Water bubbles on the hands - measles, scabies or ...

Water bubbles on the hands - it's not easycosmetic defect, in fact it can be a symptom of one of the numerous diseases. Such pryshchiki can appear both in children, and in adults. Places where they can arise are just as diverse - the face, hands, back and even genitals. Why do watery pryshchiki?

water bubbles on the hands

The first and most unpleasant disease is scabies. On the hands of water bubbles are itching, especially at night, and is caused all this by the appearance under the skin of a microscopic tick. The disease is not only unpleasant, but also extremely contagious - it is transmitted through things, bedding, household items, hygiene products and during sexual intercourse.

The next reason for the appearance of such a rash -common "childhood" diseases, such as measles, rubella, chicken pox, or Coxsackie's disease. During these, water bubbles appear on the hands, feet, face and entire body. Not surprisingly, they also cause both itching and discomfort.

The manifestation of an allergic reaction may appearin different ways, including such, when on a body appear rashes in the form of watery pryshchikov. Only on hands, it appears on contact with any cosmetics, household chemicals or medicines. Rash throughout the body occurs when ingested food allergen or when taking any medications.

water bubbles appeared on handsAnother explanation for the moment when water bubbles appear on the hands is a fungal skin lesion.

So, with the reasons for the appearance we figured out. But how to determine what kind of disease? It is necessary to pay attention to the secondary signs. For example, if you have water bubbles on your hands, mostly between your fingers or on your wrists, and all this is accompanied by very severe itching at night, and then the rash spreads to the rest of the body - these are the first signs of scabies. When measles is replaced by passing acne immediatelycome new, and in addition to everything else, there is an increase in body temperature. Measles can be determined by the initial indication: the bubbles appear initially on the mucous membrane of the palate, and then on the cheeks - and then throughout the body. Plus, there are coughing, runny nose, fever and redness of the conjunctiva.


on the hands of water bubbles itchesNaturally, you can not start treatment untilprecise definition of the disease. With this you can only help a professional, so do not hesitate to contact a doctor. So, chickenpox is really a childish disease, which is quite possible to cure at home, alleviating the symptoms, since there is no targeted treatment for it. But scabies or measles are more serious diseases. Measles is treated strictly under the supervision of a doctor. Incorrect therapy can lead to severe complications. A scabies must be treated in conjunction with a sexual partner, even if water bubbles on the hands and body are only one of them. Fungal rash is a very unpleasant phenomenon. Therapy of this ailment is made both by topical preparations and internally. Allergic manifestations are treated according to the doctor's prescribed course. Basically, this is the adoption of antihistamines. In any case, all types of rashes should be started only after consultation with a doctor.

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