What is the rear-view camera for a car?

Car Rear View Camerafor transfer to the monitor located in the cabin, images of the space behind the machine. The presence of this option helps the driver to carry out parking anywhere. If the car is equipped with a standard monitor, then the camera can be connected to it. If the mentioned equipment is not available, then you can install the screen yourself. The rear view camera for the car, connected to the reverse gear, allows you to view even what is unnoticeable to ordinary parking sensors. The user can adjust the angle and height of the device image independently. Correctly adjusted rear view camera for the car allows you to even notice the stones and low curbs that will secure the body and bumper of the car from scratches. This is especially true for cars with a low landing.car rear view camera

Who needs a rear-view camera for a car?

Installation of such a device in the first placeit is necessary for drivers who often park in new unfamiliar places or in the dark (especially important for taxi drivers). The camcorder allows you to carefully consider the possible obstacles in the parking place, thereby protecting your car from damage. Installation of such equipment is an excellent solution for those who have to put the car in the evening in the unlit yards. The rear view camera for the car will be very useful for both novice drivers and experienced car owners, as it is able to provide additional comfort when driving.

How do I install the camcorder?

Mounting the camera is carried out on the shelf of the trunkcar or on the luggage compartment lid. The signal from the device is fed to the monitor via a four-wire cable. Two wires must be connected to the reversing lamp, and the others must be pulled through the entire cabin to the monitor. The wires can be carried from the bottom of the body (this requires dismantling the plastic thresholds) or under the ceiling lining. In the latter case, remove the rubber seals and lay the cable.car rear view camera for car

Navigator with rear view camera

One of the popular solutions for image output from a video camera is a car navigator that supports the video input function. The advantages of this symbiosis are obvious:

- saving money, because the navigator is now almost in any car, so there is no need to buy an additional monitor;

- Space saving in the car: there is no need to clutter the interior and windshield with additional equipment;

- convenience and ease of operation: the navigator is the only media center, accordingly, the driver does not need to diffuse his attention between the various devices, which results in increased safety of driving.navigator with rear view camera

The principle of operation of the navigator with a connected video camera

While there is no signal on the video input of the device,The program window will be displayed on the device screen. As soon as the electric pulse of the video signal arrives (the rear speed turns on), an automatic switching occurs, and the display will show the picture from the video camera. After the signal is lost, the device will switch back to the navigation mode.

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