What to give to the school?

So the school years passed, the greatand a very important piece of life. Maybe for someone it was not very pleasant, but most people remember their teachers and studies with great warmth. I very much want the school not to forget about the existence of your merry and friendly class. What to give to the school for memory at parting?

Classification of gifts

All gifts for the school can be conditionally divided into several groups.

  1. Traditional. In some schools for many years the tradition of presenting gifts to the school, which is supported by graduates from year to year, has developed. Such traditions unite with the school many generations of graduates. For example, planting ornamental or fruit trees on the school territory. Next to them, you can install a label indicating the class and year of manufacture. Thus, you will forever leave your mark in school and, perhaps, after meeting many years with classmates, you will be able to relax in the shade of the trees planted by you.
  2. Socially useful. Such a gift for the school will be useful to subsequent generations of students. You can replenish the school library with an interesting series of books, leaving on each of them a gift inscription or a wish to future readers. Not only the physical education teacher will be happy with the new equipment for the sports hall, but also young sportsmen who will be happy to do it. These can be sports benches, bars, rings, horses, bars, etc., depending on your budget.
  3. Creative. In each class there are children who have this or that talent. If you prepare for the holiday in advance, you can collect interesting video material and present a film, for example, "One year from the life of the school" during the school year. Such a disk will be interesting to see and teachers after a few years, and the graduates themselves at the evening of the meeting. For those who have musical abilities, it is not difficult to compose a song about their native school, which can later become the school's anthem. An original gift, which will decorate the school building for many years, can be the emblem or the emblem of the school, embroidered on the canvas or laid out in the form of a mosaic.

What to give to the school from the graduates

When choosing a gift, do not forget to consult withclass teacher, who, for sure, is better oriented in school needs. Sometimes they are voiced by the director of an educational institution. Of course, the gift to the school depends not only on the imagination of the graduates, but also on the financial capabilities of their parents.

Ideas for gifts:

  • Repairs. Very many parents approach the issue of choosing a gift from a practical point of view and prefer to invest in repairing the school building. Undoubtedly, if the school needs to be repaired, this gift will be to the liking of both the teaching staff and the students, since the school is their second home for them. Plastic windows, linoleum, sanitary ware for the bathroom, new wallpapers and freshly painted walls - often money from the school's fund is not enough for such necessary details.
  • Furniture. Perhaps in the classrooms desks have long required replacement or the teacher does not have enough shelves for teaching materials. In this case, new furniture will help to solve the problem. Sometimes in the school corridors there are no benches, and children do not have the opportunity to sit down on the changes. Some classes need new training boards. Today, manufacturers offer a large selection of boards (for chalk, marker, combined surfaces, interactive whiteboards with a touch surface, mobile on wheels).
  • Computer and multimedia equipment. Modern methods of teaching require the use of a new generation of equipment, the purchase of which can not afford every school. It can be audio equipment for the assembly hall, a video camera, a video projector with a screen, a printer, a copier, a risograph or other equipment the school needs.
  • Elements of decor. Is there not enough coziness in school corridors? In this case, by the way, there will be decorative plants in the floor stands. The foyer can be decorated with new chandeliers and lights or a large aquarium in it. Perhaps the girls do not have enough mirrors in the locker room.

The listed things are only a small part of what you can give to the school. The choice is limited only by your imagination and financial possibilities.

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