What to do mom on maternity leave

What to do mom on maternity leave 2

Sooner or later, any mommy on maternity leave begins to think about what she should do and how to diversify her usual everyday life. True, some girls claim that all their free time is spent on the baby, and there is not even a minute to drink tea or take time for themselves. And others, on the contrary, admit that on maternity leave their life is just beginning. Because, there appears time to decide what they would like to do, find their favorite hobby or even start their own business.

Decree is not a reason to forget about yourself

how to make a decree with benefitFirst, we look forward to the long-awaited decree, when at last there will be an opportunity to sleep and rest. But with the advent of the child, we understand that the decree is also work. Sometimes heavy and routine. The first months of mummies are completely absorbed by the baby, sometimes there is enough time to run to the store and get out to friends. This opportunity seems just a holiday. Boredom overcomes in the second half of the decree, when every day it becomes like “Groundhog Day” and you want to be outside of home communication and self-realization as a person.

Of course, the education of the crumbs should be the primary task of any mother on maternity leave. After all, the first years after birth are the most important for the baby. His future progress in school will depend on all-round development, as well as health care and immunity strengthening are very important for children in the first years of life. But you should not forget about yourself and your hobbies. And be sure to have time to maintain the beauty and attractiveness for your beloved husband. Thus, you have a huge choice of classes: to put a figure in order, to do self-development, to find a favorite hobby or additional income.

The main thing is to find your way

how to find yourself on maternity leaveThere is a lot of time to think about it. After all, while we work, there is often no time to stop and think about a favorite activity that will be to your liking. In addition, the routine work is not everyone likes. Yes, of course, official salary is constancy and stability. But who knows, perhaps, finding your favorite occupation and turning it into a profitable business, you will earn much more than on the old job.

It is no secret that during pregnancy and the first months after childbirth, the hormones are exacerbated in girls and only feelings and emotions control them.This period is the best way to tell you exactly the lesson for the soul, which will bring you the greatest joy. And if you can monetize your hobby into a business, then there is also some income. Many mummies with success, it turns out, to combine the education of the baby and earnings at home. Because it is much more pleasant to be at home with your beloved baby and at the same time receive income from your beloved business, than to spend precious time on hired work every day.

If you have long dreamed of learning a foreign language, getting rights or attending cooking classes, decree is the best time to make your wishes come true. And girls who plan to continue to be realized in their profession and who dream of moving up the career ladder have the opportunity to receive additional education or attend professional courses in their own direction. Nowadays it is very easy to do it even without leaving home. On the Internet there are lots of video courses and training videos on any topic. Of course, if you are going to become, for example, a master of eyelash extension or a hairdresser as a stylist, then you will need practice and professional courses, where a certificate of training has been issued.

What is useful to do on maternity leave?

  1. Advanced training or obtaining a second education.
  2. To complete training courses, with a certificate.
  3. Learn a foreign language.
  4. Get car management rights.
  5. Engage in creativity or needlework.
  6. Master the various recipes of cooking.
  7. Learn the art of photography.
  8. Put the figure in order after delivery.
  9. Think over the design of the future children's room or even the redevelopment of the whole apartment.
  10. Read interesting books.

Additional earnings in the decree

additional income on maternity leaveThe first one and a half years of the decree are not carried forward financially. But the second half of maternity leave becomes a real test for the family budget. Because the costs are large, and additional payments in this period are already running out. Therefore, many moms have to go to work before the onset of the three years of age of the child. Accordingly, the child has to be given to the kindergarten, and as you know, at first they are quite painfully used to new conditions.

Without any investment to earn there is an opportunity, even without spending on training courses or without special skills. There are many options for freelancing at home, here are some of their types:

  • creating your own blog or website
  • writing articles to order
  • online consultation on topics that you are well versed in
  • work as a call center operator at home,
  • side job secret buyer.

And if you have any special skills or knowledge in a particular area, you are very lucky. Even having accumulated a certain experience in the process of raising a baby, you have the opportunity not to earn money on it. For example, you are well versed in breastfeeding and have extensive experience in this area. Many moms make videos on this topic, give advice on social networks and even create separate sites for communication between nursing mothers, what they earn well. Believe me, any knowledge and skills, if they really are, can be a profitable business.

What opportunities gives additional earnings in the decree?

  • mother takes pictures on maternity leaveThe possibility of self-realization and self-development. Agree to hurt sit on the decree for several years and realize that life passes by you.
  • To be independent. Not necessarily all the extra work brings a large income. But they give the woman the idea that she is not dependent on her husband financially.It is always nice to buy a new dress or bag and say that I myself have earned it.
  • Spend more time with the baby. No wonder they say that we will always work, and our children will be small only once. This does not mean that you should not give the child to the kindergarten and devote all your free time only to him. But working outside the home, we, as a rule, are very tired and have no strength left for upbringing, and there is no game left with the child. And for children, a rested mom is so important, in a good mood.

how to earn on maternity leavePonder what you would like to do in life the most. Forget about your main profession for a while, do not worry about how much money your hobby will bring. The main thing is that it was pleasant and exciting for you. And even if your passion, which appeared during maternity leave, does not become a matter of your life, it will only bring benefit.

After all, a favorite activity or hobby allows you to relax, get away from household chores and lift your spirits. And for your baby, this is an extra plus.

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