Vin Diesel tattoo: real or temporary?

Famous American actor, producer, directorand writer Vin Diesel appeared in several films with different tattoos. Are there any of them permanent, or were they all made as temporary for the cinema? Vin Diesel tattoos cause a lot of controversy and are regularly discussed by the public.

diesel engine tattoo

Who is Vin Diesel?

A popular actor was born in 1967, hisreal name Mark Sinclair Vincent. His upbringing involved his mother - an astrological psychiatrist, and stepfather, who worked as a theater manager. The first steps in the works of Vin Diesel made at the age of seven, when he and his friends broke into the theater pohuliganit. But the artistic director of the theater, who caught them at the scene of the crime, instead of calling the police, offered to take part in the production. So the tomboy gradually joined creativity. He became very attached to the theater, and later went to Hollywood to become an actor, but his way to confession was not easy. He worked hard and achieved what he dreamed of - becoming a director and an actor.

Diesel Wine Tattoo on Leg

Vin Diesel Tattoo

Looking through photos of the famous actor infighters made at different times, you can see that the graphic art of his body periodically changes. Does this mean that these Vin Diesel tattoos were temporary?

In the movie "Three X's", the actor played the main role of Xander Cage, where his body was covered with various tattoos - from simple different characters to personally significant ones.

diesel engine tattoo

Values ​​of tattoo

Triple "X" on the back of the neck, as well as two guns,crossed on the back, were important to his role in the movie "Three X's." The hands were also covered with tattoos, including clouds, flames, an image of a bull, a few words and a star with an eye. For the filming in this film, Vin Diesel received another tattoo of a personal nature. He showed that he was an ardent fan of the computer game Dungeous dragons for several years, and his play nickname Melkor was knocked out on his stomach. The rest of the body art actually matters only within the fictional character.

diesel engine tattoo

Tattoos for movies

For the movie "Babylon" Vin Diesel tattoos wereexecuted in the Egyptian style and associated with the occult. For example, on his back was a huge symbolic combination of a-a scarab. It is a symbol of immortality in Egyptian mythology, and the eagle is the personification of courage and spiritual strength.

diesel engine tattoo

Vin Diesel tattoos are temporary and vary depending on the role. Some of them have very deep historical and symbolic meanings, and others - just for beauty.

Tattoo in honor of Paul Walker

There is no doubt that Vin Diesel wasis heartbroken when his best friend and partner in the movie "Fast and the Furious", Paul Walker, died in a car accident in 2013. He lamented for a long time the death of the deceased actor and even named his daughter Paulina (Pauline). And on his back appeared a new black and white tattoo - the wings of an angel and the eyes of a beloved friend depicted on them.

diesel engine tattoo

Diesel and Walker met in 2001, intime filming the first "Fast and the Furious", but only in 2008, during the filming of the fourth part of the franchise between them formed a close relationship. The two men really became best friends. And when Paul died, a small piece of Diesel died with him. Once in an interview he confessed, saying that Walker was the best of us, he was an unselfish person, and also an important figure in his life. Tattoo of Vin Diesel is a kind of tribute to his friend.

diesel engine tattooClean as a sheet of paper

Vin Diesel tattoo on the leg, back, abdomen and armsare temporary. The actor likes to embellish his body, but not to the point of wearing them all his life. The next drawing looks great on the sports figure of the actor, which he regularly improves in the gym. Beautiful tattoo, made by a famous master named Christian Kinsley and applied with the help of a special paint and plain water, are an excellent decoration for an already brutal hero.

diesel engine tattoo

Interesting Facts

Vin Diesel is much more than just a tough guy. He is a man of many talents. Here is a list of some interesting things about the actor that you most likely did not know.

  • His real name is Mark Sinclair.
  • Vin Diesel has a twin brother Paul Vincent.
  • Diesel was also in high demand on the stage.
  • The television star is also a writer, director and producer.
  • The actor has three children.
  • Diesel voices one of the heroes in "The Guardians"Galaxy "(Groot, a huge tree-creature that said only five words for the entire film), as well as the iron giant (animated alien robot).
  • He was a reference and was fond of breakdancing.
  • About his incredible popularity is testified by about one hundred million subscribers to his Facebook page.
  • All Vin Diesel tattoos are temporary.
  • He managed to accumulate a fortune.

Diesel is not just a talented actor, he always has a lot of projects in the entertainment industry. He has his production film company and a computer games company.

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