amateur circus mug at the Palace of Culture. The young man in the class explained to the young guys how to properly perform various tricks.dikul valentin ivanovich biography

Five years passed. Brief biography of Dikul during this time could fit in just a few words - a difficult childhood, the realization of a dream, training, trauma, steps to recovery. So, the young man comes with his circus circle to Germany, to the city of Nidda during the summer holidays. Suddenly, he has a fever, the temperature rises, the joints ache badly. Val periodically fainted. When the crisis passed, he could not speak and move his hands.

But after a while the young man succeededfeel the work of the muscles in the thigh, and when he pricked his leg with a needle, he felt pain. This meant the restoration of the spinal cord. After only two weeks Dikul began to walk, however, with the help of two sticks.

Helping the sick, I help myself ...

The great day came already in 1970, whenDikul again was under the dome of the circus. Spectators applauded him standing up. But this time he worked as a power juggler, quite effectively throwing up cannonballs and dumbbells. A talented artist who managed to defeat circumstances and return to his favorite work became known throughout the country. He got into the field of view of the directors who invited him to appear in the films "Pippi Long Stocking" and "Without the Family."

At first Soviet medicine was very distrustful of its innovative approach to this complex treatment. But over time, the Ministry of Health agreed to implement this method.valentine dicult biography personal life children

The story of Valentin Dikul gave hope to hundreds and thousands of people with similar problems that they can also recover. Letters came from all parts of the vast country.

He tried to reply to all, sending out sufferinga set of measures for medical rehabilitation, which he developed independently. At the same time he explained that without the desire of the person himself no exercises or equipment will not provide the necessary assistance.

In 1988 Dikul's center was opened, and a little later - three more. Under his leadership, clinics for rehabilitation appeared in other countries - in America, Germany, Poland.

About personal ...

In his life there were two great love. Valentin Dikul (biography and personal life)this person still causes interestalways wanted a son. But in the first marriage with Lyudmila (also a circus actress) daughter Anechka was born. The famous dad is proud of her - she is a strong, smart and beautiful girl. She is a graduate of the director's faculty of GITIS, but eventually chose the arena, continuing the parental dynasty.

In the second marriage with Zhanna, who is much younger than Valentin Ivanovich, Dikul was lucky to become a father for the second time: he was 62, when the long-awaited son, named Valentin, was born.brief biography of dikul

This is how he is, a strong man, Valentin Dikul. Biography, personal life, the children of this man are of great interest. He not only managed to get on his feet, but also rendered invaluable assistance to dozens and hundreds of other people who need help.

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