Where can I celebrate New Year 2017 with children

Everyone loves the New Year without exception, but no one is so much waiting for this holiday as children. For them, this is a real fairy tale with miracles, gifts and a whole sea of ​​sweets. Parents with all their strength support this belief in beauty in their children, and every year they try to create something special for them.

Meeting the New Year with children traditionally takes place at home in the family circle near the elegant Christmas tree, but sometimes you want to change the situation and go to where the kids and adults can enjoy the fabulous atmosphere. If you are already thinking,Where to celebrate New Year 2017 with a child, then our selection will help you in choosing an interesting place for the celebration.

New Year in Russian

There are many places in Russia where children can experience the New Year's magic. A trip to one of them will give your child, and you too, an unforgettable experience. So, our New Year in our:

  • In Moscow- in the capital every year there are a lot of events for children,in particular, various performances and performances with the participation of the beloved heroes of fairy tales and cartoons, and, of course, Santa Claus, along with the Snow Maiden. The child will surely enjoy such a celebration of the New Year, because he will be able to get acquainted with famous cartoon characters, get a gift from the hands of the kind Santa Claus and have lots of fun. Adults at such events will not be bored either, because this is a great opportunity to plunge into childhood for several hours. In addition to New Year's performances, you can visit street fairs, ride a child on reindeer sleigh, reduce it to an amusement park, a skating rink or a snow hill, in a word - to give an unforgettable holiday.
New Year's holiday in MoscowNG 2017 in MoscowNew 2017 in MoscowNew Year holidays in Moscow
  • In Great Ustyug- what is so special about Veliky Ustyug? The residence of Santa Claus and his granddaughter Snow Maiden. Here, the child will be able to see with his own eyes how Santa Claus lives, what he does and how he prepares for the most important day of the year - the New Year. In addition, in Veliky Ustyug, you can go skiing, sledding and ice skating, ride a horse or try yourself in the management of a snow motorcycle.New Year fairs and exhibitions in traditional Russian style are also held here. Every year the Residence of Santa Claus is becoming more and more popular, because this is a great place where you can spend the New Year holidays with your child.
New Year's holiday in Veliky UstyugNew 2017 in Veliky UstyugNG 2017 in Veliky UstyugNew Year holidays in Veliky Ustyug
  • On the Volga- in Kostroma, on the very bank of the Volga, a real Kostroma Snow Maiden lives in a carved fabulous tower. In the Snow Maiden's Tower a simply magical atmosphere reigns, and the most surprising thing in it is the Ice Hall. Sculptures, furniture and various pieces of furniture made entirely of ice will surely delight any child. Here you can also meet fairy-tale characters - Kota Bayun and Domoviha, who entertain the children. In addition, traditional Russian festivities are held in Kostroma, where you can go sledding and eat delicious pancakes with your children. Plus, there are impressive ice slides that will appeal to both children and their parents.
New 2017 on the banks of the VolgaNG 2017 in KostromaNew Year's holiday in KostromaNew 2017 in Kostroma

Going abroad

A trip to the New Year abroad will be a real adventure not only for the child, but also for yourself. You can organize such a trip on your own, or by choosing one of the New Year tours in the travel agency.In any case, the meeting of the Year of the Fire Rooster in a new country for you will be remembered for a long time. So where is the best place to go? We have chosen the most bright options in our opinion:

  • Finland- This is a country of a real New Year's fairy tale and the birthplace of Santa Claus. Amazing snow landscapes, the spirit of the holiday and a sea of ​​exciting entertainment - all this awaits you and your child in Finland. Here you can go to the village of Santa, visit the Santa Park theme, look into the workshop of the Elves, watch how toys are made for obedient children and even take part in this process. And you are waiting for snow slides, skating rinks, winter fishing, skiing, sledding, reindeer and dog sledding and many other interesting activities. The impressions from the rest in Finland will be enough for the whole year ahead.
New 2017 in FinlandNG 2017 in FinlandNew Year holidays in FinlandNew Year holidays in Finland
  • Prague- This is a more affordable option in terms of price, but no less fabulous. This city is famous for its ancient architecture and many legends, well, New Year Prague is something special. Here you and your children will plunge into a festive atmosphere and a whole cycle of entertainment, including: street fairs and festivals, children's performances and musicals, exciting excursions.The last point, by the way, has nothing to do with boring trips to local history museums. So, children will be just delighted with the excursion tour "Sweet Prague", which includes a visit to the Museum of Chocolate and various "sweet" institutions with a tasting of pastry delicacies. Well, the tour “Mystical Prague” is the most favorite among tourists of all ages - a night walk through the mysterious streets of the city, ancient legends and ghosts appearing from nowhere will present a lot of vivid impressions. Add to this the New Year's melodies sounding from everywhere, thousands of festive lights and, of course, the incredibly beautiful main tree of Prague, and you will receive an unforgettable New Year.
NG 2017 in PragueNew Year holidays in PragueNew 2017 in PragueNew Year's holiday in Prague
  • Warmer climes- the change of cold wind and snow on the sea breeze and warm sand will benefit both you and your child. New Year on the Red Sea or, for example, in exotic Thailand will definitely like everyone without exception. For children, this is altogether surprising - just a few hours ago, they felt like a frost "pinches" them by their noses and cheeks, and now - as a tender sun is warming them. Of course, the atmosphere under the palm trees is not as New Year as it is near the elegantly decorated Christmas tree, but no worse.Children will have a great time in the water park and near the sea, but parents can just relax from all worries.
New Year's holiday on the oceannew year abroadNew Year 2017 in the Dominican RepublicNew Year 2017 in warm countries

Celebrating the New Year in an unusual place is always interesting and exciting. In children, a trip to another city, and even more so to another country, will cause genuine delight. Do not hesitate, vivid emotions and impressions that you get during the trip, are all the hassle associated with its organization.

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