What is the best bank plastic pension card?

Today, banks offer a wide range of socialkart. They can keep scholarships, benefits, pensions, transfer interest on deposits. It is necessary only to disassemble in the proposed conditions in order to choose the best bank for servicing.

Social card

This bank product was originally intendedto receive and store various social benefits: scholarships, pensions, allowances. But today the functions of this payment tool go beyond the standard. A pension bank card replaces its holder with the MHI policy, travel document and payment instrument. Placing photos on the back of the plastic indicates that in the near future it will replace the pension certificate of citizens.

pension bank card


The pension card is issued on a writtenThe application of the client who provided the passport and pension certificate. Usually such programs use cheap cards - Electron, Cirrus, Maestro. Release and maintenance of plastic is free. The card is valid for 3 years. You can get a pension card at the office immediately after signing the contract. This is not a personal plastic, so it will not be long to wait for its release. SMS-informing and Internet banking services are free of charge. Through Internet banking, any payments are made: from replenishing the phone to paying fines and utilities.

In some cases, a pension bank cardis used as an account to which credit funds are transferred. But not all banks provide overdrafts on such payment instruments. The maintenance of social cards is usually entrusted to large financial institutions. Their income in this sector can be several percent of revenue. But the main reason why banks are trying to serve social projects is that this direction brings a small but stable income, increases the trust of regulators to a financial institution.

Sberbank pension card

For withdrawing funds from the "native" ATMs, the commissionnot taken. But there are internal limits of credit institutions. For example, in Sberbank, the daily limit is 50 thousand rubles. For withdrawing from the account a larger amount will have to pay 0.5%.

Pension cards of banks unload employees, cut expenses for customer service, issue passbooks and increase turnover in accounts by servicing social "plastic".

How to choose a bank?

The funds are credited to the account withoutcommission. But this rule applies only to social payments. For the transfer of funds between individuals will already be charged a commission. These conditions are the same in all banks. Therefore, when selecting a financial intermediary, one should be guided by other criteria.

First, to the account to which thesocial payment, a card must be opened. Otherwise, to receive a pension, you will have to stand in line at the bank branch. The same problem is faced by people who receive payments through the Post of Russia.

Secondly, the importance ofregistration of additional cards to the account. If the pension card is used as a "common boiler", then access to the funds should be for all family members. In this case, one card will be small.

pension cards of banks

Thirdly, you should ask in advancenumber of ATMs in the city. It makes no sense to issue a payment instrument in a large bank, if your city does not have ATMs of this credit institution or its partners. Non-cash payment of goods in any case will be free of charge. But for the withdrawal of funds will have to pay a commission.

If the social payment is not immediately spent, butaccumulates on the account, it makes sense to ask the size of the interest rate on the balance of funds. Most banks provide this service. But subject to fixing a certain amount on the account for at least a month.

Terms of the Savings Bank

Pension card Sberbank gives an opportunityholders receive an additional 3.5% on the balance of own funds. At the request of the client, you can issue additional plastic for 150 rubles and pay as much for annual maintenance. In case of blocking the PIN code or losing the card, you will have to pay 30 rubles.

get a pension card

Login to internet banking without priorSMS connection is not possible. The password for authorization and completion of all transactions is sent in the form of an SMS message. After registration, the first time you log in, you need to change the password. After that, you can manage the account to which the pension card is connected. Interest is charged to the balance of own funds on the account at a rate of 3.5% per annum. Payment is made once a year.

Social pension cards have two serious drawbacks. They operate only in ATMs of third-party institutions. That is, you can not go abroad with such a payment instrument.

Service Packages

The Sberbank pension card can be serviced byone of such tariff plans: "Full" and "Economical". In the first case, each operation must be confirmed by a one-time password, which will come in the form of an SMS message to the specified phone number. It will also include all information about the flow of funds on the account. Monthly fee is 30 rubles. The package "Economical" does not provide for informing customers about the operations performed, but messages with the 3D-code necessary to confirm the operations will be received.

pension card

"Bank of Moscow"

In addition to Sberbank, social "plastic" producea few more institutions in the country. The pension card in the Bank of Moscow is issued for 10 days. With the help of Visa Electron, you can participate in auction programs for goods, medical care, receive benefits for travel in the metro, ground transport and rail.

Pensioners may not take a medicalvisit to the hospital. All their data is already in the card. Holders of plastic can receive a loan in the form of an overdraft for 2.5 months at the maximum amount of 98% of the average amount of pension and repay it from all incoming payments.

social pension cards


This credit institution gives out free of chargecard category MasterCard Country immediately when you visit the office. The balance of funds on the account is accrued at 7% per annum. You can withdraw money through the ATMs of Promsvyazbank and Alfa-Bank. The holder is informed of the crediting of the amounts to the account in the form of an SMS message.

As part of the package "Pension" provides for the releaseup to eight additional cards of the local payment system or MasterCard Worldwide. Participants in the program can be Russian citizens who receive a pension or any other social benefits. The account is opened in Russian rubles.


The pension card of this institution canused to receive payments from (not) the state FIU. The balance of savings will be accrued on a monthly basis of 5%. Information on the receipt of funds to the account holders receive in the form of SMS-notifications. The cost of this service is 30 rubles. per month. You can dispose of funds around the clock, paying for goods at retail outlets and via the Internet. You can withdraw cash without commission only in the "native" ATMs.

pension card interest accrual

Other offers on the market

The pension card of "Khanty-Mansiysk Bank" givesPossibility for holders to accumulate an additional 4% per annum on the balance of funds. Directly through the ATMs you can pay for utilities and telecommunications services, taxes.

Holders of social plastic "PrivatBank"receive on the balance of the account, which exceeds 3 million rubles, 7% per annum, but for withdrawing funds through the cashier you have to pay 1%. The card can be issued only at the branch upon presentation of a passport, a pension certificate and a certificate from a social security agency.


The best pension card for every personpicks up for yourself. The number of serving banks in the market is small, but the conditions for each are almost identical. The opening, maintenance of the account, transfer of social benefits are always free of charge. But for prompt information on all movements of the account, the connection of additional cards will have to pay a commission.

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