Wallpapering walls

Most often, wallpaper is used for pasting walls in residential areas. This is a relatively budget type of finishing materials, widely used in Russia and the CIS countries. Did you know that before the wallpaper was nailed on nails? Yes, it sounds a little wild, but it is a fact.

Wallpapering walls
And so, let's proceed to the method of wallpapering walls, read more on the portal about interior design. The first thing to do is to maximally level the walls, a flat surface is the key to even sticking. The walls are cleaned, then the dust and other construction debris are removed, then the surface should be primed, and all that remains is to fill the wall. After all these actions, the work surface is completely ready for pasting.

The second option for the preparation of the walls is plasterboard plasterboard. Sheets of drywall are quite even and do not require additional treatments other than puttying. Another undoubted advantage of this method is the additional noise and heat insulation.
We have prepared the walls, now proceed to the next stage - the markup under the wallpaper.

You will need the following tools: wallpaper glue, roller, paint brushes, stationery knife, wallpaper, cloth to remove excess glue, level. Calculate the number of wallpaper strips necessary for a room, cut the roll into pieces according to the height of the ceiling. Fold the resulting pieces with an accordion and begin to prepare the glue. Now there is a color wallpaper glue, we recommend using it, because you will see unpainted areas.

Next, put the prepared piece of wallpaper on the floor, it is desirable to put a plastic film under them. Apply glue roller, glue should not be small, but too much should not be, then wait a minute, until the glue is absorbed a little. Then begin to glue the sheets from the window in one direction. Take the sheet not by the tips, but with an indent of several centimeters, otherwise wet wallpapers may tear. After you have smoothly glued the strip to the wall, begin to smooth it, i.e. remove air bubbles and excess glue from under the wallpaper with a rubber roller. Smoothing must begin from the center to the edges, along the path of the Christmas tree.

Another difficult point is the edges of the wallpaper, if they are not stuck, then use a brush. Apply some glue to it and spread the edges of the wallpaper, then iron it with a roller and let it dry for a while.
Then there is one thing, according to the same methodology, continue pasting the room in one direction.

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