What to give a friend?

At least several times a year, girls breakhead over what to give to her friend. The occasion may be not only the birthday, but the New Year, March 8 and other holidays. I want the gift to stand out against the others and deliver only positive emotions.

Below we gave some tips on choosing a gift.

Gifts for a friend: tips for choosing gifts

It would seem that the task of choosing a gift is complicated withevery year. After all, during the years of friendship, many gifts were made and sometimes there is not enough imagination to please the girlfriend with something new. But on the other hand, every year you get to know each other better, share your dreams and desires. Therefore, the question What to give a friend for 30 years should not cause long reflection, if it is a friend of childhood.

When choosing a gift, first of all, be guided byinterests of a friend, not their own. Despite the friendship, your desires and ideas about an ideal gift may not coincide. And what is the limit of dreams for you, it can leave indifferent.

You can delicately find out from a friend about her desires. In this case, you will be sure that the gift will bring pleasure and will not be sent to the shelf as superfluous.

If you do not know in advance what exactly you wantreceive as a gift your girlfriend, look for him beforehand. A gift bought in a hurry is unlikely to be necessary and pleasant. If there is no time to choose a presentation, it is better to give money, which the girlfriend will use at her own discretion.

Gift ideas for different ages

The choice of a gift depends not only on the girlfriend's preferences, but also on her age.

What to give to a teenage girl

At this age, a femalebeginning, they are beginning to pay more attention to their appearance and outfits. If the girlfriend belongs to the number of such women of fashion, she, for certain, will be pleased with the following gifts:

  • Cosmetics. Wanting to look older, teenage girls often use the makeup of their mother or elder sister without permission. Personal cosmetics will help avoid quarrels with loved ones and create your own image. A set of decorative cosmetics for young girls can include: mascara, lip gloss or lipstick of natural shades, light shadows. But the use of foundation and powder threatens the appearance of acne. If you know the features of the skin of a girlfriend, you can donate items of hygienic face care (cosmetic lotion for removing make-up, a cream for problem skin, a masking pencil).
  • Ornaments. Such a gift will not be superfluous for any girl, if it is chosen with taste. For sure, you are familiar with the style of a girlfriend's clothes. For girls who prefer sports style, it is better to choose jewelry made of rubber, specially processed fabrics. Rock style implies the presence of aggressive jewelry made of leather, metal in the form of skulls, eagles, musical instruments. The ethnic style is dominated by jewelry made from natural materials (wood, stones, leather, feathers).
  • Accessories. A stylish and stylish accessory at all times has been a watch. They not only allow you to monitor the time, but also supplement the created image. On the eve of the summer a good gift will be sunglasses, panama or pareo.

Gifts for girls

Deciding what to give a friend for 20 years oranother celebration, do not dwell on traditional gifts. It is much more interesting to pick up a non-standard present, which will be a pleasant surprise. The choice of such a gift depends on the nature and interests of the girlfriend, as well as your imagination and material possibilities:

  • Gift Certificate. The money certificate looks much more decent than the money in the envelope and at the same time, it will allow the girlfriend to buy the necessary thing at its discretion. This can be a certificate for purchases in her favorite store (linen, perfume, jewelry, etc.) or a certificate to visit the beauty salon or sports complex.
  • Gift - an impression. Such a present will give a lot of positive emotions and will make the holiday unforgettable. For a friend-extreme, you can organize a balloon flight, diving or relaxing in a ski resort. Romantic people will appreciate the opportunity to visit a jazz evening, dance school or spend a day at the spa. For those who are fond of natures a chic gift will be to participate in a culinary show or record their own music in a professional studio.

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