Venom - 2018 film

  • Premiere: October 4, 2018 (in Russia)
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Genre: horrors, fantasy, thriller, thriller
  • Producer: Ruben Fleischer
  • Cast: Tom Hardy, Reese Ahmed, Michelle Williams, Jenny Slate and others

It seems that Marvel Studios decided to thoroughly pamper the fans of their products in 2018. Marvelofilov is waiting for several high-profile premieres at once, one of which will be the 2018 Venom film. This novelty will spin-off the story of Spider-Man and tell viewers about his main opponent.

The plot of the new product from Marvel

The novelty was based on the limited edition comic strip “Venom: Deadly Defender”. Despite the fact that the start of the project has already been given, the details of the plot have not been disclosed. The only thing that the media have is the fact that Venom is a composite image of several characters.

The first mention of him was back in April 1998 in the film "The Amazing Spider-Man." There he appeared in the form of an alien organism, which was able to change the DNA of the organism, where it penetrated. Initially, the idea was completely different.Venom was supposed to be a woman who, after losing her husband, connected with an alien guest. But the publishing house revised the option and decided that a woman would not be able to become the main villain. As a result, Eddie Brock was coined. But Venom is ready to change his carriers endlessly.


More about the hero and the idea of ​​the film

As already mentioned, Venom is a creature from another planet and belongs to the race Klintar. Before, when he moved into the body, he simply devastated it. But once I realized that using a carrier for their own purposes is much better than just satisfying their hunger. After such disobedience, Venoma was hidden in the World of War.

For all the time when Venom is mentioned in comics, he changed his carrier only a few times. The first was Spider-Man himself, then Eddie Brock appeared, but Peter Parker exposed him. The next was the petty villain Mac Gargan, and at the moment Flash Thompson is considered the carrier.Venom

They started talking about making a separate film about Venoma back in 2007, and wanted to reward the character with a positive character. But after a while, when Marvel and Sony began working in collaboration and made Spider-Man a part of the Avengers, the work on Venom had to be postponed.In 2016, information about the launch of the project was finally confirmed. At first, Sony said it would be a completely new movie, without any echoes of Spider-Man. But the information is constantly changing and what to expect from the Sony and Marvel duet is still unknown.

Spin-off or a separate movie?

About how the film will be said a lot, but no specifics. Nevertheless, there are three options for the development of events and fans are happy to discuss them.

Option No1: “Venom” as a spin-off of the Sam Raimi trilogy

It was Sam Raimi, the author of Spider-Man with Tobby Maguire, who first spoke about a separate film about an anti-hero. Sam even saw Tofer Grace in the title role, because he was already involved in the first picture of the Spider, and chose the director of the picture. Variety Magazine with might and main covered the future kinonovinku, but after the director left the franchise, the project was curtailed and put in a long box.

Sam Raimi

Option No2: “Venom” as a spin-off dilogy of Webb’s authorship

After the Spider-Man franchise gained a new life, Sony again began talking about a solo project with Ven in the center. And at the end of 2013, IMDb submitted a synopsis for the film, declaring it official.In September 2014, Alex Kurttsman opens the curtain and reveals some secrets, as well as completes the topic of many speculations about the "unfrozen" project. He said that it would be very difficult to determine the final carrier of an alien organism, because he managed to go inside Peter Parker, Eddie Brock, Flush Thompson and Mac Gargan. After a very low score in the direction of "New Spider-Man 2", Sony announced that they did not intend to deviate from their plans, and promise the film.


Option No3: “Venom” as a new project of the Marvel film universe

After Sony finally returned to work on Venom in 2016, the film finally got a team of writers. At the same time, rumors immediately appeared that the film would be completely independent and in no way connected with previous Marvel products.

In mid-2016, “Venom” was again overgrown with rumors. This time they started to talk about the fact that in the role of Spider-Man, fans will again see Andrew Garfield.

Unfortunately, at the moment it is not known who will play the main role in the future film, he will never be released on the screens. Date premieres promise to announce very soon, and according to rumors, "Venom" will be held in cinemas in 2018-2019.

Also, the official trailer “Venom” 2018 has not yet been presented. But this is not surprising, because the project is under development. In any case, the ratings have high expectations. After all, history has been waiting for since 1998 and, finally, the alien organism will declare itself in full.

And if it is released with an R rating, then a lot of people will definitely go to such a film. You don’t need to go far for examples: “Deadpool” with Ryan Reynolds and “Logan” with Hugh Jackman showed themselves well, being “blood-hungry”.

In conclusion, we add that the film is likely to become the starting point in a series of projects based on the comics of the Marvel universe made in the Sony camp. Now this option seems to be the most relevant. Let's see how it will be in reality.

Now it is known that the project is in priority at Sony. Moreover, the management of the company called Ruben Fleischer (“Welcome to Zombiland”, “Gangster Hunters”) to the director's chair, and Tom Hardy was invited to the main role. There is a possibility that in the future, his Venom and Spider-Man performed by Tom Holland will intersect. But that will be a completely different story.

Also, the media diligently put in the company of Tom Hardy Reese Ahmed.You can know him from such projects as “Unfavorable Quarters”, “One Night” and “Outcast One” (the one that is part of the Star Wars stories).

Well, Michelle Williams ("Isle of the Damned", "Brokeback Mountain", "Manchester by the Sea", "Valentine"), which, it seems, was chosen among a number of actresses. She is being punished for the role of the district attorney. She will become the beloved hero of Tom Hardy.

The company will be composed of all of them by Jenny Slate (“The Gifted”, “So, the war”, “Zeropolis”, “Saturday Night Live”).

The approximate release date of “Venoma” is October 4, 2018. Perhaps it is this film that will mark the beginning of the Marvel Universe for Sony.

And remember: this project has nothing to do with Spider-Man. On this insists leadership studio Sony.

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