When will include heating in St. Petersburg in 2018

In St. Petersburg, it got colder, at night the temperature began to fall below 10 ºС and city residents are concerned about the question of when they will be given heating in St. Petersburg in 2018 and why they do not start the heating season, although the temperature in houses drops to very uncomfortable values.

Let's try to understand the difficult aspects of supplying central heating to houses in various districts of St. Petersburg.

Heating season in St. Petersburg

After reviewing the calendars of the heating seasons of past years, you can see the pattern. Heating in St. Petersburg is stably served in late September or early October. But, when Peter's high-rise batteries warm in 2018, it’s still unknown.

Important! There is no fixed start date for the heating season. Utilities are required to start the heating system of the city until October 15. Previously, the flow of coolant will begin, if for 5 days the average daily temperature will hold below +8 ºС.

When will include heat in St. Petersburg in 2018

The calculation of the average daily temperature is carried out according to the formula


- average daily temperature;

- maximum daily temperature;

- The minimum temperature at night.

Obviously, because of the instability of the temperature regime, this condition has not yet been fulfilled, and therefore it is not worth relying on the supply of heat earlier than usual.

Estimated start of the season in 2018

Officially, the heating season in Russia has already started, because the first boilers began to start in the Yamalo-Nenetsky District in late August. But SPB does not apply to regions with a harsh northern climate, and therefore in mid-September, adults and children have to freeze in anticipation of the “cold week”. By the way, the abolition of this rule has been talked about more than once, but in practice it continues to operate in all regions of the country.

Schedule for heating in St. Petersburg 2018

Residents and guests of the city asked the authorities more than once when they would turn on the heating in St. Petersburg, because in 2018 September was quite damp, it was cold in apartments, which contributed to the development of dampness and an increase in the incidence of SARS. We hurry to please - it’s not long to wait!

The date of the start of the coolant supply to the central heating system of St. Petersburg was set on September 21, 2018.

But, one should not expect that already on September 22, 188 you will wake up in a cozy and heated house, because the inclusion of the system is a step-by-step process and there is a certain launch queue:

  1. Hospitals, kindergartens, schools and other educational institutions of the city.
  2. Housing stock.
  3. Industrial sector and administrative buildings.

As a rule, the entire process of starting the central heating stretches for almost 3 weeks. This means that already on September 22-30, heat should be given to medical institutions and schools, and in the first week of October - to the houses of different districts of the city.

When the heating season 2018-2019 warms in the houses of St. Petersburg

It is also important to remember that in the first weeks the flow of coolant is carried out in test mode (the so-called “heating of the premises”). Therefore, most likely, even when in St. Petersburg they still turn on the heating in 2018, many will have to continue to use alternative methods of heating the premises for some time, which will significantly increase the amount in September bills.

What can prevent the beginning of the heating season

Although the city’s utilities annually repair heating networks and carry out hydraulic tests, the start of the heating season is always accompanied by gusts and emergency situations.

If, despite the promises of the mayor, the batteries in your apartment are not warming in early October, there can be two reasons for the lack of coolant in the system:

  1. unavailability of the house for the heating season;
  2. emergency on line.

Will the heating season 2018-2019 start in St. Petersburg on time?You can also find out why there are cold batteries in your home, as well as get an answer to any other questions of interest regarding heating and hot water supply, by contacting the consulting center of the State Unitary Enterprise TEK SPB via a multi-channel telephone (812) 601-93-93.

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