What is a caste?

Until now, there are societies in which there are strong social differences between its representatives. The most striking example of such a society can be considered Indian, in which castes exist now.

And what is a caste? Let's figure it out.

Determination of caste

Caste comes from the Portuguese word "casta"- "pure breed" and means a class or race, to which the population of India. In fact, such a division of society is found not only in India, but also in other countries of the East, for example, Nepal. In caste people are determined according to their origin, occupation, legal status and other parameters. Thus, in India, the caste division is largely social in nature and imposes a certain imprint on the social attitudes and behavior of members of certain castes and podcasts.

This is the main definition of caste, acquiringadditional shades, can build up new meanings, being used in societies where there is no such explicit division into castes. Then we are dealing with the portable meaning of a word. And it can mean a closed social group of people, access to which is limited or impossible for people who are not in it. Such groups can be at the level of behind-the-scenes estates or in professional communities. Sometimes, in order to gain entry into such groups, it is enough only informal approval by the members of the group, sometimes it is necessary to follow formal procedures for accession.

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