Villagers will be forced to pay taxes. All the polls!

Owners of personal subsidiary farms (LPH) plan to equate to entrepreneurs - the bill is already in the State Duma. Do you live in a village and do you have a private household? Do you grow your vegetables, fruits, have a cow, pigs, chickens? So you are an entrepreneur! So decided in the State Duma. And they offered to tax all the villagers.

The authorities are preparing a new tax tightening - now personal subsidiary farms (LPH) can become an unbearable burden for rural residents, the Nezavisimaya Gazeta reports and explains: the State Duma is considering a bill that would equate the ownership of a private farm to business activity, which would entail a patent taxation and other liabilities.

It turned out that in 10 years the number of peasant farms (peasant farms), which need to be registered and who paid taxes, has almost halved in the country.But LPH became more. And these do not pay. Disorder! Therefore, the authors of the project propose to give the regions the right to replenish local budgets at the expense of peasants.

You ask who is the author of this bill? United Russia deputies. It was they who introduced to the State Duma a bill N 483530-7 “On Amendments to Articles 346-43 and 346-45 of Part Two of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation”, explain “New News”.

The explanatory note to the bill states:

"The draft law provides for powers of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation to combine business activities in the field of livestock and crop production, including services in these activities for which the patent taxation system can be applied, into a single patent with the establishment of a single potential income to be obtained by an individual entrepreneur."

This means that personal household plots of the population (PF) will be taxed, which now, according to paragraph 13 of Art. 217 of the Tax Code are exempt from taxation of income received by citizens from the sale of surplus products grown in private farms.At the moment, the activities of private farms are recognized as non-commercial.

However, under the new bill, such activities are subject to taxation. But not personal income tax, as before, but according to the patent system. And this means that the owner of a personal subsidiary farm will be obliged to pay not only tax, but also contributions to the pension fund and the OMS fund. Now it is about 30 thousand a year.

If the law is passed, almost all rural residents will have to take shape as an individual entrepreneur (PI) in order to sell their crops.

According to the authors of the bill, there is nothing wrong with innovations. On the contrary, it is a great blessing!

First, they are sure, in the regions “the strengthening of the revenue base of local budgets is expected, including through the legalization of business.”

Secondly, “the draft law is aimed at creating more favorable economic and financial conditions for the functioning of small businesses and at reducing the tax burden on small businesses, in particular on individual entrepreneurs applying PSN”. “A simple and understandable calculation of the amount of tax in PSN, the ability to choose the duration of the patent from 1 to 12 months with the seasonal nature of certain types of agricultural activity,exemption from a tax return - all of these conditions will not only ensure replenishment of local budgets, but also serve to stimulate economic growth in rural areas, ”the authors of the document say. According to their version, the proposed innovations "will increase the attractiveness of the patent taxation system for small businesses in rural areas."

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