When will the bloody moon in 2019

Previously, if a satellite of the Earth acquired a red or brick color, people believed that it was a sign from above about impending wars, bloodshed and even impending apocalypse. Now the majority is more at ease with the astrological phenomenon, although they do not cease to admire the beauty created by nature. Many people are looking for information about when there will be a bloody Moon in 2019, to take beautiful photos, see an unusual phenomenon in person, or even adjust plans for this event.

What is the bloody moon?

The bloody moon is an astrological phenomenon in which the earth satellite becomes red or brick-brown. This happens only during a total lunar eclipse, when the satellite is in the so-called cone of the shadow of the planet. When the three celestial bodies - the Sun, the Earth and the Moon are arranged in one line, the shadow of our planet falls on the satellite. Because of this, it changes its color, but does not completely darken, but takes on a red color.

In ancient times, people associated this phenomenon with gods and mysticism, but it has a natural explanation. The fact is that the sun's rays are scattered in the earth's atmosphere, and then penetrate to the moon. Since the rays of the red spectrum are practically not scattered, the satellite is painted in the corresponding color.

red moon through tree branches

When can I see the bloody moon?

The date of the next bloody moon falls on January 21, 2019, although some astrologers claim that the satellite may not turn red.

On this day, a total lunar eclipse is expected, which will last more than an hour. You can see it from almost anywhere in America, but Cubans and people from other islands in the Caribbean will be able to enjoy the beauty of the natural phenomenon. Also, the eclipse can be observed from Africa and Europe. Of the Russians, only the inhabitants of the European part of the country will be able to see the bloody moon.

In 2019, another lunar eclipse will take place - July 16th. It will last more than 3 hours, and residents of almost all Russian regions will be able to watch it, but on this day the Moon will not be bloody, since the Earth will only partially close it from the Sun.

red moon over the sea

What effect does an astrological phenomenon have?

A total lunar eclipse affects humans and all living things. Earlier, the bloody moon was a harbinger of misfortunes and misfortunes. She has always been associated with some bloody events in history. One striking example is the persecution of Christians in the 162-163-ies, which was preceded by a 4-fold lunar eclipse.

Interesting! In antiquity there was a superstition according to which looking at the bloody moon was strictly forbidden. Otherwise, you could bring trouble to your home.

Now eclipses happen more often, including those in which the Earth’s satellite turns red and people take it more calmly, although scientists argue that such astrological phenomena have an effect on living organisms. Not only people, but also animals often have a feeling of inexplicable anxiety, fear. The satellite of the Earth mostly affects the psyche and subconsciousness of a person, while physical health can remain normal.

red moon over the field

Knowing the date of the bloody moon in 2019, try to avoid close contact with negative people. An unfavorable aura can emanate from them.Older people do not recommend getting married, making serious deals or making decisions that may affect their future. To believe in folk omens and beliefs, or just to watch an unusual astrological phenomenon, it's up to you.

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